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  1. My lasting memory will be, the fact I wasted another 5 Grand for the year on a roll of toilet paper named the Buffalo Sabres. It won't happen again for a very very long time....
  2. Im a retired Marine, I wouldnt mind if they stopped the anthems before everygame. Save it for something special. To me hearing it at every sporting event waters down the value of it.
  3. The problem with that is he brought the waste of space here in the first place. I have zero confidence in the Sabres at all anymore. I will not be renewing my season tix this yr. Very frustrating form of entertainment. Our Stanley Cup final is the draft lottery now. What a freaking waste...
  4. Right... He was shocked the net was so open....lol..that was horrible
  5. stenbaro


    I have a signed stick from the 99 cup finals by the whole team..I have a good friend on the equipment staff and he let myself and my six yr old in the lockeroom after a game day skate and they all signed it. My son has it now..
  6. Rebuilding takes time and the Sabres have certainly taken their time. With that said, I would not change a thing this year on this team, unless some stupid offer comes their way. I would let them grow together this year and see how far they can take themselves. Thry might surprise us. I would concentrate on signing Skinner.
  7. Risto looks to me to be getting worse by the game. Anyone else notice this?
  8. I do not like any part of Nelsons game. He is a liability in all 3 zones. I think the only aspect of his game that is NHL quality is his skating.
  9. I am just about to turn 50, and you just answered the longest running question mark in my head....YES!!!!!!I💡
  10. If Bozo was in the lineup the Sabres would be undefeated. He is a hockey god....😨
  11. Any thoughts on how O'Regan looks?
  12. I went for the second time this year..LOL..0-2 when I go, and I left early once again. One thing that is becoming oh so ever clear to me is Kyle Okposo has no business on the powerplay or the top 2 lines. He is never in a position to receive a pass and shoot, he is always fumbling with the puck off a pass to make a shot. He is pathetic on the point and I have no idea why Phyliss has him on the point or for that matter the powerplay. Which brings me to my next point. Can we please stop signing these veteran free agents for gigantic contracs only to watch them suck the life out of the team after they sign up. ENOUGH ALREADY. Make a trade, but stop this ridiculousness..
  13. Hindsight being 20/20....Too bad we didnt package 2 of those to move up annd grab Stevie Y..LOL....Bowman had some really good first round spots to choose from. He hit on a few greats ones but missed on a couple also. I really thought we would win a Cup with all those picks...
  14. Barrasso won the Calder and the Vezina his rookie year. It does not get any better than that. Myers was really good his rookie year but not in the same atmosphere as Barrasso. But I do see where you could feel that way. I grew up watching Barrasso, and I will never forget my first thoughts about watching him play, I thought him of a more athletic and larger Billy Smith. He was great his rookie year.
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