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  1. These are the two royals, WC2018 on the left. 90's game jersey on the right. Either would be fine.
  2. That's not what the article states: A: I’m glad you asked because there has been a lot said about it. The truth is Mike Robitaille has had that jersey for a long time and he’s worn it out multiple times. In fact, he got it before, knew it was misspelled and likes to wear it. He showed up that day and put it on. It wasn’t something we gave him that night, but he wore it. In terms of Dave Andreychuk, that was '80s Night and that jersey we did give him. There is a positive and negative to that. The negative is the jersey was misspelled. The positive is the error was caught in the hallway before he went on the ice. We were able to swap out the jersey and get him the correct one before he went on the ice.
  3. Warwick mask in Michigan makes the Hasek helmet. He did have paint jobs in Buffalo, Ottawa and Detroit when he switched from the SK2000 to this composite helmet. https://www.warwickmaskcompany.com/product/hasek-pro-style-357/
  4. I don't assume, I know I'm more knowledgeable than you.
  5. First off, Hasek did have a custom paint job in the NHL mostly in his latter days with Buffalo but mostly with Detroit.Here's the link: https://www.warwickmaskcompany.com/ It's clear you don't know how this works and are just arguing for arguing. The team does not dictate what mask a goalie wears, that's his preference. Goaltenders and players, choose the equipment they wear. Brand. model. customizations etc... That said, a goalie mask is not the same as pulling a CCM helmet out of the equipment room and you're good to go. Pro goalies, on all levels, get their buckets custom molded and fit to their noggins. They're superstitious and don't want to try new stuff in a game unless they have too. Could he have grabbed a spare bucket from the EQ guy so he matched or worn white one, sure. But he didn't, so chill out. It's not the teams fault. If he stays up with the team, maybe he'll get one painted.
  6. They are easily different brands, some CCM, SP or Adidas. If you look at this album from 70s night, the guys who are around more (Roby, Gare) have jerseys where the patch is lower. Guys like Dudley and Andy have a higher patch. Different jerseys, probably different brands. Puppa has an SP jerseys. Heck, Grant Ledyard wore his actual game jersey from 1993. https://www.nhl.com/sabres/photos/sabres-islanders-photo-gallery-70s-night/g-310799802/p-310801952
  7. Even if the Roby is from 70's night, it's still misspelled and he's been in the community and on Tv for 30+ years. The shoulder patch difference is because they are different brand jerseys. The fact still remains, that this should not happen.
  8. PSE does own it, so they're keeping it "in the family"
  9. HOLY SHNIKEYS!!! that's insane. Did you take it back to get redone? If so I hope you gave them an earful - that is inexcusable. They should also train their staff better, there's at least 3 sure fire tells to identify knockoffs, especially with the 50ths. I mean, the crest... duh. Also not to to cop an attitude with the public.
  10. I wish they were, but they are not. I had seen that Andreychuk pic many times too and never even noticed it until someone pointed it out.
  11. This sums up the state of the organization when they can't even spell former player names right. SMH.
  12. Where? It's not on Sabres.com or Beyond Blue & Gold or the YouTube channel. As far as I can find, they never put it online. they only showed it in Arena and during the broadcast intermissions.
  13. Videos such as Beyond Blue & Gold seems to be their strong suit. Still curious why that Rob v. Domi stuff was never made public. Anyone know?
  14. I feel like they drop the ball all around. You see what other teams put out in terms of content on social, in-game, promotions etc...and the Sabres are lacking.
  15. I know what she does and am not confusing her role and didn't say she run the sports operation. She does however have oversight over everything under the PSE umbrella, which IMO needs a lot of work. Especially the Sabres marketing, which in her role, she should see this and be pushing for better results or get the right people who will. There's no reason, other than lack of strategy and planning why they didn't have warmup jerseys ready for the theme nights this season. If she's the President, that falls on her as much as it does those under her.
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