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  1. Totally agree. Little chance of getting him
  2. Turcotte if available at #7. Think he will be taken before then though.
  3. Hockey buzz website very positive about this hire. Saying sabres may have just made best coaching hire off this off season. Time will tell and still to be officially announced
  4. When I wore my goathead sabres top at the finals weekends used to get loads of abuse as people though I was a bison fan😀
  5. Thinking now he doesn't move risto and picks up another rd in free agency maybe not spending too much.
  6. They are still around. They play in the nihl. Level below the eihl
  7. If turcotte is still there and I don't think he will be when we pick then it's him no question then boldy, zegras, dach, caulfield in that order for me
  8. That's the site I usually follow for the mock drafts
  9. GB played well yesterday too. If Ben Bowns keeps up that form in net who wont be with the Devils much longer.
  10. Well here it goes for GB. Expecting your go straight back down but will enjoy our brief visit to pool a. Gutted today as people put up posts on social media heading to Slovakia. Wish I was going😢
  11. what's everyone's thoughts on this. Does he make the roster out of camp?
  12. fair choices all 3. although dallas fans will be miffed.
  13. In the UK both the Elite League and NIHL finish the 2nd week in April at latest and then we are straight in to Worlds action but not this year with being in the top division
  14. Spot on, PK non existent on those 5 mins
  15. Was going Modo then had to change my plans. Been to a few worlds and have been a member of the Great Britain Supporters Club for 11 years. We normally take a good support to these tournaments every year.
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