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  1. Oh, great. Now I'm going to spend the rest of the night wondering whether that giraffe got away ...
  2. The weather sucked here (Rochester) during the day and wasn't exactly great by the time we went out, so a lot of people decided to stay in. It was nice having less traffic (both cars and people) to deal with, and everyone was giving out handfuls of candy, instead of one or two pieces. My little one's bucket was filled to the very top. The past few years were crazy with the amount of kids, so I wouldn't say that it was a trend. It just seems that rain is a bigger deterrent than cold. As for decorating, the stores have followed demand by offering more an more Halloween-specific decorations. Orange and purple string lights weren't really a thing before, but now it's catching up with Christmas.
  3. I didn't catch the game ... well, bits and pieces ... but last game they said that he was one of just four NHL players to have their first six goals on the powerplay, and that nobody had ever had seven. Did he, then, set the record today?
  4. A blank jersey looks like it's missing something on the back. I can understand not wanting a particular player, though. Maybe, "SABRES" #50?
  5. Same. I was like "aw, fuuuuu ... oh, PREseason ..."
  6. Depends ... by 'stupid writing' do you mean Leia's superman revival or that he didn't actually pull the trigger? I would say the former, in which case, he couldn't kill his mother. He hesitated and his wingman took the shot.
  7. I'd like them to keep the textured buffalo of the 50th logo, but done in white, not gold. It would be a very subtle update to the simple old jerseys. Edit: yeah, like this.
  8. Without going into details, let's just say that we would finally find out when an unstoppable force meets an immovable object. Two greats would meet for my life.
  9. Can we get Joki his second 'j' in the title? 😉 I like the trade, but it definitely adds to the "something else is coming" feel of this offseason.
  10. 😄 I think you might be surprised by how many people here meet that requirement. That said, your willingness to help others by setting it up is still appreciated.
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