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  1. So, does Josh add the "J." to his jersey, or do we have "Allen" and "K. Allen" at QB this year? Never thought I'd see the day when you could search for "Bills Quarterback Allen" and end up with the top results not being about Josh.
  2. Summary of scenarios: If they happen to hit the lottery this year (or freefall to bottom during regular season), then they will lose a ton next year (but will have gotten a very good prospect this year.) Most likely scenario, though, is that they give up a mid-round (10-18) 1st this year and a 2nd in each of 2024 and 2026. The "two firsts" scenario is very unlikely and includes a very late 1st this year and a protected 1st next year. I'm indifferent about not meeting or beating that. There may not be a better use for those assets this trade deadline (we'll see), but there could be this summer.
  3. So close ... just 6 more goals and they would have had them. ðŸĪŠ
  4. I lay down on the couch, turned it to MSG and let my eyes slowly close. Woke up during the post-game show, saw the score and went to bed. I was well rested in the morning, so I've got that going for me ...
  5. No 'may be' about it. I didn't really care who won last night, but I said before the game that I wanted him to have a bad game. Then, of course, he gets an early touchdown. As soon as he started screaming about how everyone said they couldn't do it (or something like that), I changed the channel. That said, dude's got talent. If we were to somehow acquired him (won't ever happen), he'd still be an a-hole, but he'd be our a-hole.
  6. A few things: (1) this includes all draft picks from 1969 - except pre-1991 Europeans - so there are multiple decades of likely irrelevant data included, (2) those numbers include all skaters, including defensemen who bring value not as well captured in points, (3) this includes all years of their respective careers, not just their prime years, or at least seven years in the middle, (4) that's average points per game played extrapolated out to 82 games, but that wouldn't actually be the average rate if so players never made it.
  7. His shot was perfect - inches off of the ice, right down the middle. For someone who hoped to just break 90 MPH, finishing second a couple of MPH north of 100 is impressive.
  8. Good thing, too, because most of us don't have a subscription to read the rest. 😜 As for the headline ... ðŸĪŪ
  9. Somebody on the radio pointed out that the Bengals had already sold tickets for a potential Bengals-Jaguars Conference Championship before the weekend, which is - by their logic - disrespectful to both KC and the Bills.
  10. Ugly start on both sides of the ball. Anyone who questions coaching is starting their list early.
  11. Worried. We haven't seen last post-season Josh yet this year. With a turnover or two, the Bengals could win despite their depleted offensive line.
  12. True, but even if it were a perfect predictor, it wouldn't be useful on its own. "See, coach, all we have to do to go far in the playoffs is score more and - I know it sounds crazy - get scored on less. So, let's do that." 😁 Not far off! 👍
  13. Logically, 'dominant' scores more than it gives up, so we probably didn't need a chart to tell us that they will go far. I was more interested in the 'run-n-gun' vs 'boring', as they could both also be called 'balanced' (the middle box is really just balanced with average scoring for and against.) Anyway, here's last year's final values, along with their playoff finish (thicker circle = went further): What I really find interesting is that the run-n-gun quadrant is basically empty. Will that happen every season as the league "tightens up" for the playoffs? Side note: the cutoffs between quadrants are roughly the mean and median values, which have vary between 3.0 and 3.07. I should just pick one - say, 3.0 - and stick with it, but then the asymmetry throws off the feng sui. Oops, they fell off the other axis (scoring against > 4.0.) I'm tracking the min and max now, too, to avoid these embarrassing snafus. I've posted an updated chart in the first post.
  14. Good catch! They fell off the bottom (2.28 RGF/GP.) I'll have to adjust my axis.
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