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  1. With all the things in the world to be pissed about I just realized that I no longer need the Sabres for my fill of aggravating content.
  2. I recall a game where Sutton threw several ill-advised passes through the middle of the ice, which were easy pickings for the other team. After the 3rd one, the fans groaned, and a voice boomed from behind me, "Hey Kenny! The white jerseys!" For the rest of my life, when his name is mentioned, I will remember this. I also remember the exploding stick blades. He was a super frustrating player.
  3. I want to see their response to a bad 10 game stretch coupled with some injuries. If they can bounce back without falling into previous patterns, like taking the remainder of the season off, I'll buy in some more.
  4. It can't be discussed in the memorial thread so here goes...
  5. On another note, I'll never forget being so tired of watching the news coverage by mid-afternoon, that a buddy and I decided to go golfing. We first tried Beaver Island but all state parks had closed for the day. We ended up playing at Sheridan. It was really nice weather and the course was full of others who likewise needed a break from the insanity.
  6. Agreed. We haven't had the ability to consistently push back against opponents since 07ish. We have not been able match other teams' aggression, talent, desperation, physicality, etc. One of my favorite experiences with prior teams (mostly the ones wearing black goathead jerseys) was watching them escalate effort, intensity, and physicality to produce results. That's toughness to me...and I miss it dearly.
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