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  1. One of these would be #1 on my list, followed by a 2008 Winter Classic jersey.
  2. Was released in 2014, so buying from Ebay (and the like) seems to be your only option.
  3. Just increasing the odds of finding ...
  4. carpandean


    Yes, the flu. In Outbreak, everyone who came near the carrier ended up catching it, which resulted in liquefied organs and eventually death. That's what I meant by "on the scale of what a virus could do." Here, the vast majority of people infected have mild symptoms, if any (which, by the way, makes that actual death rate lower than the % confirmed cases who die.) It's definitely worse, but just not as much worse as I would have expected (before all this happened) to have shut down the country. (To be clear: I wasn't saying that those people were right.)
  5. carpandean


    It's an easy thing to think because, on the the scales of what a virus could potentially do, it's not that much more infectious and the outcomes are not that much worse ... this isn't the virus in Outbreak, after all ... but the combination is enough to push the system past its capacity to handle. The scariest part is that, if this is what happens with something that doesn't seem that scary, what would happen if someone (even mother nature) engineers/releases something that is that scary. 😲
  6. My current mental escape is Crossout. It can be a grind to gain experience/coins/equipment if you don't spend a little cash (I put in less than I would pay for a full game) and the in-game "physics" aren't always spot-on (pretty good, though), but as an engineer, the vehicle design aspect is so appealing. There are so many ways to design and customize your "car" (loose term, since it really includes cars, trucks, tanks, hoverers, spiders/walkers, etc) that you can literally spend hours just on that.
  7. carpandean


    That's part of the problem. This would be easy to control if everyone who caught it quickly turned purple with green polkadots. Because so many are (relatively) asymptomatic "carriers" instead, there's a greater risk of them of unknowingly infecting others, eventually reaching the ones who aren't in the "Most of us" population. They're asking the healthy "sheep" to be "on the run," not because it will directly affect their lives in a significant way to get it, but rather to slow down how quickly the unhealthy ones come down with it. Too many, too fast would exceed the healthcare systems' capacity to treat them.
  8. It should be noted that Larry Quinn was proudly sporting a slug pin on his lapel during his interview with Duffer last night.
  9. When you've been drinking a lot (water, beer, whatever ...) and finally get to a urinal. That release is ... not quite orgasmic, but a very satisfying second. When the last present is under the tree on Christmas Eve, everyone's asleep and it's just you, A Christmas Story and Santa's cookies (not that I would touch the big guy's offering.)
  10. Hire Sylvester McMonkey McBean* to build a Star On machine ... * Coincidence? I think not!
  11. Imagine if Alan hadn't picked up the 1st down with his second (third? fourth?) effort ....
  12. I was still finish up some work when the game was starting, but did catch that. Cracked me up.
  13. Might just be me, but over the years, I have generally seen this ... I won't notice Matthews for most of the game, then he'll suddenly have the puck and put it in the net in an exciting/impressive way. Sometimes twice. I will notice Jack all game, for good and bad, part of which is usually him scoring and setting up goals. This year, Jack's good have become far more frequent than his bad, as has his scoring.
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