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  1. LawnWranglers

    GDT: Penguins @ Sabres 3-1-19 @7PM

    A great game to watch in person. End to end action, terrific goaltending, some elite level play from the captain, and a comeback win. Bottle this, and we might have a reason to watch going forward.
  2. LawnWranglers

    GDT.... Sabres vs B.Bruins 5pm ET Dec.16, 2018

    First game at TD Garden in several years. Jack was simply terrific. All over the ice the entire game. Nice to see so many Sabres sweaters on the way out of the building.
  3. LawnWranglers

    GDT: Arizona Coyotes @ Buffalo Sabres 12/13/18 7:00 MSG

    First time poster, long time admirer. Two out of the next three would be a huge boost. Win tonight and a split over the weekend road trip goes a long way towards erasing the recent rough patch. Let’s go, Buffalo!