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  1. That would be a classy move by the organization. I hope it happens too.
  2. Speckle on speculators. The Pegulas have brought stability to Western New York sports teams and for that I am greatly appreciative. Have they made some questionable decisions since purchasing the organizations.... sure. But to have owners that are completely committed to the success of these franchises and not afraid to spend money is all that we can hope for. The on ice results will come. I completely disagree with the hate for Jason Botterill. He's building the team from the foundation up. This takes time but it will create an ecosystem where you don't have to rush a draft pick into the NHL because your roster is completely devoid of talent. Development is vitally important and the Sabres haven't been properly developing prospects for the past 5-7 years. Hence our current predicament. In lieu of developing prospects, we've been buying high on the free market and surprise surprise the results have not met expectations. As for ROR, he had a great year for the Blues. Be happy for him. He wasn't going to deliver that with the Sabres and their current roster.
  3. But wouldn’t you say that value to a team is more important than individual contribution when it comes to these awards? I think Binnington should get the Calder because at his position he was excellent especially when it counted in the playoffs and he was a cornerstone piece of the team that won the cup. This is not to diminish what Pettersson did during the season.
  4. I guess that puts Mr. Binnington in good company.
  5. I did not realize voting was already submitted. Has a rookie goal tender ever won the SC in the past?
  6. I tried searching for an open thread but decided to start a fresh discussion. Does last night get Binnington the Calder? I believe it does. What do you folks think?
  7. Yes, if the team improves and we fill some holes in the roster. That between the leg drop pass was sick. That video has me excited for 19-20 season. This kid is going to be good.
  8. maybe i can let the air out of marchand's tires so he is late to the home games. promo, you up for some shenanigans?
  9. As a resident of Boston, I hope the Blues win. This city is spoiled with Championships.
  10. This is how I will celebrate every goal, Motley Kru style!
  11. I hope RKru knows of a good goalie coach because the previous guy ruined Ullmark IMO. Linus' play progressively got worse last year and yes the team in front of him was playing poorly but he (and Carter) seemed to get themselves out of position on a regular basis. I believe that to be coaching. Like any business, the success and failure is going to be about the supporting cast both on and behind the bench. JBotts is responsible for assembling the roster and now RKru is responsible for hiring the assistant coaches.
  12. Kru Tang Clan aint nuttin' to f' wit Kru Tang Clan aint nuttin' to f' wit Kru Tang Clan aint nuttin' to f' wit Kru Tang Clan aint nuttin' to f' wit Kru Tang Clan aint nuttin' to f' wit Kru Tang Clan aint nuttin' to f' wit Kru Tang Clan aint nuttin' to f' wit
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