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  1. I love Tage. He is the greatest PF we’ve had since Eric Rasmussen.
  2. Although I am going to somewhat agree with your general conclusion that Jbot has yet to completely fix the middle six, I am going to disagree with your comparison to last year. I think the comparison should be to the last year of TM’s reign of terror and sadly it looks like much of the problem stems from the transition for old guard players to kids or younger vets, as well as the Moulsonesque downfall of Kyle Okposo. I also thing you need to compare players on line assignments. For example the top line 2 years ago was really Kane Eichel Reinhart and the second line was Moulson ROR KO. Scarry. The 3rd line was Foligno Larsson Gionta. Two years ago before the concussion KO was scoring goals at a .29 g/gp. Today it’s down to .17g/gp this season. That type of fall off isn’t Jbot’s fault. It’s injuries and the fact that TM gave him the long-term contract. KO has this gone from a 2nd line contributor to 3rd line dead weight. So while production is down some, so is age and cost. Vets like Foligno, Gionta, ROR and Moulson have been replaced by Erod, Sheary, Mitts and Thompson. Larsson is now on the 4th line. If Jbot adds a Miller or Hayes to anchor the 2nd line and Tage, Mitts and maybe Olofsson continue to develop, I think you’ll be please with the middle 6 and the restructuring done by Jbot. He is my bold prediction for the day. Mitts get’s hot down the stretch and finishes with at least 30 points.
  3. https://wgr550.radio.com/articles/opinion/sabres-still-paying-sins-tim-murray this is very well said and I prime reason we still for no depth in the NHL. Thanks TM
  4. I've never had them. Sahlens is what I grew up on.
  5. Easy send down Thompson to get to know his playoff teammates and bring up Olofsson so that he can meet next year's teammates. ?
  6. Oh I want him on the Amerks for the playoffs. Absolutely. I just want to reward his effort this season with a few games in the NHL and try him with certain players to see if there is some chemistry.
  7. Isn't it past time for Olofsson to get a look in Buffalo?
  8. Callahan has a NMC. Would you leave TB for Buffalo right now? Biggest issue is losing Risto leaves us with RHD's of Montour, Bogo, Nelson and Hunwick and we lose our most phyiscal player. Maybe sub Cernak for Cirelli.
  9. Pick up Saad and Johannson, and send Sheary to Chi as part of the deal? Skinner Eichel Reinhart Saad Johansson Erod Thompson Mitts Olofsson Girgensons Larsson Okposo Sobatka
  10. Another possible candidate is UFA Marcus Johansson. He also plays all 3 forward spots and as a UFA coming off a mediocre year we might be able to get him relatively in expensively. He might jump at the chance to play a 2C for a few seasons as Mitts matures. He is also only 27.
  11. Kane wasn't 4th, he actually lead the team in g/gp. He was traded with 20 games left and would have lead the team in goals had he stayed. He was on pace for about 28 goals last season.
  12. I think this is definitely a start of a possible lineup. Olofsson on Jack's line would be interesting, but it would be a lot to ask a rookie, even a 24 year old one. Jbot does a really good job of keeping his business out of the media until it happens. I don't remember seeing anything on the ROR trade, Skinner or Montour until right before they were officially announced. With both Montour and Skinner he went after players on teams in transition. Montour was a favorite of Carlyle. Carlyle was fired and Murray dropped him from the PK and his minutes overall. Jbot jumped at that change. Skinner didn't fit what new Canes GM Don Waddell wanted to do in Carolina and Jbot correctly thought he would be a perfect fit with Eichel. I think we should be looking for guys that are 24-28 under contract for at least a year and on teams where there is a new coach and/or GM. One winger that might fit that description is Brandon Saad with Chicago. He can score, has some grit and is only 26. He has 2 more years on his contract at 6 mill. Maybe TB trades JT Miller (25) so that they can afford to pay Brayden Point. Miller plays all 3 forward slots and if TB is going to move him this is the time because he has a MNTC that kicks in next season. Maybe STl makes Schenn available this summer or Jbot signs Duchene as a UFA.
  13. Yet our goals have increased year over year and over the last year of TM, both by the defense and by the forwards. We have 181 goals ytd in 63 games. 2.87 goals per game. Goals by forwards 2.43 last season we scored 199 (2.43). Goals by forwards 2.20 the year before we scored 201 (2.45). Goals by forward 2.24
  14. I can accept that he is a bit of a passenger, but no where near what Pouliot was who had great puck luck last year with a 15% shooting % and the other much more expensive garbage on this team. Again we are getting reasonable bang for our buck from Sheary, while guys being paid to be top 6 forwards and top 2 pairing D are performing like 4th line forwards, 7th d, or an AHL forward or D.
