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Greasy memes dealing with liquor & cheeseburger parties, Sebastian Bach, hash hockey, Patrick Swayzie, and kitties.


Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

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  2. Either Ricky and Julian clean their sh*t up or I'm going to order some really expensive soil contamination tests.
  3. I'm on it, Ricky. Just remember to blame the smoking and swearing on the fact that you didn't get your grade 9 until you were almost 40 so it would be unfair to allow you to defend yourself without those critical elements. When all else fails point out Lahey's drinking. He's sure to fail the breathalyzer. To make sure Randy doesn't testify against you, tell Phil Collins to park the Dirty Burger across the street from the courthouse. That fat bastard will probably jump out the window of the courthouse just to fill his gullet with those greasy treats.
  4. 11 and 4 workin on a trip Slow boat to China on semi oil stolen from Oh Canada Sold on the Black to escape the insanity of SSpace to parts unknown
  5. I'm staked out, but no sight of them, eh? Maybe you got me in the wrong place and I'm running out of smokes, eh. Should I go see if that @WildCard and that @3putt guy are unstuck? Maybe that @PASabreFan and his lap mut @Wilbur can help find those two guys.
  6. We can't we're stranded on the side of the road. @3putt got into the swish so I cut the breaks
  7. @WildCard Quit laughing at the posts and go steal some f*cking gas, okay?
  8. Funds are running a little low, and I have to pay for cruise tickets at the end of the year, so we're going to need to open up a little gas station here in the park. You can't go back to jail for stealing gas, because it's theft under a thousand. So @WildCard and @3putt, I'm going to need you to go down to the mall and steal some gas. Unleaded tastes a little tangy, supreme is kind of sour, and diesel tastes pretty good. Yes, 3putt, this is Charlie work, which is why I'm putting you in charge of WildCard. Hands down and don't f*ck this up. @josie and @darksabre, I'm going to need you to run the gas purchases through coupons at your salon @Taro T, get in your go-cart and get me half a c*ck of pepperoni and some chicken chips, ok? Here's some money. @N S I need you to watch out for Lahey and that greasy cheeseburger eating Randy. @Sue Mushedchi You're new here. Just make sure I don't smoke while I'm on the patch and pass out. @Alkoholist, @SwampD and @sodbuster, make sure I get permission to smoke and swear if we get arrested. @North Buffalo Maybe make some dope rap tracks or get on with your fo-shizzle self.
  9. Welcome! Sexy sexy Julien would always be their first choice, but he's usually too busy stealing change or running his casino business. He won't be too eager to work for Lahey. Randy on the other hand, is always available, unless he's hooking for cheeseburgers of course. Plus he looks great in the approved shirtless uniform. P.S. Have you finally watched any of the show yet?
  10. Joined the Club to say ... No shirt is required. And you are wrong ... Sexy Julien is the only reasonable choice here.
  11. There can be only one. Randy, Bobandy, his ass is sweet as candy. Wait, there's no dress code for this position, right?
  12. Please nominate. We will have the election as soon as we can get Channel 10 up in this ma.
  13. Conky's awesome! They need to fish him out of the lake, no matter how mangled.
  14. Probably the top Bubbles quote of all time. Not including Conky, of course.
  15. Can you read, my son? That depends, can you go f#$% yourself?!
  16. Sweet. I thought we were going to have to start cutting up the drive way.
  17. Ricky's turning it into hash coins.
  18. Maybe you boys need to go ahead and take your pants off so you can fight. As for me ........ Now where is that stupid sexy Julian?
  19. Yeah, go ahead, do that Lahey. Just hope that Randy isn't standing near it or your gonna have soil contamination. Go soil contaminate THIS! (And YES, "your" was spelled that way intentionally.)
  20. That's it. I'm going to order a really expensive soil contamination test.
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