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  1. They're dead, it was a one and done jersey for the 50th season. It was confirmed during the Return To Royal week.
  2. Okay Capt. Sarcasm - then you should realize that it's fine for them to use red and not blue just because of the name. You may not like how it looks but there's nothing unironic about it.
  3. True. One caveat is that the Kings did not use sublimation for the "Los Angeles" on the hem, so for that the Sabres get half a point.
  4. Middle of the pack for me. Sabres (of course), Avs, Preds, Lightning, Panthers, Kings and Whalicanes are my tops.
  5. The Blues are not named after the color. A team name doesn't and should't dictate what color they should wear, not everything needs to be literal. The city flag of St. Louis is red, so this makes perfect sense.
  6. https://www.coolhockey.com/us/buffalo-sabres-adidas-authentic-50th-third-alternate-nhl-hockey-jersey.html
  7. Usually curled into the fetal position hoping for an end to the suffering
  8. That’s exactly what it says, because it’s true. The nhl has a say up to point. They can’t stop a team from wearing a specific color if they want to, just as they can’t force a team into wearing something they don’t want to. That’s how things work.
  9. Pink, purple, lime green, whatever... the fact still stands that if a team wants to do a third, vintage, anniversary or specialty jersey not in a "team color" they would be allowed. There are NO rules for color.
  10. Why do you think it would be not allowed? Because it’s pink or because it’s not in the teams color palette? If a team has a valid reason, story and purpose for doing that, the NHL will support it. And ultimately teams can do what they want, the NHL can’t tell them no you can’t wear pink (or whatever color it might be).
  11. And you know this how? IF the Blackhawks designed a third jersey that was pink, they would absolutely be able to wear it.
  12. There are no “loopholes” because there are no rules that a team can’t use a color that isn’t in their palette. The Islanders first use of black third jersey was literally just black for black sake. There was no reason for it. Their second black jersey, black and white one was because they moved to Barclays Center and they did a Brooklyn inspired/nets jersey. It has nothing to do with the NHL shield colors. Same goes for the Panthers using powder blue, it did not come from the European patch. There’s no way a team can have a jersey ready that quick because of a patch they wore in the first gam
  13. This isn't something that you're going to find online or in the board of governor bylaws, it just is what it is. They are unwritten "rules" but nonetheless, the guidelines by the league dictates the usage of thirds, and specialty jerseys. As far as I've ever know, there has never been a "rule" about colors having to be something in a teams current color palette. I think it's a misconception they couldn't because teams just always defaulted to the unused color in their palette for thirds. Red or gold for Sabres, Black for Philly, Red for Wild, Orange for Ducks etc... That's correct abou
  14. That is incorrect. There are no color rules that apply to the third jersey or throwback programs. If the Canucks wanted to wear the black skate as 3rd jersey, they can. A third jersey has a three year 15 games a year commitment. A throwback or anniversary jersey is a one year commitment with number of games ranging from 1-? Depending on what the team negotiates with the league.
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