  15. Your math doesn’t work. If there are 7 major problems and he is 1/7 then you are really giving them equal culpability. The truth is the issues with this team are large and varied. We have roster issues (lack of a 2nd line center or defensive dmen) and that is on Jbot. Our PP sucked for most of the year and that is on PH and his staff. Expensive players KO, Scandella, Bogo, Sobotka and Pominville haven’t come close to producing anywhere near where they are getting paid. That’s on them. Mitts and Thompson were given roles they weren’t ready for and that is on Jbot and PH. I’m sorry but when I look at the Pantheon of issues facing this team, Sheary doesn’t even make my top 15.
  16. He is shooting at the same rate as last season. His Corsi/Fenwick/PDO are similar to his numbers with Pittsburgh. The biggest change numerically is a shoot % that has gone from 14 to 8. We have seen every Sabre this season whiff on great passes. This isn’t just a Sheary issue. On the plus side he doesn’t give the puck away and has done a better job creating for his teammates then he did last year in Pitt. I’m not defending Sheary as the second coming. I think we have received reasonable value from him and I think if we get him a real center, we’ll see even better results next season. If he is part of the problem, then it’s a fraction of the problem caused by a lack of a 2nd line center and the dumpster fires that are KO, Sobotka, Scandella, Bogo, and Thompson. Pouliot had 19 pts in 74 games. In what world is a 35 pts season the same as a 19 pt season?
  17. They are both smallish speed wingers known for their goal scoring and willingness to go to the “dirty” areas to score. Both need good centers to maximize their potential. Skinner is a top line forward while Sheary is a 2nd line forward on a mediocre team and a 3rd line forward on a good team. If they were in the same ballpark Sheary would be Skinner substitute not a Skinner light.
  18. Absolve Sheary of what? He is 49th in scoring amongst NHL LWs. Last I looked that would be a top 6 LW, maybe not on a top team, but across the NHL. What other elements was he supposed to bring? Schwartz, Roussel, Rakell, Hyman and Nick Foligno have produced similar results this season. The biggest issue is that he hasn’t scored as many goals as hoped but that seems more of a function of a lack of a good center. Think Skinner light. What has Skinner done now that he plays with a real center?
  19. At some point you have to give kids a chance and let them improve. Jack and Sam have improved each year in the NHL without ever playing in the minors. Mitts has shown great improvement as a player over the course of this season even if the pt production isn’t yet where we hoped it would be. Also playing him in a 3rd line role where he has a talent advantage over his opponents should help. Look what Vanek and Roy did as a 3rd line. As to Sheary what did you expect? An all-star? The guy is on a $3 mill deal. He has 26 pts in 59 games which makes him tied for 4th most productive forward. He is on a pace for 35 pts which is a 5 pt improvement over last year and as Vogl pointed out in the Athletic he is giving us good value for his contract. Compare: KO has 22 points and is being paid 6 mill Pommers 26 points and is being paid 5.6 Erod has 23 and is cheap at 650K. Sheary isn’t the problem.
  20. Considering he hadn’t practiced with the team, didn’t know his new teammates and played on both special teams, I think he did fine.
  21. I agree. When I started this thread I wanted to see how much control had over the roster for next season and he has total control once he signs Skinner yet a ton of flexibility. The control comes from having 17 (18 with Olofsson) under contract for next season plus 5 RFAs before re-signing Skinner. The flexibility comes from having the 5 RFAs plus 11 players with only 1 year remaining on their deals. Many of the guys with one year left can easily be demoted erasing their cap hit completely (Nelson and Wilson), have reasonable trade value (Sheary, Scandella, Bogosian) or high trade value (Reinhart and Montour). The only 2 “bad” contracts are Hunwick and Sobotka but they are only 7% of next years cap and then both will be gone. Jbot has made huge roster changes two years in a row, while he has the flexibility to do it again this summer, I just don’t see it. I actually don’t think this team is that far away from being good. Mitts and Dahlin will be better next year. Thompson should be as well. I think Olofsson will be a big plus upfront next year (15-20 goals). I like Sheary and ERod. I continue to want a good center who can play 2nd line minutes as Mitts matures and who can win a faceoffs. I also like the defense. I like McCabe, Dahlin, Risto and Montour. I’m not sure they are the correct pieces in our end, but I think with 2 smart additions we could be very good.
  22. I’ve said for years our failure to produce players outside the 1st rd during this rebuild would and has come back to bite us. TB is so good because they consistently find players throughout the draft. They have 7 current roster players drafted in the 2nd rd or later since 2011 plus Killorn a 3rd in 2007. They are rookies Cirelli (3rd 2015), Joseph (4th 2015), Point (3rd 2014), Erne (2nd 2013), Paquette (4th 2012), Palat (7th 2011), Kucherov (2nd 2011). They also have star UFA from the Q Yanni Gourde signed in 2012. We have 2 players after the 1st rd since 2011. McCabe (2nd in 2012) and Ullmark (6th in 2012). That’s it Stripes? Thank you.
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