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  1. They are easily different brands, some CCM, SP or Adidas. If you look at this album from 70s night, the guys who are around more (Roby, Gare) have jerseys where the patch is lower. Guys like Dudley and Andy have a higher patch. Different jerseys, probably different brands. Puppa has an SP jerseys. Heck, Grant Ledyard wore his actual game jersey from 1993. https://www.nhl.com/sabres/photos/sabres-islanders-photo-gallery-70s-night/g-310799802/p-310801952
  2. Even if the Roby is from 70's night, it's still misspelled and he's been in the community and on Tv for 30+ years. The shoulder patch difference is because they are different brand jerseys. The fact still remains, that this should not happen.
  3. PSE does own it, so they're keeping it "in the family"
  4. HOLY SHNIKEYS!!! that's insane. Did you take it back to get redone? If so I hope you gave them an earful - that is inexcusable. They should also train their staff better, there's at least 3 sure fire tells to identify knockoffs, especially with the 50ths. I mean, the crest... duh. Also not to to cop an attitude with the public.
  5. I wish they were, but they are not. I had seen that Andreychuk pic many times too and never even noticed it until someone pointed it out.
  6. This sums up the state of the organization when they can't even spell former player names right. SMH.
  7. Where? It's not on Sabres.com or Beyond Blue & Gold or the YouTube channel. As far as I can find, they never put it online. they only showed it in Arena and during the broadcast intermissions.
  8. Videos such as Beyond Blue & Gold seems to be their strong suit. Still curious why that Rob v. Domi stuff was never made public. Anyone know?
  9. I feel like they drop the ball all around. You see what other teams put out in terms of content on social, in-game, promotions etc...and the Sabres are lacking.
  10. I know what she does and am not confusing her role and didn't say she run the sports operation. She does however have oversight over everything under the PSE umbrella, which IMO needs a lot of work. Especially the Sabres marketing, which in her role, she should see this and be pushing for better results or get the right people who will. There's no reason, other than lack of strategy and planning why they didn't have warmup jerseys ready for the theme nights this season. If she's the President, that falls on her as much as it does those under her.
  11. I would not Fire Terry as the owner. I would however remove Kim from running PSE and hire the proper people to oversee the operations. She can still be involved in philanthropy and appropriate NFL & NHL initiatives but she/they need to turn the reigns over to more experienced and knowledgeable people.
  12. The Hampton Inn in East Aurora is pretty nice and only 20 minutes straight down route20A...plus you can hit Bar-Bill and al the other EA spots.
  13. Put it this way. When ESB came out ( for those of us who are old enough experience this) and we all found out Vader was Lukes father. We didn't have the internet and instant forum to express our confusion or hate of the turn of events. I never once sat back and questioned why we were never given a back story who is wife was etc.... we just took it for what it was and move on and enjoyed it. I feel like people now (because of instant access to info) want an explanation for everything and mapped for them and can't suspend their reality to just enjoy some fiction. In the end that;'s all it is... a story about wizards with laser swords. 🙂
  14. I enjoyed ROS... I guess I'm a sucker for giving the fans what they want and the movie itself was non-stop action. Yes there was a couple of eye-roll moments but overall IMO it was better than TLJ. That said, I think Rogue One is the best SW movie since Empire and better than all three "sequels" If they had given the keys to the place to Jon Favrue then we wouldn't be in this predicament. He's a far better director and STORYTELLER than JJ and Rian or Kathleen. The guy made Ironman and created the MCU universe. Which is why Mandalorian is so damn good, because it's his baby. I love it and love where it's going. It gives you just enough to keep reminding you that you're in the same universe as Luke, Han and Lei without pandering. It's a western in the SW world.
  15. I was there for Rammer getting his teeth knocked out. no penalty called either if I remember, The place went berserk. I also remember going to a ton of Stallions games as a kid and the place was just a free for all, to roam around goof off, especially on weekends. Amazing to to think my parent would drop a bunch of 13 year olds off there without a care in the world.
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