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  1. Well the mantra is "earn it" right, so you can't build a culture if you don't follow your own mantra. As such if a rookie plays better than a veteran he gets the spot. Has to work that way if that's your mantra. We will have injuries. There are always injuries. If the team has true depth there will be a rookie waiting for every position in the line up. He comes up and plays well enough he stays and Jost or whoever might become the next Vinnie. That's how it goes. It shouldn't be easy for a rookie to the make the line up. It should be really hard and they should have to work exceptionally hard to earn a spot and if they go up and down to the AHL so what? There's still plenty of room on this roster. The team is far from that good yet.
  2. To be fair, there aren't many mostly white uniforms that I like for any team.
  3. maybe, but what I was looking at more was a psychological effect. A re-branding if you like. In line with what the players say they like themselves.
  4. I'm not a medical expert but I do know that if you get a cross check on the side just around the waistline or bottom of the rib cage it hurts like hell, bruises deep and things can tighten up for weeks in response as it heals. Physio and rest and he will be fine. Back in the day I do remember having one win at any cost coach that actually wanted us to take cross checks in that area and towards the kidneys of opposing players. I'm sure some players still do that sort of thing even if it is a different kinder and gentler era.
  5. Management should pay attention to this. I can see how they would like them. Especially the younger guys. First, for the longer term players it's a break from what they've been wearing during the losing years. Puts emphasis on the new era idea (even if it is actually retro). Second, the red black and white with the goat head has a ferocity about it. It kind of implies we won't just duel with you we will run right over you to get to where we want. They're just tougher looking. mean even.
  6. Ya, I hate their tighty whities.
  7. Just to nitpick a little, it's Cozens, not Cousins. 🙂 The young guys will get bigger. They're young.
  8. There's not much to say. It was entertaining for the most part. It wasn't a blow out despite the score. BUT, it also shows you that there is a large gulf between where we are and where the real cup contenders are. I suppose it's probable that Carolina is what we want to be, but I'd say even at best results (drafts, trades, signings, coaching etc), we are about 6 players and 3 years away from that level. That's pretty good progress though as last year we looked about a decade away imo.
  9. We only win this game if we have amazing goaltending. Both teams are fast, both can score, but they are more tenacious, more experienced, play better team defense and are much better in front of the net (both ways). We are however, good enough lately that if they are not at their best and we are we could make it close or pull an upset.
  10. Allstar games have always been BS and are still BS. Dahlin isn't the only one who should be in it but isn't. It doesn't matter though.
  11. I said it doesn't matter. The sentiment is what matters. I also like the "Earn It" thing referenced in the top quoted article here on the site. I stick with what I said. I think this means Dahlin will sign a big/long extension and will be named captain for next season.
  12. A lot of guys on that team are simply fast and fluid skaters. They exert less effort and energy maintaining high speed compared to some other teams/players. We have some guys like that too.
  13. It doesn't matter, but I don't think he actually wrote that. The english is too fluid and smooth but again, it doesn't matter. It's a nice letter. I wonder if this is a prelude to him being signed to a long term extension and then being named captain next season.
  14. All 3 of those guys did AHL time first though. It's an important step imo.
  15. Lindholm and Ullmark have been extremely good for the bruins and they have ridden that to their early success. They are really missing DeBrusk and Taylor Hall has reverted to the Taylor Hall we saw here so they were scoring on 3 lines early, but now it's all about Pasternak and the usual old guard again which is making them more ordinary and they definitely have cracks.
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