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  1. I've always said that it should be treated like icing -- faceoff in your own zone without the possibility of substitution -- not a penalty. Maybe have a flagrant version that is a delay of game penalty (ref's discretion) for those cases when a team is hemmed in badly and the player just flips it straight up over the boards to get a stoppage. I assume that used to happen, thus the rule, so having it on the books should still prevent it. For accidental ones, though, it shouldn't be a penalty.
  2. I remember having a high school baseball practice indoors due to inclement weather and warming up by tossing the ball back-and-forth across a basketball court. My pair was on the end, so we were throwing right under the backboard/hoop. I started thinking about not hitting it, which drew my attention to it. So, natural, I sailed one right into it. My coach yelled something along the lines of "how the f__k did you hit that way up there?!" I replied "because I was thinking about not hitting it." I felt like Bass was doing the same thing with that right post. Every single kick looked like it was going to hit it. I'm glad that he didn't lose the game, as that would have been tough to get over. Instead, he hit a couple later and they won, so he can (hopefully) put it behind him as just early jitters. His next game will mean a lot. If he misses, that might never get out of his head. If he hits the ones that he should, then he should be good.
  3. Well, our starters look great, but the second-string kinda sucked when the came out. Oh well, that's preseason for you .... What's that? This isn't preseason?!
  4. When I was a little kid, my older brother was a Sabres' fan. I never liked the royal blue. Ended up being a Blackhawks' fan. I really started becoming a Sabres' fan right after the lockout with the 2005-06 team, and I definitely liked the black/red/white. Strangely, though, my opinion has changed. I look back and see the royals as what the Sabres should be, not just an over-used color scheme that would probably win a teamless (i.e., not shown with any associated team) popularity contest. So, now, I'm very happy with the switch back and think they look great!
  5. This bothers me about GM's and coaches. We'll have a year where nothing works except the PK, and then a new coach will come in and change everything including the PK. Other things improve, but suddenly the same guys are bad on the PK. Same has been true when our PP actually worked, despite 5-on-5 being bad, and then the new coaches changes it up. Other things improve, but the PP goes to hell. Do they actually try to find out what worked before changing everything up? First thing that I'm doing at as a new coach is looking where we performed well and where we did not. Look at the numbers, look at film, talk to the players, heck talk to the media guys. The job is easier if you don't have to "fix" everything. You don't look better by implementing something new that doesn't work than you would by doing what they last guy did that did work. They should start with what worked, and then look for ways to improve from there. Happened with the Bills, too. We had a lot of good defenses, but new coaches always had to put in their own systems.
  6. Rangers' navy thirds were a stretch, as the blue was nowhere near their regular uniforms' blue. Colorado appeared to be the same, but they have a few tiny splashed of navy on their regular uniforms. The biggest exception that I could find were the Islanders' black thirds (2011-14 and 2015-17.) I couldn't find black anywhere on their usual set.
  7. Both "penalties": I could see an argument that, despite missing the puck and hitting Atkinson's skate, it didn't seem cause the fall. Rather, as pastajoe said, it was the push in lower back that pushed him down. Tough one.
  8. Milbury (and others) seem so certain that Hedman did not take a penalty against Atkinson, but I'm not convinced. Hedman came from behind (Atkinson had a step), swung his stick around, missed the puck and hit Atkinson on the skate. This caused Atkinson to go down and lose control of the puck. What am I missing?
  9. Is this the first time in NHL history that a playoff game was postponed because another one ran long? I'm betting on 'yes'. ?
  10. Korpisalo now owning and building the record. Jones may have a shot at the TOI record (they said something in the 60's is the current record.)
  11. I'll worry more about the entertainment value of playing against better players once the Sabres have won a, singular, one Cup. For those who woke up this week, the main issue with this year's lottery (vs. any other recent year's) is that they split it in two, the first half of which was well before the "qualifier round" games. It would be like holding it in late March when seven teams have been mathematically eliminate, using a placeholder for those still battling for a spot. The 'qualifier round' was technically not the playoffs (even the NHL logo changed last night), but rather replaced the stretch run that didn't get played out due to COVID. Think of it as the Penguins, Oilers and Nashville crapped out down the stretch, while Montreal, Chicago and Arizona went on amazing runs. The 15 teams that aren't playing in the Conference Quarterfinals are all lottery teams, as usual. The probabilities were the same. However, because those eight teams weren't decided at the time of the initial lottery, they used placeholder and are now giving them an even shot. Since they are seeding 9th-15th by regular-season record, they should have either (a) used those for determining who got the #1 by the slot that won, i.e., Florida as 12th, or (b) had a single placeholder initially with the total probability of 8th-15th (24.5%), and then held a weighted lottery: Minnesota: 24.5% (6.0/24.5) Winnipeg: 20.4% (5.0/24.5) NY Rangers: 14.3% (3.5/24.5) Nashville: 12.2% (3.0/24.5) Florida: 10.2% (2.5/24.5) Toronto: 8.2% (2.0/24.5) Edmonton: 6.1% (1.5/24.5) Pittsburgh: 4.1% (1.024.5) Really, though, they should have just waited, assigned the above probabilities (the originals in parentheses, not the new recalculated ones), and then run the whole lottery today. Edit: my (b) option would be difficult due to the 2nd and 3rd overall picks probabilities being affected by which slot won first.
  12. Best of the big name (McD, BK, Wendy's) fast food burgers. Plus, those little onion rings are great (especially if you put them on a burger with BBQ sauce.) Other that, though, they pretty much suck.
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