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  1. For what they're worth, there were rumors for the past couple of weeks that several teams were in discussion with Buffalo, but that nobody wanted to give up the first that Adams was insisting on. So, if those were true, he was working on deals for weeks, but didn't have anything better than what he ended up getting to present to Taylor.
  2. Either that or he scores a hat trick tonight (Steve Bernier effect), SabreSpace explodes, and then he goes back to being mediocre in Boston for the rest of season. Despite that, he is used for years as an example of Sabres players going on to be much better elsewhere.
  3. Asplund leads the team in goals per game (excluding R2, since he's played so few.) So, that's something. 🤪
  4. He had a full NMC, so he wasn't required to provide any list. Things would have been much better had he signed a limited-NMC, where he had to provide a list of teams that he wouldn't accept a trade to, but he didn't. That's only a courtesy for a player with a NMC, not any sort of a requirement. Maybe Adams did ask Hall, but only he said he'd accept a trade to X, Y and Z, only one of whom was making an offer. So, he took trade offers from others, hoping he could use that at least as leverage ("multiple teams interested") with the Bruins, but also because he could try to make the case t
  5. So far, we've gotten exactly what I expected a few weeks ago for the three main players (Staal, Montour, Hall.) However, at the time, I was really disappointed that we would be getting those for our best trade assets. Then, there was some talk/hope/prayers for more. It didn't turn out. I'm not too surprised in a bad way, but I was hoping to be surprised in a good way. I'm just meh about it.
  6. My feed also went out during the goal review. Refreshed and they were showing a replay of the Asplund goal. I thought it was from earlier in the game (I missed the first half or so), then it came up 4-3. 😲
  7. I do care that if he doesn't get the vaccine, then there's a greater chance that he might miss a bigger portion of the season. 😁
  8. Trades! Trades! Trades! I think. Lots of signs pointing that way. (Not for Linus W., but as Ink said, he's the backfill.)
  9. I've always viewed trade value as a flooding pond pushing on a weakened dam. The water rises and rises until "pop!" is bursts and then it all quickly rushes out. Sometimes, it goes on trade deadline day; other times, it's a day or even days before.
  10. Not "not the worst" because they haven't done something that only eight teams will do? Under Krueger, they were worst by a big margin. It wasn't even close. Now, they're still not a good team, but I would actually bet on them in a series against NJ, Detroit, Anaheim or Ottawa. That's all it takes to be "not the worst." Really, the thing I care most about is that they're fun to watch. I remember an Islanders team several years back where they were mostly "kids" and lost a lot, but were always fun to watch. I'd be happy with that for the rest of the season.
  11. It really does clearly say that. I gotta get my eyes checked. Time for new specs. Getting old sucks.
  12. So, NHL Public Relations sent out that table with this caption: He is the top defenseman on that list, but there are only five players above him, not 11. So, did those five have more than one, but only their fastest is listed? Is the "consecutive" part the big differentiator (i.e., seven other forwards had two short-handed goals that were less than 37 apart, but weren't consecutive goals)? Does it happen more in the playoffs, maybe?
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