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  1. yep true with the sexu unis/… But really only tennis is the moneymaker. the Olympics are a short run. And tennis isn't a team sport. So really all womens team sports are non money makers. Not saying its fair...but its reality.
  2. womens team sports(professional).......thats a tough sell. There is tennis......and tennis....and tennis because that is a beautiful sport that is enhanced by the extended volleys and grace of the womens game. College bball can be enjoyable..But as far as actually making money on the professional level that is very limited.
  3. I predict a trade with the Blues
  4. in the usa there IS capital gains exemption on primary residence...250k for single 500k for married couple
  5. study it well before making the move...if you do it right it could be blissfull...if not you could be making 200k a year and barely able to pay your bills and be stuck in traffic half your life.
  6. beautiful country down there........i somehow ended up in wackadoo california
  7. lotta buffalonians and other northerners down there
  8. carolina looked better the whole game..altho it was close
  9. a fraud cuz his team lost a 7 game series to a great team. its just a game u psycho fans
  10. woww what a game...a TOUGH team bounces back..unlike the sabres
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