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  1. You won't get a big piece in return from a team making a run. It will be prospects and draft capital. Fine if we're in for the long rebuild... which we're already in so who the heck cares
  2. Which scythe is jack? Darth Vertebrate?
  3. I think I'll be drinking myself tonight. Do we even trust Eichel to put in the work to be a top tier hockey player to get his trade value up? I suspect he just goes through the motions until he's worth a bag of used pucks. Meanwhile McDavid hits 100 pts and Matthews pots 40 goals in a shortened season. WTF is wrong with this organization.
  4. I think it’s time for KO to hang em up. He’s got to think about his future health
  5. That is a deflating goal for the Rags. 4-9-23 coming out party in the 2nd. Show em your big hairy pucks boys! GO SABRES!
  6. I've been impressed with the play of the grinders. Cozens does not look out of place in the NHL. 4-9-23 with a big game tonight. LET'S GO SABRES!
  7. Is there an authoritarian coach available? These guys need someone to light a fire and hold people accountable. I also cannot believe Steve Smith is still employed by this organization. He is responsible for PK but what about PP?
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