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  1. Not giving up on Casey. He's got too much skill. He just needs to mature and become the pro we expected when he was drafted. Let E Staal mentor him. I think this could be the year he takes a big step in maturity. Ink, love the Halo tea bag reference. It made me laugh out loud.
  2. Does anyone know if these will be available on the NHL app for us subscribers?
  3. Not surprised, it's all about slowing the number of new cases. Our society is in for big changes over the next 30-60 days. Be safe SS'ers, especially you old tigers.
  4. I think this team is already infected ?
  5. The joker would appreciate this season... you know when things are uncomfortable and awkward and not going to plan.
  6. Yeah, there are definitely a couple of boobs on this board that can put a smile on my face. Wink wink.
  7. Mutt Wynn! I know nothing about Vegas. I just hope they play like they did in Colorado. Hard and honest effort.
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