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  1. those pull ups were more important than many people think
  2. yep...he got the most out of what he knew was a problem
  3. ok--that is reasonable... re: over the hill free agents---i am talking slightly OTH--and of a certain type--the tougher guys
  4. gee its not all on phil housley i guess
  5. yeah getting veterans who know how to win is such a silly idea ok true
  6. they tricked me again. this season's winning streak was a real one not a phony one like last yrs. BUT-its just as phoney.
  7. it is kinda interesting though that edmonton is not a properly built team either. Watch them fade like crazy. Only difference between them and us is McDavid's talent advantage over Eichel. Other than that we basically have the same team.
  8. It would be insanity to pay big money for Reinhart(who is a good player). If he were a tough guy and a disruptor and menace out there PLUS puts up his 50-60 points then yeah. Sabres are soft soft soft...and they will not be a dominant team until they get more tough 2 way players. They are not naturally tough.They can act like it for certain stretches...But as we are presently seeing..it never lasts. And how about a big name free agent? A winner with experience who may even be 'slightly' over the hill?? This team is not working on the right formula.And I think this new coach will be able to see that this group cant play intense hockey every game .We dont have the type of players who will do that. Peca,Luce,Ramsay..where are you??
  9. not literally...just the playing style/. peca was a big man
  10. according to people on here--many of them----this is a new league now with better players.one guy said that McDavid is better than Gretzky was. I nearly choked from laughter. If we want to play a skill/speed game we better have great skill on the team.We dont. Not in any quantity. Therefore----you are correct that we need to be very tough like Korab and Schoenfeld and peca...-And we have no one that tough.
  11. Briere was the most talented of those 3 and magic in the playoffs.Peca was an enforcer type at a scrawny 180.Drury was solid and great in the playoffs. I would say that they are in the 20-35 range. a solid 2nd. i think lindy is still in shock from #1
  12. naaah....bills were good in 98 and 99....so if u were 10 then you are only 30 now. now if you are talking 'great ' then you are at least 40. If you remember 64 and 65 then you are OLLLLDDDDD
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