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  1. Sassy Hutton swatting away Perreault's follow-up attempt was awesome
  2. Ah, the ol’ phone on top of toilet paper holder? I’ve done that two or three times. But (butt?) luckily I’ve always realized quickly and retrieved it. I had never lost my wallet until last month. It just slid out of my pocket on a return flight, probably when I slouched down to try and catch some sleep. I realized as I was halfway out the “no rentry” area of the airport, and the TSA guy let me go back. Fortunately the gate agent was able to find it for me. Normally this wouldn’t be a big deal. I keep my credit cards and license in my phone case (highly recommend Speck cases, fwiw). And I carry $0-$20 cash at any time. My wallet mostly has half-used gift cards, old student ID, some coupons. Except this time, it was stuffed with the cash that my wife won in Vegas. We made a quick stop at MGM before our flight. So, that woulda sucked to lose.
  3. I’ll root for an OT game so, bare minimum, you get a birthday point 😄
  4. I hope he starts getting some good looks and this corrects itself. He seems to be staying out of the dirty areas because Skinner and Pommers have been so lethal in tight. Can’t argue with the overall team results, but I’d love to see Jack on the board! Mostly because: I don't want want to change my name to to EichLobFromThePoint
  5. I haven’t fact checked this. But it passes the eye test 👀
  6. That’s what I’m saying! The Sabres have averaged 62.5 points/year over the last 6 years. Sixty two point five ☹️ A 115 point pace over an extended period is worth noting. Fire (emoji) away, PSE social media department.
  7. Swore it was you! I was walking in the other direction and looking for someone. Should have said hi anyways. I was also in an a Eichel winter classic, and sat in 315.
  8. @Wyldnwoody44 were you at this game? I saw a man with majestic flow that matched the photos you have posted 😁
  9. My guess: she’s using them to pick up her dog’s poop 💩
  10. I had an English professor at UB that always talked **** about Tops but complimented Wegmans because of the fewer/less distinction. 😁 (I miss Wegmans)
  11. It’s fairly loud! They fire it once during pre-game ceremonies, and I think that one really gets the unsuspecting fan.. Even if you’re anticipating it after a goal, you aren’t ready for it before the game even starts. My wife jumps every time 🤣
  12. I take it you’re not a fan of express lines at the grocery store...
  13. 8 out of 9 goals were scored on my end of the ice. I guess I should have trusted the pattern and wandered to the other side of the arena for OT.
  14. I own one Kings shirt because my company HQ are in LA and they’ve taken me to a game at Staples. I woke up this morning and it was on top of my pile. Without thinking, I put it on. Then I realized what I had done and changed. I think it played a part in the outcome.
  15. This is the first game since 2003 that I have ignored. I’m on vacation and decided that I had some memories to make, the likes of which the Bills just haven’t provided in the past 15 years. My day was planned around the game and I had the Sunday Ticket set up and everything, but shut her down. I regret nothing 😜
  16. Keep it up! Totally random but related question- do you abstain from smoking during fasting hours of Ramadan? I feel like I’ve heard it go both ways, and Google is indecisive on the matter. If yes, I imagine that could be very tough, but could also help prepare you for this 🙂
  17. And I guess I missed this earlier in 2014: 11/28: Sabres beat Habs 11/29: Sabres beat Habs again in a SO, this time in Montreal 11/30: Bills beat Browns at home 12/2: Sabres beat TB in a SO wow we actually used to win shootouts!
  18. Here's another run in 2014: 12/9: Sabres beat LA 12/11: Sabres beat Calgary 12/13: Sabres beat Florida 12/14: Bills beat Green Bay 12/15: Sabres beat Ottawa Enroth won all four games Bills held Rodgers without a TD and picked him off twice
  19. They combined to do the same thing in 2016. But not all three games were in Buffalo. 11/19: Sabres beat the Penguins 2-1 in a SO at home 11/20: Bills beat the Bengals 16-12 on the road 11/21: Sabres beat the Flames 4-2 at home In 2015 they had a nice run. What a time to be alive 🙂 11/7: Sabres beat Vancouver 11/8: Bills beat Miami 11/10: Sabres beat Florida 11/12: Sabres beat Tampa 11/12: Bills beat Jets on Thursday night football I think I flip-flopped the Florida/TB games there. Oops
  20. We ought to let Shady run some actual routes. Split him out wide and get him downfield. Allen needs an NFL-caliber target and Shady needs touches..
  21. Tough day for the Rangers. They blew a 2-0 lead, then a 3-2 lead, then a 4-3 lead, then a 5-4 lead... and ultimately lost 8-5 to Carolina.
  22. Only 1 sack for 3 yards.. that’s encouraging, even if it’s a product of the run-heavy play calling.
  23. Oh yeah. Reinhart from Eichel and Dahlin is something you better get used to 😄
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