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  1. one good year in the last 20 and the bills are the shining example of how to run a franchise?
  2. God only knows if there were others...Those who had a torn up knee at age 12 instead of age 27.
  3. re-sign 3 replace 15
  4. if we suck so bad why do we want to re-sign all these guys? thats 18 guys on a lousy team that you want back?? yeah its time to celebrate
  5. I see no comparison to Bobby Orr
  6. wow. i dont follow the sabres closely but it is obvious they dont have the talent level to be an above .500 team. So its either the GMs fault or Pegulas fault or a combo. bad owners are amazingly consistent. guys like ralph wilson at least had a couple of decent eras before he dumped the people responsible for the success.
  7. good point..gotta give him time. but the team still sucks
  8. i dont think edmontons gm is competent. they wont even make the playoffs with the best player in hockey
  9. reinhardt is soft...skinner is above average.. any core featuring reinhardt and skinner isnt that good. our core is eichel and dahlin---and half that core is not even a very good defenseman at this point
  10. most of those players are just not that good. Yeah its not bare...but the quality is low.
  11. the sabres used to be the raves or steelers of the nhl. for 40 yrs
  12. Eichel stays.....time to clear out the rest of the team.....should only take 2-3 seasons;)
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