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    Retired Coast Guard and retired hockey referee. Play this game 2-3x weekly, and watch every Sabres game available on DirecTV. My wife and I have THREE pugs. I'm also a professional uncle no kids (PUNK). Nephew Ryan Kuhn plays on Buffalo Jr. Sabres and has D1 committment to Niagara in '15.
  1. Set up a VPN between your house and your parents' house. Make your parents' house your gateway. Boom, you're "In Buffalo." Will cost you some equipment on each end, and perhaps will need higher speeds on each ISP account, but it would work. Would probably be cheaper and less hassle to get IPTV, Area 51 perhaps, to have EVERYTHING. The only thing I don't like is there is not yet a DVR for IPTV that you can set ahead of time. (That I know of).
  2. You forgot to mention that other thing we do in our parents' basements ...
  3. I always knew Skinner was a good goal scored, but only watched him when he played against the Sabres. Having watched him for 9 games now, I am very impressed with his grit, determination, puck handling, and especially his skating. He has wowed me may times already in this young season. You don't let players like this leave your organization. Okposo is too slow for the NHL anymore. He's a boat anchor hanging around JBOT's neck.
  4. All the facial damage was done because he was completely unconscious when he went down. His face hit the ice. This HAS to be suspension-worthy. This is NOT the first time Hartnell has done this to a Sabre. He did it when he was on the Blue Jackets in a game against Buffalo. I can't remember when or who the Sabre was, but I do remember a similar hit.
  5. I'll admit I was expecting them to get run out of the barn in Nashville. It started to look that way at 2-1 and 3-1, but give 'em credit, they stuck with it. Great win, boys. Where has this been all year?
  6. And what he's writing with that pen unlocks $2,700,000.00 or thereabouts. I'd be smiling like a baby, too!
  7. Larsson sucks, so ... yeah to this ^
  8. Commitment to defense, bigger goalies and bigger goalie equipment. The butterfly and shot blocking by all players makes it nearly impossible to score these days. Gretzky would come nowhere close to what he did in today's NHL, but he'd still be a top player in the league.
  9. I'm not sure Jack gives a flip about what Adam Mair thinks of his skating technique.
  10. Do you not think he does all that stuff? There's no amount of strength and conditioning that would have saved his leg on a play where he was braced for a hit, then a stick went under his right skate and the defender barreled into him right next to the boards. Certainly not a dirty play, just an unfortunate accident.
  11. The best college football announcer of our generation. He was already missed after he retired. Rest in peace, Sir. Whoa Nelly to you!
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