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  1. This is really depressing me. Was this year really our chance?
  2. sodbuster


    I think I'm gonna follow the DC Defenders. I hate Ohio State, but damn, I wanna see Cardale Jones slinging it.
  3. I agree with this, if the ref on the field makes the call. The alternate referees running onto the field to overrule the officials working the game, however, does not sit well with me.
  4. Well, this certainly takes some of the sting away.
  5. Everybody completely lost their heads in the second half. When you've got your FB running deep routes as an ACTUAL TARGET multiple times, you know something has gone horribly wrong. We're gonna have the moral victory "hey, we were this close" narrative fed to us until next season, and it's all *****. You were manhandling that team for 40 minutes, and then threw the game away through a series of stupid mistakes, in spite of all of the preaching about smart disciplined football. Score some freaking points and give yourself some space to make a mistake or two so you don't look like an ass when your blue collar football team scores 19 points in regulation in the year 2020. I can't wait until we trade up for a defensive tackle in April.
  6. Second one today,actually.
  7. I'm really glad i haven't eaten all day. It'll be a lot less to clean up in a few minutes. We're sending out Risto and McCabe to start OT.
  8. I don't see any way we close this out.
  9. A touchdown here would be great, but at least 3 is critical. And here we go.
  10. Undefeated since the Frolik trade.
  11. Did you accidentally change your TVs aspect ratio?
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