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  1. Is it summer yet? The worse part of WNY winters are the endless gray gloomy days. 😞
  2. From a statistical standpoint in regards to TT, has there been a better start to a season by a Sabre since Mogilny & Lafontaine were wearing the Blue & Gold?
  3. Giving Mittlestadt and Oloffson a game or two in the press box(not necessarily on the same night) is a must. Not sure what DG is waiting for. If nothing else, Asplund would make that line better in the defensive zone. …and that line should NEVER be on the ice with the 3rd pair defensemen.
  4. 😂. UPL isn’t even mediocre at the AHL level, but I guess it is nice to dream.
  5. UPL, Bryson & Pilut all should be in Rochester by this time tomorrow…never to be seen in a Sabre uniform ever again.
  6. I missed it too, and didn’t know it is not on MSG, so no replay later. 😞
  7. Another great week by my team…another loss. Now I have 5 guys on bye this week including my top 3 RB. 😂
  8. The Big 10 is a joke almost every year. OSU Michigan & Penn State everyone else The NIL’s are only going to make it worse across D1 football, as the powerhouses and their alumni will line the pockets of these kids. Most years it will be the same. Alabama, Ohio State, another team from the SEC, and then some other team that will make it to the playoffs only to get destroyed. Rinse & repeat.
  9. So better to let young players develop bad habits such as “don’t worry about play in your own end”? Let’s see them break these bad habits as their careers progress.
  10. So maybe hiring another HC with no NHL HC experience was not a good idea?
  11. How quickly would you like him to break down? Ok. What about Houser?
  12. So because Comrie has not been great, means they should stick with UPL, instead of another AHL goalie?
  13. If UPL is sub-par again tonight, and Comrie’s return is not imminent, I wouldn’t be opposed to giving Subban or Houser a shot. This goalie situation has really been bungled by KA since he took over. 😡
  14. I wish my house had a dedicated 10A circuit somewhere on the front side…other than running extension cords from inside the garage. It would make Christmas decorating so much easier.
  15. Weird that you posted this. Watched the end of the Bruins game last night, and there was a couple of times when Edwards pronunciation of Swayman was out there…way out there…pretty simple name to spit out.
  16. I will give the Kings a 5th round pick for Peterson…and they retain 50%.
  17. Shuffling the Titanic deck chairs.
  18. I guess the puck bunny didn’t realize what life is like as a girlfriend/wife of a professional hockey player.
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