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  1. You just proved your first point. 'Buffalo loves to run people out' = crap.
  2. That's what he / she said ... @Wilbur sighting !!
  3. So, in other words, you have no opinion on this guy, eh?
  4. Your hot takes, which were never very warm really, are ice cold now. What @inkman said.
  5. I understand that. My opinion is that you made your main point very clearly and very goodly (😎) and you didn't need the last sentence, which is hearsay at best.
  6. Today is the big day. We should have a pretty good idea what's happening by midnight (NS time). This is gonna be a close one, if we trust the polls. I have a bad feeling about this one. On the one hand I an sick and tired of Trudeau, but am not very comfortable with the other guy. If enough voters in Quebec vote for the Bloc at the expense of the Liberals and if enough voters in the suburban Greater Satan Area turn their backs on Trudeau the other guy will win. If enough votes change in Ontario and Atlantic Canada the other guy will win in a landslide and it really will be the end of Trudeau, as he would never want to be opposition leader after being PM. I want Trudeau gone, but I don't want that other guy in either. Only Mr. Singh can save us now.
  7. Great news and great photo. Next time stick your thumb in it for perspective, eh. I'm guessing 6.5 inches.
  8. I agree with everything in this post. Except the completely unfounded and unneeded last sentence. If you care to edit that out I will delete this post.
  9. 35 - 0 Bottom line. I don't care if JA sat sulking and sucked his thumb all afternoon, just like John does.
  10. Fair enough. Your delivery was, shall I say, suspect. I agree on any other team this guy is a JAG, but on this Sabre team this guy is something. I don't expect much either, but he definately has a role to play on this Sabre team. I think it's an important role this year. I think he will play his part well. So, in that sense I expect a lot from him. It's just a matter of perspective.
  11. He will contribute a handful of minutes (about 10, or so) each game on the 4th line. He has a role to play as a hard to play against guy who will stand up for his teammates. It's an important role on this Sabre team. Therefore, voted option #1. Speaking of which ... make sure you do today if you have not done so yet. And if you have already vote again.
  12. I'd say bottom 2, who could move up a bit in an injury pinch.
  13. @MODO Hockey is a good guy and has been through a lot. His mom died of cancer pretty recently. He loved Linus and has followed him his whole career. He became a Sabre fan because Linus was a Sabre. He travelled from Sweden to Buffalo and Rochester and is an all round great guy. He wore his heart on his sleve and the departure of Linus was just the final straw that broke him and he likely not only left this message board, but probably the Sabres fandom as well. It's not a big deal that he left the board really, but he was a good contributer here and will be missed. I don't think we should be making light of it.
  14. He is jittery. I blame the extension. He is trying to justify it already. He just needs to settle down and he will. He'll be fine and in top form long before playoff time. I expect the Bills to win the division and maybe the conference. They need to host the AFC CCG.
  15. @Thorny gave it to us, but he denounced it soon after. I and some others refused to give up the new fangled tradition and here we are. Long live John!!
  16. Samson's Flow sighting ... what's it gonna be now Flow? I stongly suggest nothing about John. Who knows what's up with that and his hair would not flow anyway.
  17. Great win. Josh was average passing. Not bad, not good. Singletary and Josh ran the ball well. The D all were studs. Good teams win these types of games when they are not playing really well in certain areas. Other aspects pick it up. The Bills are a very good and well rounded team. That's the key. They are not Josh and a bunch of nobodies.
  18. Jays win!! Red Sox win. Yankees lose (well, top of 9 and trail 10 - 1). Good day for the Jays. Would have liked the Sox to lose, but it's okay. Jays have 2 games in hand on the Sox. 1, I think on the Yankees. Jays solidify their position in the second WC today.
  19. 5 - 3 now in the 7th. Cleveland helping out nicely and the O's are trying their best. MUST WIN!! GO JAYS!!
  20. And you call yourself a drunk Irish one.
  21. That's another good point. The Bills D is so good that it can and will help offset any bad outing by Josh. or the running game. I don't think it will withstand the preasure of a completely off day by the whole offense. That would be a lot to ask of any defense.
  22. I don't need to see the stats, but I bet they will show that you sre right. It certainly appears that is what's happening by the eye test.
  23. Allan not having a great passing game, but they are finding a way to likely win this one. Good running game from Singletary. Good teams know how to win when a certain aspect of the game is not working well on a given Sunday. So far, so good in this one. MUST WIN!! GO BILLS!!
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