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  1. This upcoming season?? Who’s spot is he taking?
  2. Well, fortunately/unfortunately, the can can't be kicked further. 2021 offseason will be a big one.
  3. Man, next year's off season is going to have some real big decisions... Love the AAV, wanted more than 1 year.
  4. Fully agree with this. Quinn pick and Girgensons contract vs what the market ended up being remain my only two issues of the off-season. (I've cooled on disliking the Eakins contract)
  5. Good deal. Glad he's back. Even more glad he's a RFA next year.Love me some Sammy.
  6. If Reider can play center, perhaps. That’s Lazar’s top 12 nod atm. (I think ruotsalainen should have every chance to take that job)
  7. I'll hold off on debating that until I can actually see Tage in training camp and what work he's put in.
  8. If I’m Krueger, I’m parking Tage in front of the net on PP2. It’s all about improving that PK. If they think Reider can do that, than either Okposo or Tage are sitting.
  9. I’m starting to wonder if Okposo has a spot. If they want Reider to improve the PK, and they just shelled out for Girgensons, Girgensons - Lazar - Reider surely sounds like our 4th line. Okposo doesn’t have Larsson anymore, doesn’t do PK, and is likely to lose PP time to Tage or Cozens.
  10. We'd either need salary retention, or to dump salary back. They'd want the moon for a franchise legend and one of the best of his generation. I can't see a deal that I wouldn't qualify as "Buffalo stealing Patrick Kane"
  11. 100% a Rochester signing. Depth Rochester signing at that.
  12. Plus the draft. They DEFINITELY bought goals at 8.
  13. Disagree. When older prospects perform like top tier talent in top-Europe leagues (SHL, liiga, KHL), they can definitely skip that step. Pilut should've been in Buffalo right away when we got him.
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