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  1. Happy with this one and more than earned a spot on 4th line next season
  2. Sabre1974

    So #8

    Thinking more he is a bridge for getting Cozens ready. No way thinking of him long term. Possibly see us giving him a years deal one year from now to play 3c with Cozens moving to 2c
  3. Sabre1974

    So #8

    Interesting now. Do we go for Raymond, holtz or Jarvis now at 8th picking up another right winger??
  4. Looking forward to this. Will be interesting who falls to us at 8? Expecting lundell or holtz. Would love Rossi but he can see Detroit taking him at 4
  5. Reckon Rossi will be long gone by 8. Liking what I've read about lundell. Also would be happy with holtz, perfetti or Quinn. If Raymond is still there at 8 I'd be tempted though. On another note I really hope all this gets sorted with Intu and clan play next season. Eihl needs them?
  6. Hopefully happens with Rossi what happened with Cozens?
  7. Would love Rossi but we have no chance. I'd be happy with holtz or lundell. If Raymond is still there at 8 I'd be taking him.
  8. When I've been to the world championships to watch Great Britain I have seen us play Italy and Kazakstan with 200 of us in a 12,000 seater arena. Still enjoyed it.
  9. Been watching sports documentaries. Latest ones. The gretzky trade and the 1985 Chicago bears. Also doing some reading.
  10. Sabre1974


    We are looking at late june over here in the UK. like yourself I am also going to struggle ?
  11. Sega mega drive NHL 93 brought out cupboard and dusted down. Got my first line of andreychuk-lafontaine-moginly so I'm happy. Keeping me going.
  12. He's never went this long before without getting a point. Although he is carrying the rest of the team. The guy doesn't deserve this.
  13. Its mental he has went 7 games without a point. But if he's injured why are they still playing him???
  14. La kings could catch us yet. Something seriously needs to be done here.
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