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  1. If Botterill could get Miller and Cirelli for Risto, that would be a heck of a deal. Those are two 2nd line players (3rd line on an amazing team). Not futures, but good, skilled, gritty, young NHL players both with several years of team control.
  2. This should really only come into play for guys who could take more than 2 years before they are ready for pro hockey. Anyone drafted at #7 will be expected to be NHL ready within 2 years, and if not, then AHL ready at least. It’s the 3rd round and later picks that the CHL becomes a bit of a disadvantage, because a large percentage of those players could take 4 years (age 21/22) before they are ready for the AHL/NHL. The CHL players need to be signed, or not, after 2 years, while college or Euro players have 4 years before they need to be signed. At least this is my understanding of things.
  3. Yes, I believe it was more a decision to play “his game” and fit that into the system, as opposed to trying to be a robot within the system. He has been a much more effective hockey player since, so it definitely seems to be working. Unless you want to assume the worst about every situation. In that case you can just assume that Reinhart meant “Screw the coaches, I’ll do whatever I want, whenever I want.” But I hope that we collectively are more nuanced than that.
  4. Reinhart 2018 Locker Cleanout https://www.nhl.com/sabres/video/sam-reinhart-4918/t-277822758/c-59734503
  5. Krebs! I think he is right there with Cozens, Dach, Boldy and Zegras.
  6. How can you agree to a $ amount but not term? Changing the term would generally change the $ amount.
  7. Hard disagree. He has led the team to their top three regular seasons in franchise history and to the eastern conference finals three times in six years. I'd like to see what he could do with a less stacked lineup, but some of the reasons that team has developed such a stacked lineup may be due to his coaching. The team/players were not that good when he took over. He helped mold them into the team that they are today.
  8. I really like Beecher too. Wouldn't be disappointed if Buffalo took him with their 2nd 1st rounder. Or even better if they traded back from 19 for a couple picks in the 25-50 range and snagged him with one of those plus another guy who slides.
  9. He’s taken two other teams to the Stanley Cup Finals though. A Flyers team with Michael Leighton/Brian Boucher splitting playoff starts in goal, and Nashville a couple years ago.
  10. This is a shortlist of my favorite candidates. I wouldn’t exclude all others, because what do I know, but this is what I’ve come up with. I have no problem with Botterill taking his time. Some of these guys are still involved in the playoffs. Unemployed: Dave Tippett(Probably committed to Seattle), John Stevens, Rikard Gronborg NHL Assistants: Todd Richards, Todd Nelson, DJ Smith, Kris Knoblauch AHL HC’s: Dallas Eakins(Probably committed to Anaheim), Sheldon Keefe, Chris Taylor NCAA Coaches: Scott Sandelin, Nate Leaman
  11. I know it wasn't you who said it, but the SYR Crunch's coach is Benoit Groulx, not Giroux
  12. Does anyone think there is a chance that Laviolette is relieved of his duties as head coach if Dallas beats Nashville? Because that is a guy that should be perused heavily if he becomes available.
  13. How about this one. So we know that Botterill loves his Finns and his Swedes. What is even better? How about a Finnish player whose name is ‘Swedish’? How could you not sign a guy like that? Seriously, this guy Ruotsalainen, his last name is ‘Swedish’ in Finnish. Ruotsalainen translates to ‘Swedish’. Got it? He is Finnish and his name is literally Arttu ‘Swedish’. Botterill just wrote a blank check.
  14. Objectively, Ruff’s resume is not more impressive than, or at least pretty comparable to Therrien, Martin, or Carlyle’s.
  15. Nice. Gotta take your chances on guys like this, college and euro free agents. Casey Nelson, CJ Smith, Evan Rodrigues, Victor Antipin, Lawrence Pilut. Sometimes they turn into nothing, sometimes good AHLers, sometimes legit NHL players.
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