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The Tear Down, The Tank, The Recovery. What has gone on here in Buffalo is Completely Unnacceptable.


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4 hours ago, sabremike said:

They weren't tanking for Sam, they were essentially preparing for the draft the following year.  Unfortunately the corrupt and disgusting league went and changed the draft process specifically to punish our team. 

They changed it from a 1-in-4 chance at winning the top pick to a 1-in-5 chance.  Either way, if the plan relied on getting McDavid, the numbers made it a stupid plan.  

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That roster. And they moved Vanek in October 2013 of that season. And Miller and Ott in February 2014 of that season. Leading up to the summer of 2014. Where Reinhart was picked. And they moved key guys and didn’t sign/acquire high end talent to finish the year well. In fact I remember being at games in December thru April of that season, and myself and fans around me were yelling to “lose for Reinhart” as they dropped the puck to begin the game. So full blown tank? No I guess not. But it was 99% of what a tank is.

oh and in March 2013 they moved Leopold. In April of 2013 they moved Pominville and Regehr. In April 2013 Hecht “retired” from the NHL. In June 2013 they moved Sekera. Some players came back in those trades, but nothing “better” than was traded away.

Tanking is not the inability to win games. It’s when management moves good talent out, for lower talent and draft picks. Hence the result then, is losing games and grabbing rock bottom on purpose. Weather some like to admit it or not, the Sabres did begin the tanking process in March of 2013, and by March of 2014, they decimated the talent. On purpose. Leading up to drafting Reinhart. Then of course we all remember (well I guess i shouldn’t assume that) the tanking for McEichel. 

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On 11/27/2019 at 11:44 PM, Scottysabres said:

As the Thread Title states. Enough is enough. Who here has the writing skills? We are a community of the Buffalo Sabres fan base, I say we write an articulated response to this continuous season after season nose dive bull *****. I for one am very beyond tired of ownership and management preaching patience in the soup line while serving up crap cubes in water as the soup.

All should have input in this community, post it here. Someone amongst us should then write it up and have it read aloud, directly addressing ownership and management on WGR, on channels 2, 4 and 7, on the Instigators, until it is heard and responded to by aforementioned ownership and management. I can't stand this team, they suck freaking donkey balls.

Who's with me?

Post up what you'd like to see in such an address here, and please, we have plenty of really talented orators on this sight, someone volunteer to put it together for distribution to the media.

What say you all? 

A. Good luck getting the opportunity to read a letter on the radio or on tv.

B. The ownership doesn't care what we think or have to say.

C. Anything we say or do won't have any impact on what happens with the team...including the employment of the GM and Head Coach.

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It’s all about character... and culture... Starts at the top with ownership... who is hired as GM... who is hired as Coach...  who is drafted... who is traded away... and who is signed to join the group... The Buffalo Sabres fail on several levels as a professional hockey franchise... Won’t get fixed without a big change in character... and culture...

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