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  1. It should be noted that Larry Quinn was proudly sporting a slug pin on his lapel during his interview with Duffer last night.
  2. When you've been drinking a lot (water, beer, whatever ...) and finally get to a urinal. That release is ... not quite orgasmic, but a very satisfying second. When the last present is under the tree on Christmas Eve, everyone's asleep and it's just you, A Christmas Story and Santa's cookies (not that I would touch the big guy's offering.)
  3. Hire Sylvester McMonkey McBean* to build a Star On machine ... * Coincidence? I think not!
  4. Imagine if Alan hadn't picked up the 1st down with his second (third? fourth?) effort ....
  5. I was still finish up some work when the game was starting, but did catch that. Cracked me up.
  6. Might just be me, but over the years, I have generally seen this ... I won't notice Matthews for most of the game, then he'll suddenly have the puck and put it in the net in an exciting/impressive way. Sometimes twice. I will notice Jack all game, for good and bad, part of which is usually him scoring and setting up goals. This year, Jack's good have become far more frequent than his bad, as has his scoring.
  7. Five episodes in, the series has been pretty good. The third episode was probably my favorite. There are moments that I really like and moments where I roll my eyes. He should have credited Maverick for his patented "I'll hit the breaks, he'll fly right by" maneuver at the start of the last one.
  8. Oh my god, Kim is ... Oh, wait ... 😜
  9. Oh, great. Now I'm going to spend the rest of the night wondering whether that giraffe got away ...
  10. The weather sucked here (Rochester) during the day and wasn't exactly great by the time we went out, so a lot of people decided to stay in. It was nice having less traffic (both cars and people) to deal with, and everyone was giving out handfuls of candy, instead of one or two pieces. My little one's bucket was filled to the very top. The past few years were crazy with the amount of kids, so I wouldn't say that it was a trend. It just seems that rain is a bigger deterrent than cold. As for decorating, the stores have followed demand by offering more an more Halloween-specific decorations. Orange and purple string lights weren't really a thing before, but now it's catching up with Christmas.
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