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  1. Agreed, with the added hope that the player has significant leadership experience with a perennial playoff team and can show Jack what it takes to be a captain.
  2. I like the idea you've offered here Neo. How about a step further and think about a complete player and how many points he will have over the 8 years? Where are you drawing the line at that would make you happy that his production is equal to or greater than the contract? 400 points, 450 points, 500 points, 550, 600? If Skinner gives us 500 points over the life of this contract ( I think this is achievable, especially as the team improves over the the next few years that he is in his prime) I would be okay with that, but absolutely expect more from him. Production greater than the value of his contract is the 600 point range for me. I hope he reaches that lofty level by the end of year 6!
  3. This. It's not so much about Sam being able to play C, it's more about his wingers and someone always taking defensive responsibility if Sam gets caught below the goal line.
  4. Most teams are going to have their boards set by now, with only a significant medical issue found at the combine having a big impact. That said, they are also stratified into much tighter layers than what the armchair scouts and GMs see. Liger's group of 5-6 second tier prospects are going to be dissected into layers 2a, 2b, 2c, 2d ... by the teams. The top 100 kids have had every aspect of their game and their lives looked at by every team. The difference between player 2a and 2d can be huge in the eyes of a GM. Those same two players are seen as interchangeable to those of us on the outside.
  5. Everything Brawndo and North have posted here is spot on. You've gotten good advice and information. A bothersome problem with many options for treatment, or no treatment as the individual patient commands. My best wishes for a good result.
  6. I don't have any idea who Tyler Randell is..... but we need someone like him on the Sabres. Veteran leader who takes time with the young guys to show them what they need to know, and to be professional hockey players. In my mind the more important piece of the puzzle that was missing this past season was the lack of leadership from the players themselves. Eichel may be captain, but I didn't see it from him. Give me Tyler Randell, or his NHL level equivalent. That is the missing link that the Sabres need most. Didn't mean to steal the thread. I hope Borgen shows up bigger, stronger and ready to play next fall. If his skills improve to match his attitude, we've got a nice player for the next 10 years.
  7. In December it was inconceivable. In January it was remotely possible. In February it was plausible. In March it was beyond conceivable. In April it is to the point where their firing PH is almost (>95%) a given. There is no argument, that I am aware of, that can be made in his defense. Sad, but true. Earlier this season I would have never thought it possible as I viewed this year as the last year of the rebuild and Phil would be here next season with a competitive team. Can't say that now. Not even close.
  8. Denver and UMass have tickets for Buffalo. Other side of the bracket will be known tomorrow. DU goaltending is hot. UMass scoring is hot. Should be a good game.
  9. Kona. Several Hilton and Marriott time-share condo locations in the area. Agree to do the "tour" and get your lodging for a greatly reduced price. It's about $100/night for the each additional bedroom. That way you can save $$$ by not eating out for every meal, although there are some local places that are reasonably priced. Costco on the north side of Kona. Stock up there for whatever you need. Also a Walmart and Safeway in town. Tons of stuff to do. Make sure you spend at least a couple days just relaxing by the pool.
  10. Agreed. We've seen more than flashes. Overall, I doubt there is anyone that visits this board who is not disappointed with the results of this season. There are many unanswered questions at this point. The next 6 months will tell us if JBot has what it takes to be a long term, successful GM.
  11. Better than last year and we've seen some flashes of what they could potentially become. That sums it up for this year.
  12. Spot on. Although I would like to see something happen to improve the team now, it's much more likely to happen around the draft.
  13. Something should happen, but I have doubts that any major moves will take place. This team as it consists today is not built for the regular season, much less to playoffs. Still a long way to go and the need to add players with some backbone.
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