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  1. Just a healthy team; they are pretty damn good when the set lineup plays.
  2. Massachusetts born & raised, Sabres fan all my life. 2001-02 my friend bought us tickets for Sabres vs. Bruins, $95 excellent seats. Turned out to be 'Family Day' at the game, a couple and their two youngsters sitting right in front of us. I had a Sabre sweatshirt on, small logo. 2 guys sit down right next to us, each holding 2 beers. Buffalo comes out on the ice, I stand up and cheer/clap. The guy on the other side of my friend leans over her, glares at me, and asks what I am doing. I basically said 'cheering for my team'. I was told, 'you're in BOSTON!' as he almost spilled his beer. The Mom (?) in front of me was stunned. Buffalo was down 3-2 after 2 and we left. I'll never go to another game in Boston again and it's just 1& 15mins away.
  3. What do you call a man with a shovel in his head? An ambulance - it must be something serious. Maybe it was just how 1 of my favorite morning DJ's cracked up, that made me as well.
  4. Bruins playing the SC champs the night before so they'll be too hyped up for that one. Rask will start that one, Halak against us? Who refused to play in Buffalo? I'm begging for a big win in game 1, with Jack w/ 2 points and Dahlin w/ his first NHL point.
  5. One of the best things I've ever had as a kid after playing in the woods/weeds was the F'N Brown Soap, Felsnaptha , yes that's what it is Felsnaptha. It is a brown laundry soap sold in lots of laundry cleaner aisles that, after playing in the weeds, use it and wash off any of the oils/residue from the leaves. I and my girlfriend swear by it to prevent breakout.
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