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  1. I'm hearing conflicting reports the arena store is sold out Adidas 50th jerseys. I know a couple local stores have them and quantities online are slim at NHL shop, cool hockey and ice jerseys. Anyone go to the game last night and can clarify?
  2. Later is always better, but the NJ TPK is hit or miss, ya never know. I never bothered with 84 because once you clear Stanford it's fine. I just drove the NE extension last week mid-day and even with construction zones it was fine. I once made it from Canton Ma to the Philly Airport in under 5 hours going 95/GWB from 7am to noon on a weekday. Rare day with zero issues.
  3. I used go drive Boston to Philly often and would take 95 North to the Palisades and then the Tappan Zee back to 95 then to 495 north to Marlborough. Waze is great for speed traps and traffic, definitely use it. I've not gotten tickets becuz of it.
  4. TheI Indo-Edge was Reeboks retail authentic made in Indonesia, not Canada , starting in 2011. They had the lime green neck tape on the inside.
  5. Just business 101. curious if the 2400 is total across all accounts or just the SS. My guess is all accounts.
  6. plenty here: https://shop.nhl.com/buffalo-sabres/mens-buffalo-sabres-adidas-white-50th-season-authentic-jersey/t-36376108+p-3628723951270+z-9-55798571?_ref=p-DLP:m-GRID:i-r0c0:po-0
  7. Yes, It's the Authentic jersey. Buy that and have the Sabres Store customize. A true pro weight jersey are the made in canada jerseys the players wear, those are not sold at retail.
  8. False, that's not how things work. If they run out, then that's on the Sabres Store for not buying enough of them. A company would never withhold product if they have extra inventory. They only make as many jerseys as they have orders for from all their accounts. If the Sabres Store only ordered 100 jerseys, then that's all they get. The buyer for the Sabres Store may have under estimated the response and demand to the 50th. It's been the same guy running it forever, so you'd think he'd know by now that these things blow out.
  9. https://imgur.com/XVn9Hmv Not mine but others have posted. This is a chinese knockoff.
  10. they don't have a website but the OneBuffalo website acts as their online retail, kinda weird since most people don't make this connection. They need to do a better job of communicating this or simplifying it for people, it's not rocket surgery. https://shoponebuffalo.com/?utm_source=onebuffalo&utm_medium=web&utm_content=homepage&utm_campaign=shoponebuffalo
  11. Agreed. The royal doesn't have enough contrast and would wash it all out.
  12. On April 6 2003, the Sabres wore the classic blue/gold against the Devils in the final home game of the season. The players were not aware of it until they came back into the dressing room after warm ups. So when they skated back out wearing the jersey and socks the place erupted.
  13. That has to be one of the laziest sites I’ve ever seen. Logos are crooked or off centered. When they put them on hoodies they don’t even bother masking off the laces, they just plunk it overtop. Lazy design work and dont get me started on the kids “designing” things. SMH If you want to run a top notch organization, then everything needs to be attended too across the board. No matter how small, attention to detail. This a good example of mediocrity wins, “it’s good enough” mentality.
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