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  1. Should've waited 1 or 2 tweets before that title....
  2. Good term, good money, good 12th-13th forward, and personally like the player. Good personality fit for Buffalo.
  3. Just one question. Did your source mention what we're looking for exactly? We fans know what the team should be looking for (defensive center, defensemen adjustments, scoring wing, goalie shakeup), but I'm curious to know what amongst those are Adams' priorities? Thanks.
  4. You left us on a cliffhanger 😁
  5. Right on, and I'd be more inclined to trust Chad, who knows Buffalo people, is a Buffalo fan, and most important, doesn't work for the corporation owned by a division rival.
  6. Again, guys like Friedman talked endlessly about how good of a job Botterill did. I don't trust anything the Sportsnet guys (who's parent company owns most of the Leafs) say about the Sabres, until the Sabres either proof it, or someone more trustworthy does.
  7. Gabrielor

    So #8

    You moved me. What passion. What syntax. Sadly, I'm not Terry Pegula's burner, so the changes from this line of thinking occurring seem unlikely to me in the extremely-lighten-the-ship and hire-only-family world.
  8. Gabrielor

    So #8

    I actively agreed with this in July, and still do, but I don't see them trading this pick on business lines. If the NHL is in as much trouble as they say, we're probably picking.
  9. Based on everything I've seen/heard, Ruotsalainen looks ready for the NHL in exactly the same way Pilut did, when he should've been brought directly up. If we do want to save cash on the 4th line, then this move is obvious.
  10. Gabrielor

    So #8

    Couple weeks to go. Still want one of these 8, with Rossi being the best, realistic case. Alexis Lafrenière LW L Quinton Byfield C L Marco Rossi C L Lucas Raymond RW R Anton Lundell C L Jake Sanderson D L Tim Stützle LW L Jamie Drysdale D R
  11. Tage. I've seen a real NHL player in there. I also think he takes his craft seriously. Mittelstadt isn't beyond repair, but has a long way to go.
  12. low 70s was the report, not necessarily exactly 70. I also have yet to hear a report about a budget that didn't originate from a Toronto media dipshit, so I'll fully believe when I see the opening night roster. I do expect Cozens, Ruotsalainen, Thompson, and Lazar to make the team though, and all cost < 1 mil.
  13. It was rough D year, and when I saw him live in camp. Puck handling and passing stood out as shortcomings. I make no claims on D+1 and whether or not it improved, as I watched 0 Hurricane games the past season.
  14. I too have been cautious on the Cozens bandwagon. I wanted Krebs at 7. I still see Cozens’ puck handling and passing skills as potential weaknesses (but fixable), but he had a hell of a D+1, so I’m starting to believe. I still want his handling to not mirror past mistakes his first season(ie he earns ice, not Mittelrenko’d it...I mean given it)
  15. Give our thanks. He/she made my July/August better.
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