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Annual expectations thread 2023/24: #27 Devon Levi


Annual expectations thread 2023/24: #27 Devon Levi  

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  1. 1. Which of these best reflects your expectations for Devon Levi this year?

    • 50-plus NHL games and inclusion in the Calder trophy conversation
    • 40-50 mostly decent NHL games, with his share of ups and downs
    • A season split between the NHL and the AHL

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1 hour ago, Sabres Fan in NS said:

In case yous all don't remember Patrick Roy's rookie year here's a hint - it was 1985/86.

He startred very slowly and didn't seem like much and that he was not quite ready.

By the time the playoffs rolled around he was ready - he won the Conn Smythe and the Stanley Cup.

It’s a lot to ask of a rookie goalie to carry a team but there is a chance. Most here are hoping playoffs but Conn Smythe and the Cup would cement his status as an all time Sabre.

Levi’s stats in the NCAA are way more impressive than Roy’s in the QMJHL.

Roy was a very determined individual with a fiery personality and an air of cockiness. Levi is way more calm but is a very determined and confident person.

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I changed my mind. Levi is going to be in the Calder conversation and could win it. He will see about 45-50 games and other than a December slump, will be exceedingly excellent throughout the season. 

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