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  1. Not exactly ... 2020-21: 9-9 2019-20: 17-17 2018-19: 15-19 Overall: 50-60 as the Sabres' netminder
  2. I literally came in to make that same joke. Good show, sir.
  3. Well, you know, there are, I'm told, times in which, given the context, they're useful, but only to an undefined, subjective point, allegedly.
  4. He made such an impression on me last year that when I saw this thread, I thought, "who did he play for?" 🥴
  5. We're officially tanking if Adams claims Holtby and Jones to be our goaltending tandem.
  6. I went to college at 5' 11", 156 lbs, but came out 6' 2", 185 lbs (and, no, I did not have a beer belly.) 18 is young, for some more than others.
  7. Maybe. Sometimes, big deals happen at the draft (ref: Buffalo acquiring O'Reilly.)
  8. Well ... one of these does ... every..single..year.. 😬 Hopefully, this is the year they actually do.
  9. It is when you put "53I8008" into a calculator. 😁
  10. Why am I seeing 5pm ET as the time, not 3pm? Paul Hamilton said it in his article, NBC did too, as did BleacherNation, etc. Edit: 3pm is the the trade freeze, isnit?
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