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Found 6 results

  1. @Mods -- feel free to move this to wherever it belongs. https://fivethirtyeight.com/features/the-nhl-says-hockey-is-for-everyone-black-players-arent-so-sure/ Yeah, I know, I know. <stereotype="DonCherry">"Where's the article about white players being discriminated against in the NBA, NFL, MLB, etc.?"</stereotype> <stereotype="SourGrapes">Next time a white player has mayonnaise thrown at him by a rowdy mob of of exclusively non-white fans at the arena, I might ask that as well.</stereotype> Apparently, not much has changed in 45 years. I remember hockey school from ages 9-11. The race-baiting was so bad at the first one that when Jim Schoenfeld and Jerry Korab called me over after morning practise, I thought I was about to die: the other kids told me that the stuff they had been threatened me with would be meted out by Joe Crozier and the players. I went over with my stick up and told them that if they did what the other kids said they would do, I would try to kill them and would die fighting for my life. They gave me an angry look, glared at the exit from the rink, and then called over two other players, I think Doug Rombough and Hughie Harris. Rombough and Harris got Joe Crozier and I think Jim Lorentz and the 4 of them went to the locker room. Schoenfeld and Korab sat on the ice so that they were below my height. Korab spoke first. "We heard them. Crow is going to give it to them. We don't believe in that $#!+. He's going to send a note home with the kids that they will get kicked out and lose their money if this happens again." Schoenfeld then asked me if this had happened to me before. I answered that it was normal at school.. Schoenfeld then said, "I know this won't make any sense to you, but if anyone does that to you again, you can always get back at him with three things: his manhood, his woman, or his mother." I thanked them and then they got up and told me to wait because they had a question. I conquered my fear as best I could because teachers had turned against me once kids were out of earshot, so I just stood there. Schoenfeld spoke first this time, "the kids who have been really bad to you -- when they are in front of you in the corner or in front of the net, they tend to lose their balance even if you don't trip them. What's up?" "Oh, I have been taking Judo for two years. I use a choke to cut off the blood to their brains." They both leaned back in complete surprise. Then, Korab told me, "Let us take care of them. You don't have to do that any more." Joe Crozier and the other 3 players returned at that point. Joe said to me, "it's not tattling if they break the rules and they threaten you. Don't believe their crap. I personally will punish anyone who goes after you." Korab and Schoenfeld told them about the judo chokes. Joe Crozier said to me, "and I hate to say this, but don't do that again either." This was the early-mid 1970's.
  2. For reference: There are statistics that teams can keep and people measure which may or may not be useful. I have no problem with someone having their own numbers to track that s/he thinks are useful. However, the most common advanced stats are that common for pretty good reasons: they are easy to measure and serve as a solid proxy for important parts of the game that correspond to winning. As we noted, based on simple raw numbers and on the most common advanced stats, there was no excuse for Botterill to have wasted Pegula's money on Frolik and Simmonds, let alone have Thompson and Mittlestadt in the NHL yet, and really devalues getting Sobotka and, to a lesser extent, Berglund in the ROR steal deal. For those with inside information better than mine, how much of the analytics side was Botterill using invalid statistics, rationalisation for a bad move, or just plain ignorance that led to the ignoramus-like moves? For everyone, what are some statistics and/or representations of data that you believe are largely valid? I am here to learn and understand what people think on a myriad of topics related to the numbers.
  3. It's a current obsession of mine, so I figured I'd start a new thread for it rather than re-purposing old threads that deal with different topics. To review: PSE's creatives stink. (Look: I'm an old that used a young person's word.) Most recently, the Cleveland Browns put out a clever and funny Office parody. The. Cleveland. Browns. Here's hoping PSE can start doing good things in the creative fun department. Let's track their progress - or lack thereof - in this thread.
  4. As soon as the segment is on their site, I'll post it. It was a brilliant break-down of the Sabres' current state with measured and properly analyzed solutions for the problems the team faces. Sorry, I don't have the details in my brain. He said the goal-tending has under performed 5v5, that we're over utilizing low-value players, too many replacement or below-replacement level players.
  5. There's a how long does Housley get topic, and everybody knows the first panic GM move is fire the coach, but would it really be wrong to start to question JBot a little too? So the positives: Being gifted Sheary in a Penguins salary dump. Awesome gift from his old team. Got rid of Lehner and signed Hutton for what might be a bargain price. Looks like a great move. Won a lottery. Better to be lucky than good? Dahlin will be great. Everybody would have picked him. Seems to be making Rochester into a good team and the depth at the farm level seems to be trending in the right direction. Didn't dump a load of cash at Reinhart. This one might be arguable, but so far it looks smart. Negatives: ROR trade looking really bad. Berglund healthy scratch. Tage AHlLcaliber, Sobodka meh but ok I guess but nobody to fill the PP shoes or take the minutes. Skinner trade. So far a floater who doesn't want to be here. Carolina seems to be doing better without him. Kane trade. Didn't get much out of that either did we? Roster rebuilt but looking at it, the talent level is lower, nobody can score goals aside from Sheary with Jack and most of it is B grade at best. End the losing culture? Doesn't look like it, as they've fallen apart on this road trip already. Hired Housley. ??? Drafting too soon to tell. I'm not seeing a lot of genius, but we shall see in time. At this moment, aside from Arizona, I see a lot of teams rebuilding faster and better than we have. Now some of that is on Murray still but really, Ottawa was gutted and even they're doing better than us not to mention Florida, Jersey, Carolina etc . It's damn frustrating.
  6. Alright, show your cards. Who wants Botts dead? If you do, I would guess it's because of the ROR trade. Have at it in this thread.
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