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  1. At some point I want to see Muel and Power on the same defensive pairing so we can call the the Twin Towers.
  2. I think all three players have good passing ability and Tommer and Olofsson are okay defensively. Because Eakin couldn't play against TO and he was back against StL.
  3. Right, but this year doesn't count if he signs after the season is done.
  4. I also think there is some chemistry between Tuch and Krebs. I think the biggest thing missing from Mittsy's line lately is that unstoppable force tilting the ice toward the opponents' goal; that's kind of what Tuch provides.
  5. I think that sums up nicely how I saw the game too. Sometimes the Hockey Gods frown upon you. It doesn't mean you played a bad game, just that you didn't get the puck luck. Play them again tonight I think it's just as likely the Sabres win.
  6. So he's Tuch, Jr.? Tuch seems to drive offense too, even if he's not scoring goals himself. I kind of like the variation of skills in the forwards right now. You don't want everyone trying to be a top scorer, you need role players too.
  7. The shuffling to me looks like it's more about refreshing things, trying to find some new chemistry than a promotion/demotion scenario, imo. The defense vexes me though: Why is Butcher playing with Fitz? Unless the feeling is that Muel will be back next game...
  8. He could be keeping his options open... maybe not worried about burning an ELC year.
  9. When Butcher hit the post it was a sign of where the Hockey Gods' favor lies tonight.
  10. That came in late enough I thought maybe there was 5th.
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