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  1. In the rink's cold gleam, where the Sabres took the stage, The Kings met their match, in a zero-sum cage. Ukko-Pekka stood tall, a wall in the net, His fourth season shutout, the best one yet. Rookie Zack Benson, with grace on his skates, Scored while falling, sealing the Kings' fates. Jordan Greenway, with vigor and might, Struck twice, assisted once, in the night's light. The scoreboard told tales of a 7-0 game, A victory so sweet, it could never be tame. Buffalo roared, their spirits alight, For one glorious game, everything was right. (written by GPT-4)
  2. The only thing that I would counter with is that the Chiefs weren't the best team, in general, this year. They struggled, too. In the playoffs, they managed to stay close enough that they could claw back in games, and their QB/Coach truly have the mindset of "we're never out of it." It's an amazing characteristic, reinforced by success. However, it's not 1/0 situation. It gives their chance of winning a boost compared to other teams of similar or even high capability, but the luck factor will always play some role. They play the same four games over-and-over (groundhogs day, but without the memory), and they would certainly win the Super Bowl most times, but far from every time. For example, that punt off the back 49ers player's leg doesn't happen every time. Jones doesn't interrupt Allen's throw every time, and sometimes the Bills hold on after that. Brady didn't win every year, and Reid/Mahomes lost the Bengals two years ago. They have a big edge, but nothing is perfect. I would give the Chiefs the best odds next year, but I'll always take the field versus any single team, even theirs. Now, as to our chances of being the ones to stop them? Let's see how the offseason unfolds.
  3. Just figured out what the Super Bowl logo conspiracy was really about. Everyone thought it was Ravens and 49ers colors, but it actually was Andy Reid covered in purple Gatorade.
  4. Well, for the first time, we can say that the Josh-led Bills lost to the Super Bowl Champions. Previously, they lost to somebody who lost to somebody ... It's kinda like being second-best.
  5. I'd say that the missed extra point was huge, but we all know that the Chiefs would have just scored the touchdown to win instead of kicking to tie.
  6. Man, you gotta be good and lucky. Have to punt the ball away, but it lands on the back of a guy blocking on the receiving team, and then the return man decides to try and make something out of it, rather than making the smart play to just fall on it. Ugh ...
  7. Teams are limited to two callups from the practice squad per game in the playoffs, so bringing up Haack would have meant not elevating one of the guys that they did. Obviously, AJ Klein had to be there, given their injuries at linebacker, so it came down to Haack or Isabella. They chose the latter after evaluating Martin.
  8. I'm not convinced that they could have stopped him even if Josh hadn't been hit on the likely touchdown throw to Shakir. Too much time left, even with a 4-point lead (assuming Bass even made the extra point.)
  9. The Bills have officially lost so many heartbreak games that we're starting to repeat ourselves. "Wide Right!" again ...
  10. Regardless of who wins today (in AFC and NFC games), their next games will be Sunday, not Saturday. Seems the fairest way to do it. Yeah, other teams will have more time, but the further out you go, the less difference that makes.
  11. It wasn't under "Live Games" on my app, but after seeing your post, I found it under "Live Games by Team" instead. Strange. Of course, now it's not looking so good.
  12. Sadly, doesn't seem to be on AHLTV. Amerks up 2-1 in the 2nd.
  13. Did somebody remind Flacco that he is a 38-year-old has been? (Note: I'm watching NFL.com's animation while I watch the Sabres game, so it may not have been his fault.)
  14. So ... Football + Wrestling - Pads = You're Crazy Got it. Good to know. 🤪
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