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  1. This is great news. Is this the first head coach extension during the Pegula era?
  2. They played the OK Blue Jays song for the seventh inning stretch of the Toronto-Miami game in Buffalo. 2020, still keeping it weird.
  3. Interesting to read Mike Harrington’s story about the ‘Battle of the Lakes’ exhibition at War Memorial in ‘87. Great time to be a baseball fan in WNY. Ton of Braves, Blue Jays, Yankees and Mets games were on TV. Bisons games during the last days at the Rock Pile and the first years at Pilot Field were a blast. And a Major League Baseball team in town seemed like a very real possibility.
  4. Sounds like Nationals want no part in traveling to Miami. Pause to the season seems a given with cancellation not far behind. If a professional sports league cannot succeed, how do college sports succeed? Perhaps high school sports will work because avarice won’t drive the conversation.
  5. Ha! Parents still live in WNY, and I detest Pats and Bruins. Does that re-qualify me?
  6. I would venture that several members of this board currently live out of 716. That shouldn’t preclude commentary on the benefits of MLB games in Buffalo. Without question, the value appears to be diminishing. Indeed, the issue may be moot within a week. Nevertheless, current state of residence shouldn’t be a disqualifier to engaging in discussion concerning the merits. And I say that as a Boston resident who quivers at the thought of a mass influx of college students within the month.
  7. Sabres appear to whiff on Dudley, and the Devils hire a heck of coach in Ruff. Better days...? I think not.
  8. How is this team such a mess? There has to be some kind of management restructuring in the offseason, right? How do you go into next season with the same front office? Only so many times you can blame the coach.
  9. It is perhaps trite, but I am thankful there are others along for the ride. Unfortunately, tonight’s feeling is all too familiar. But, just like Charlie Brown, many of us will be right back in there in September. “Fight on, my men,” Sir Andrew [and Marv] said.
  10. What looked certain to be an absolute cluster of a clunker turned into a terrific game to attend. From 314, Conor Sheary looked like he was busting his tail all night. If they start to play 60 minutes like the last 21:10 minutes tonight, I’ll feel like they still care.
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