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  1. And the Bills would be much more than just the top-tier tight end should they add one. Allen, Diggs, Beasley, even Davis when healthy are weapons that they have. It's above having that option that can get you 7, 8, 9 yards any time you need it, and some big plays when you really need it. Nobody is saying that all any team needs is an elite tight end to win. That would be a silly statement. What we're saying is that adding a dominant TE to what the Bills have would push the offense to the next level. We have a QB who is Elite (at least, he showed it at times this season) and two Al
  2. Offsetting?!! Wow, that rule is broken.
  3. How do the announcers not understand that 16 is only "two scores" if you make two 2-point conversions?
  4. I was actually thinking that they need to make acquiring a top-tier tight end a priority. They've got great wide receivers, but need that one more top-tier target. They don't need much of running game, then.
  5. At the end of the half, it was debatable, but the second time ... ðŸ˜ē
  6. So ... COVID be damned in KC, eh? How many fans do they have in the stands? First camera shot shows lots of noses. Edit: Optical illusion. When they were looking around during the national anthem, it looked like a lot more.
  7. Down to three teams. Can't believe the Bills are one of them. Winner faces Brady and Tampa ... in Tampa. ðŸĪŠ
  8. While true and scary, if they win Sunday in regulation, they will only be 3 points (maybe 4, if the Flyers win) out of first in the division. They'll also only have 4 games and 6 games left against the top two teams vs. 8 against everyone else. All hope isn't lost yet, but things do need to change soon.
  9. Case in point: the 'Canes only won the Cup in '06 because of the injuries that the Sabres had. 😁
  10. This would be my guess. If it were a death, usually there's not much to 'sleep on'; it's just take a game or two, then come back. Something longer-term, especially if far away, would take more thought on how to handle.
  11. For extra fun, drink every time he says 'fencing response'.
  12. Now they have to game plan for two different QBs (until and unless Mahomes is officially ruled out.)
  13. Mahomes a little wobbly after that hit, heads to the locker room. ðŸ˜ē
  14. Best picture from Buffalo Bills Facebook page:
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