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  1. Was listening to One Bills Live earlier and they had a guest on (I forget who) and he attributes the poor refereeing to the league’s All Star Ref system which takes the highest graded officials from the regular season to work the post season. He said the none of the refs working the KC/Cinci game had ever worked together before. He said it was ridiculous to have that happen in a conference championship game. But that system is collectively bargained with the ref union and they would have to agree to change it. I agree that it needs to be scrapped as well.
  2. His full no move clause kicked in last July. They’re stuck unless he agrees to leave.
  3. Everything he does on the ice, everything, screams “leader by example.”
  4. Love watching him play. Except against us.
  5. Did you somehow take my post to be a criticism of Cozens?
  6. To be fair, Eichel has only played 38 games. That said, Thompson, Dahlin, Tuch, and Skinner are all over a point a game and Cozens is tied with Eichel at .89 a game.
  7. Each individual O lineman is graded out each week by the coaching staff. There is absolutely no question they were outplayed. But I would bet money that the grades issued by the staff with the full context of the play calls and the individual responsibilities of every player on offense, including RBs, TEs, and WRs, differs from that of anyone in the media, perhaps greatly.
  8. He actually blocked a shot? Puck must have hit him by accident.
  9. I’ll take a 1-1 tie after that type of period. Boys are gonna have to fight thru some fatigue and dig deep to win the 4th in 6.
  10. I think not practicing during this compressed schedule, while great for the everyday players, wouldn’t serve guys like Asplund very well. What does he do to simulate game conditions if not practice?
  11. I wish Donnie hadn't gotten my hope up the other night when he said Dylan was good to go and could have returned to the game had there been more time left in it.
  12. It’s not like Eichel is in it alone and I suspect more than a few of his teammates aren’t happy with Cassidy’s public calling out, either. They may be sending a loud and clear message right back.
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