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  1. He gave him the whole freakin orange.
  2. So on Thursday, Thompson played while Skinner was a healthy scratch and the excuse at the time was Eichel got hurt in the pregame skate. If we take Eichels presser at face value, then RK sat Skinner KNOWING that the team was shorthanded. That's indefensible, and that's why hes lying.
  3. I know we all hate that guy in the stands that yells "shoot" all the time, but maybe he's right.
  4. Well, at least the Covid outbreak didn't make the uniforms look any worse.
  5. IF they plan on making a move behind the bench, they need to do it now.
  6. I've got a serious case of Sabres Affective Disorder setting in.
  7. Getting in the way is what he does best. They finally figured out how to use that to their advantage.
  8. Anyway, Buffalo locked up the 30th pick. I don't know if I've ever stayed up that late on draft night!
  9. Turns out that tight end is an issue on both sides of the ball.
  10. Ralph doesn't like wasting shots on the power play? Interesting.
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