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  1. Did someone get hurt last nite? I stopped listening at work when they went down 2-1
  2. Del Reid where you at,? Lol. We need some "We Are Duane " shirts.
  3. Yeah, why would your AHL all star goalie get a chance. Lol
  4. Brawndo, out of town right now did J.J get called up because of Linus injury?
  5. This team is soft. No one should be untouchable.
  6. @Inkman just wondering what you are skeptical about? Thanks
  7. No, Sexton in the article said 40 games, maybe a few more. He us here for a week then going back to ECHL
  8. Being first on the trail after its groomed!
  9. That's what I'm thinking just wondering if site is in the hockeybuzz level of reporting. In other words made up.
  10. I said ONE of the worst. It's right up there with Leino, Erhoff, and Cody.
  11. One of the worst contracts in Sabres history.
  12. Crue puts on a great show ink. Saw them a few years ago with kiss at Darien. Going to have to get tic for this one. As a place to stay, east Aurora would be good, hamburg also. Uber or Lyft may not be cheap after show though.
  13. Has anyone seen him play in Rochester? How has he looked? With this kid I think his problems are all between the ears and his effort.
  14. Southeast PA? I went to school down that way. Dogfish head was great. Is there still that brewery in West Chester, PA
  15. Could you expand please. Have not seen Rochester play this year. From all I have read sounds like the Hamburglar and Johansson are playing quite well. Thanks
  16. It's being reported by White from gr, so chances are its BS.
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