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  1. They should have an ammendment to the expansion draft. If you havent made the playoffs in 7 years or more yoir team is exempt. We wouldnt lose a soul..lol
  2. This is a joke. He should be in. Zubov????
  3. No, just buy season ticks like i have for the past umpteen years and watch his effort. Then you can say kill me now like I have walking out of the Arena before the second period ends most nights. For the crap we went through to get him it sure hasnt been worth it.
  4. I agree on the Eichel sentimemt. I have always thought he was too big for his britches. I do not like his effort. He plays hard way too little for my liking. I would hope we would get more than Horvath but ya never know
  5. Let him walk...He disappeared when the team needed him. He aint worth 8.5 mil a yr....cya
  6. This team continues to make every decision worse than the previous. All I can do is laugh. Too bad the Buffalo Stallions arent still around.
  7. My lasting memory will be, the fact I wasted another 5 Grand for the year on a roll of toilet paper named the Buffalo Sabres. It won't happen again for a very very long time....
  8. Im a retired Marine, I wouldnt mind if they stopped the anthems before everygame. Save it for something special. To me hearing it at every sporting event waters down the value of it.
  9. The problem with that is he brought the waste of space here in the first place. I have zero confidence in the Sabres at all anymore. I will not be renewing my season tix this yr. Very frustrating form of entertainment. Our Stanley Cup final is the draft lottery now. What a freaking waste...
  10. Right... He was shocked the net was so open....lol..that was horrible
  11. stenbaro


    I have a signed stick from the 99 cup finals by the whole team..I have a good friend on the equipment staff and he let myself and my six yr old in the lockeroom after a game day skate and they all signed it. My son has it now..
  12. Rebuilding takes time and the Sabres have certainly taken their time. With that said, I would not change a thing this year on this team, unless some stupid offer comes their way. I would let them grow together this year and see how far they can take themselves. Thry might surprise us. I would concentrate on signing Skinner.
  13. Risto looks to me to be getting worse by the game. Anyone else notice this?
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