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  1. Undrafted forward signed in March after he finished at Penn St.
  2. That's a heck of a price for a guy with one goal last year.
  3. For this upcoming season a team can save $1.075M per buried contract. So Hunwick and Sobotka in Rochester would only save approx $2M.
  4. Bylsma won the cup in his first year as a head coach in the NHL. He's actually an example which supports hiring a guy like Keefe. The rest of the list had "failed" at previous stops before winning it elsewhere.
  5. Quenneville, Trotz, Julien, Sutter, Babcock. All "retreads" who have won the cup in the last 10 years. There is no exact science to this process. We just have to trust JBott will find what he's looking for and make the right decision.
  6. So I was definitely thinking it'd be odd to celebrate this upcoming season (while it would be the 50th season, the 50th anniversary technically would fall in 20-21.) But it seems their 40th anniversary was the only one falling after the actual season being celebrated. (10th anniversary season was celebrated in 79-80, 20th in 89-90, etc.) I guess this is happening. Still want to see something more definitive. But we do know there will be a new third next year at the very least.
  7. I think we might still be a year away from any real festivities as the 50th anniversary falls in 2020. (The 40th anniversary jerseys were released in 2010, for reference.) With that said, it is widely believed there will at least be a new third jersey next year.
  8. Senior hockey writer for The Athletic. Formerly a Flames beat reporter.
  9. I can't take the constant whining about this trade. We all knew it was likely to happen. It happened. We all knew what kind of player ROR was and could be. He's good. Got it. Move on. He has.
  10. Jensen not playing for the Caps. Will make his debut tomorrow.
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