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    Retired Coast Guard and retired hockey referee. Play this game 2-3x weekly, and watch every Sabres game available on DirecTV. My wife and I have THREE pugs. I'm also a professional uncle no kids (PUNK). Nephew Ryan Kuhn plays on Buffalo Jr. Sabres and has D1 committment to Niagara in '15.

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  1. I've said it many times. He's awful out there. He may win some face-offs, but he immediately loses possession and they get hemmed in their zone for a few minutes. He's brutal, and he's got to go.
  2. Some good has come of this season: We've found out that: 1. Reinhart is a very good center. 2. Mittelstadt is a bonafide NHL player 3. Dahlin needs to be set free to do as he will. 4. No worse than the 2nd overall pick. 5. We got rid of the worst coach and system in the NHL. 6. Our young D can be very solid over the next several years. Bryson, Borgen and Samuelsson. 7. Dylan Cozens will be great for this franchise. 8. The Michael Houser Story - and NHL Network made for TV movie. 9. Anders Bjork looks very good on the Reinhart line.
  3. Eakin is my new whipping boy. He is completely useless out there and he's on the ice at the end of every period, it seems. WHY? Every time they get hemmed in, Eakin is on the ice. I know we're short of players, but stop putting him out there against the other teams' top lines, especially at home. That's the only complaint I have so far regarding DG's coaching.
  4. When I watch Cozens, it feels as if I'm watching a young Jonathan Toews. The kid is fast, skilled, tough, and gritty. What's not to like?
  5. I'm thinking Irwin was executing a cross-corner dump-in, but instead he executed Okposo's ear. Poor fricken guy.
  6. Krueger is GREAT! Only because he brought us our future offensive-minded coach, Don Granato. I love what I'm watching, and hopefully Eichel does, too.
  7. He's at the top of the list for most useless Sabres this year. Good Lord he's horrible, and Ralph just HAD to have him on the team. What a joke.
  8. I see what you're saying. If we didn't have so many high dollar/low result players we'd be in better shape. Why is McCabe not on LTIR?
  9. With those noisy stupid T-Blades on his skates ...
  10. Let us see if it is going to be sustainable ... PerreaultForever is correct. Gold star.
  11. Well the previous 22 coaches (do I kid?) have determined him to be a right wing. We already have our 2C and our 3C on this team - Sam and Dylan - respectively.
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