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  1. Sega mega drive NHL 93 brought out cupboard and dusted down. Got my first line of andreychuk-lafontaine-moginly so I'm happy. Keeping me going.
  2. He's never went this long before without getting a point. Although he is carrying the rest of the team. The guy doesn't deserve this.
  3. Its mental he has went 7 games without a point. But if he's injured why are they still playing him???
  4. La kings could catch us yet. Something seriously needs to be done here.
  5. You coming through to fia next Saturday?
  6. My mate was at the game last night reckons he is carrying and injury. If this is the case shut him down for the season and call up asplund for the last 18 games.
  7. Would like us to finish strong. Not likely to make playoffs but would like to see this team finish well.
  8. The guy is my favourite player and who's name and number is on my jersey but I am fed up with his soft play and I would trade him as much as it pains me to say it if the right deal was on the table.
  9. Will Brett Murray get a call up at any point? For me Borgen should already be in buffalo.
  10. I'm just fed up with the whole situation. Probably why I've not posted much this last week
  11. For the first time I am questioning Botts ability to make this better. I wish now we had made a move for ken Holland last summer when he left Detroit.
  12. Hopefully Cozens will be ready next year although I don't want him rushed. Would like to see ruustolainen get a chance too. Reckon pekar will be in Rochester. Do we get lucky in the draft? Hopefully thompson and mitts are ready and pushing for a spot. Time for us to move on from Larsson and girgensons which should have happened this season.
  13. Certainly feels like it is turning out to be a failure. Doesn't help though Skinner and ollofson still out, will be interesting to see what Krueger does with Skinner as he is expected back first and if he puts him on jack's left?
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