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  1. Depends ... by 'stupid writing' do you mean Leia's superman revival or that he didn't actually pull the trigger? I would say the former, in which case, he couldn't kill his mother. He hesitated and his wingman took the shot.
  2. I'd like them to keep the textured buffalo of the 50th logo, but done in white, not gold. It would be a very subtle update to the simple old jerseys. Edit: yeah, like this.
  3. Without going into details, let's just say that we would finally find out when an unstoppable force meets an immovable object. Two greats would meet for my life.
  4. Can we get Joki his second 'j' in the title? 😉 I like the trade, but it definitely adds to the "something else is coming" feel of this offseason.
  5. 😄 I think you might be surprised by how many people here meet that requirement. That said, your willingness to help others by setting it up is still appreciated.
  6. Nor I, and I certainly wasn't advocating for it. I was just trying to guess how they came about.
  7. It's basically the number of goals, if you (a) assume the best case for the bottom three lines, (b) the worst case for the top line, and (c) that there are two assists per goal. As for (c), the number is closer to between 1.5 and 1.7 assists per goal, which would bump the number of goals a fair bit over 200.
  8. I was offering the reduced control window as a trade-off between the teams and the players to make my proposal work. If you limited the players choices during the window, then it might make sense to reduce the window in exchange. I guess my point is that -- in my mind -- if the drafting team goes to the max while the player is under control, then they shouldn't lose that player for nothing. I don't care what route the player took to get there, the same should be true. If you don't want to force them to accept, which I could understand, then compensatory picks might work. Ah, thanks. Then, in those cases, at least, I would still like to see something for the team.
  9. My point was that if a team offers the absolute max ELC to a player still under their control (i.e., they are doing everything possible to sign him), then why should that player be able to just say 'nah, I want that same contract from someone else'? If a team doesn't make a max offer, then the kid should be free to leave if he thinks he can get more elsewhere. If you want to shorten the term of control, as a trade-off, that would be fine. I would be fine with that alternative. Again, if a team does everything in their power to sign him (offers the highest allowable deal) while still under their control, then he shouldn't be able to just get the same deal from a team that he likes better without the original team getting nothing. Edit: for some reason, I was thinking that they could only be offered an ELC after the four years. I forgot that they are actually UFAs. If there's no limit on the deal that they can sign, my point is incorrect.
  10. I wish that they would make one small change to the CBA for these cases. Give the team that drafted him a sort of right of first refusal at the end. Something like: if they offer him the maximum ELC before July 1 of the final year, they keep the player. In other words, they offered they most that they possibly could before the term was up, so the player shouldn't be able to just walk. Anything short of that, they are not doing everything that they can to keep the player, who presumably out-developed his draft position, so the player should have the right to go to free agency.
  11. I wouldn't say that he's been missing him, Bob.
  12. I believe "Cups" was the goal. 😉
  13. Oh, good. The thumb looks fine!
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