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  1. I got a speech impediment from taking statins for so long. Same thing happened to my mother and one of my sisters, so they changed medicines. I am looking into it too. At his age, it could be that simple.
  2. So, potentially, we would be getting younger yet again?🤬
  3. Search for the Canadian feed. Best I can do. Welcome back!
  4. I can, but I am kind of frustrated, so I don't watch as much as I used to.
  5. This jives with the Sabres doing well at home against teams who don't have a gear for "tight checking" like Toronto.
  6. You underestimate how bad some teams have been. The Tank Sabres don't even crack the bottom 100 even if you deduct the OT points they won (mimic old-fashioned ties).
  7. I believe you are largely correct on a gut level, but I can't explain why.
  8. Girgensons is the type of player who always gets acquired by a contender at the deadline for fifth line depth, if nothing else.
  9. Yikes! Why not Tokarski or Comrie? It is not like the games matter anymore.
  10. As an oldster, I am still salty about the failure of the 1986 Sabres-Oilers trade that was rumoured for Gil Perreault. I hope that Girgensons and Okposo go to teams with the best chance of winning the Cup that is possible. The return is borderline immaterial to me.
  11. It is hard not to be negative, in part because last year showed so much promise. This year shows that sometimes, they can be very good. Unfortunately, it has shown that they can be very bad. And that makes their failures even more frustrating.
  12. He does all the dirty jobs that no one likes doing. He works hard every second he is out there. Points are not the only measure of a hockey player. I will grant you that he seems to have fallen off a bit this year. In years past, I was confident when he was out there checking the other teams' top lines. Now, he seems more like an ordinary 4th liner. That may be part of the problem this year: we are not getting that 1 ultra-favourable match-up each game.
  13. Unless you are Buffalo. In Housley's second season, the Sabres set the record for best winning percentage at Thanksgiving to miss the playoffs.
  14. The OP is trying to send a message to play the game the right way by mistreating someone who has always played the game the right way. The Sabres' already bad reputation around the league would then take another hit. Brilliant!
  15. One thing this team does not have enough of are NHL middle-agers with talent who can teach the younger players how to not get down when things go wrong. Two years ago, they had those guys without much talent. This year, there are too few of those guys with more team talent. This requires not getting to enamoured with the draft picks.
  16. Skill trades make more than junior developers too.
  17. The home record under Donnie Meatballs just baffles me. What do they do wrong in their home preparation? Welcome to the board!
  18. I survived the big layoff, but I imagine just. Thank you all for your support.
  19. So how do you do this if the Sabres don't win more than 2 in a row?
  20. Ooh. Ahh. Sabres on the golf course.
  21. I hope that this is what we get. I have the nasty suspicion that, at some point this season, it is going to get ugly.
  22. To be honest, Tuch has always looked moody. Part of me thinks that he has internalised the fans' frustration.
  23. I have to ask. I watched the Cow-lumbus game in question. How many fans were chanting for Donnie's firing? I don't remember hearing them on the broadcast. Contrast this with The Tank season when you could hear a substantial chunk of fans cheering for the opposition on the broadcast.
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