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  1. They are applying the Sabres 2-man forecheck
  2. The penalty at the end of the period should have been 2 minutes roughing and 2 minutes unsportsmanlike conduct. Should be a 4 minute PP. You can’t just jump a guy like that.
  3. This kind of stuff is where we miss Bogosian
  4. These f’n late period goals are killers
  5. I think I’ve seen Risto and Vlad in front of a mic more this year than all of last year. Nice to hear (earlier) Risto is happy but not satisfied.
  6. Holding our stick? No penalty. Tripping their guy? Penalty.
  7. Always nice to see the Leafs lost again earlier.
  8. Holy mackerel! How many chances?
  9. I thought I heard let’s go Buffalo!
  10. Wow, Tampa 4, Toronto 3....after 1!
  11. I will second both of these opinions. Especially enjoyed Ray scoring on Joseph during the series vs. Leafs. Also the 2005-06 season was so incredibly exciting I could honestly say that even though they didn’t go to the final, I felt like I got the most entertainment value for the money I spent on tickets.
  12. With the Leafs loss, the Sabres are now in first place in the Atlantic. Brings back the good memories of last fall. The Habs have three days rest to our one day for the Wednesday game, and the Panthers have two days off to our one day for the Friday game. Let’s hope the Key Bank Center fans can give the boys the extra energy they might need. I should have my voice back for the Friday game after losing it at the crazy opener!
  13. If there’s a couple fans that I hope were able to enjoy this win, it’s Jeremy White and his wife. I’m sure everyone that has a relationship with the Buffalo community continues to support these two with their thoughts and prayers. Go Sabres and Bills, especially for all those who have to deal with real life emotional hardship.
  14. Sabres app is no more. Replaced by onebuffalo app that is designed for iPhone but not iPad (forced portrait vs. landscape). I enjoyed reading and viewing Sabres app better on iPad. None of this minor nuisance compares to any of your complaints I’ve read above.
  15. When Hyman returns in November, they will be $2.25 over the cap. They now have to do something before that...bottom line is that I hope they choke in the playoffs again this year. Boston always seems to take care of business, but Tampa better be there as a back-up this time if needed. Another first round exit might be the end for Babcock. I can only hope. I wish it was the Sabres that would be their kryptonite but reality is that I hope we get in as a wild card at best.
  16. It’s really weird. I watched both the first two games at home in Niagara Falls on my wifi, but on the road today in St. Catharines it’s blacked out on LTE or a wifi hotspot.
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