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  1. .944 SP with 1.56 GAA and he's 6-5 with only a 2.20 GAA in the losses. I can't stop shaking my head.
  2. This is interesting. All 4 of the standard leading indicators for a recession went red from 2020-2022. But they are currently flat, which normally predates a recovery. And a lot of the usual other bad things that predate a recession have not happened. It is possible that there still will go into a recession, though. I am hoping for hiring to accelerate as interest rates fall.
  3. Same here. I am pushing 60. I am thankful that I can still be a competent grunt at any lower to middle level if need be.
  4. I did say that I am taking the posters here who have consistently turned up correct internal information before at their word. They also have written about the problems that Buffalo has historically had with recruitment, which partially exonerates Pegula and Adams from their critics. Conjecture this might be, but they obviously know more than I do. The first obvious question comes with XGMJB's dismissal and GMKA's ascension because Adams was willing to be a good soldier. The current rebuilding plan with its spending limitations is GMKA's deciding under Terry Pegula's direction. It is reasonable to draw the inference that Terry has some veto over what GMKA does. From a hockey point of view, I have to ask if running back exactly the same forwards from the end of last year to this season was unduly caused by (very understandable) sentiment rather than cold hockey logic for Terry (and Kevin and Donnie too, for that matter). It is reasonable to assert that the bottom part of the forward roster could have been improved upon and that it could have made a difference this year.
  5. The latter part. It is human nature. Also, considering @Brawndo's and other's information, there is also a natural question of whether some personnel moves are unduly influenced by Terry's sentiments rather than by pure hockey decisions.
  6. I am a generalist with more strength in middleware, primarily with Java, although I have some C# plus too many other languages to mention. I have been a DBA (Oracle, DB2, Ingres), SysAdmin, tech support, Full stack developer (my front-end experience is kind of old, though), QA, DevOps, team lead, substitute Scrum master, substitute project lead, with some predictive analytics to top it all off. Basically, tell me what you need and I will figure it out.
  7. The Sabres are the only team in NHL history to win 10 games in a row and miss the playoffs (Housley's second). That season is also the highest winning percentage at Thanksgiving for a team that missed the playoffs after The Big Lockout. Just doing the mental computation: even if the Sabres win 10 in a row, they are likely to still be about 4 points out of a playoff spot.
  8. I found that one generative AI fell for traps that I laid for it with a sample project I had worked on a couple of years ago, so it currently can not replace IT reliably. It learned off of publicly available code, which tells me that there are a lot of companies using known inefficient or flawed algorithms because the programmer was unaware of the limits of the obvious, naive solution. On the other hand, having the AI write the tedious boilerplate code to get me started writing an API with a standardized project configuration and set-up was soooooooo cool. So if people are willing to think and be careful, then IT could see a big boom with coding with AI's help. But you just know that some companies will use AI as an excuse to cut their IT departments at some point, which could bite them HARD because the odds are that they won't think about the ramifications carefully.
  9. The consulting firm that I work for is doing a big round of IT layoffs. I am worried because I have been on the bench a while. I am lucky that I can work anywhere in the entire tech stack, so AI might survive this round.
  10. Just wondering: wouldn't the original way to spell Brind'Amour's name be Brin D'Amour (a wisp of the smoke of love)?
  11. I believe Buffalo has the fewest OT games this season. The inability to tie games because of lack of scoring, especially because of the horrendous power play, is killer.
  12. This is a very interesting theory which could explain the facts. It would mean that others have to be willing to continually drive to the net more often because of the lack of a sustained presence and the inability to stay there. I need to look for this. Thanks!
  13. Like I said, the 5-on-5 system is sound enough. They must drive to the net consistently for this team to perform well.
  14. We need to find a way to gerrymander our scoring.
  15. I remember watching channel 50 when I was in college (Cleveland 1983-7; East Lansing 1989-96). Yzerman made a huge jump in 1986-7 in his positional awareness. He definitely took it up several notches beyond with Bowman. As I think about it, your assessment of his teammates' reaction to his willingness to all-out sacrifice offence for defence is spot on.
  16. Dre-e-e-e-eam. Dream, Dream, Dream. Dre-e-e-e-eam... May I join you here?
  17. Who, LA? Of course...oh, waitaminnit. Buffalo? Is this the universe where Spock has a beard?
  18. How is our current cap situation? Who are some important UFAs?
  19. Perreault was far, far better in his own zone later in his career than most remember, particularly in the 1980's -- but the team around him was more suspect. Then again, he rose from quite the depths of defencive cluelessness (-39 and -40 in his first 2 seasons). He was never great at it, but he made a big jump in his defencive play in 1972-3 and again in 1979-80. Also, Yzerman learnt 2-way play with Gallant under Jacques Demers in 1986-7. The Red Wings really focused on defence under Demers and then Bowman because their goaltending was unreliable. Perreault played on a team that took far more risks to create offence.
  20. The biggest deal for Adams would be someone who can tell him what he is missing and can convince him to change his mind and go for a heavier, more defencively responsible team.
  21. Here is one that I got from Part Two of the Doctor Who story, "The Caves of Androzani". Fecenine means "feces-like", so I use it in place of $#!++✓. Two points: 1. The only reason that I have a larger active vocabulary than most is because my wife reads so much. She reads Dostoevsky and Dickens for fun. 2. A couple of my ex-co-workers said they noticed that I uncork the thesaurus more often when I am angry as a way of venting politely. Starting with The Tank, the Sabres have given me a lot of reasons to be angry. And the more upset I get, the more that you see the fruits of the trips to the dictionary that my wife forces me to do.
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