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  1. It seems this team has quit in more ways than one. Despite their post 2018 woes where the Sabres have arguably the worst record in the league since Jan 1st (if they don't, they might as well have), we have a new problem. After the Zadorov hit on Eichel after the whistle Saturday, there wasn't a glove dropped. It was reminiscent of the 2011 Lucic hit on Miller in which no one dropped their gloves to stand up for Miller, the team just scrummed around and eventually the whole thing was broken up. On Saturday, Casey Nelson came by and gave Zadorov an embarrassing love tap. Embarrassing. It wasn't until Scandella came from behind and tried to grab Zadorov around the neck in an attempt to pull him down. No dice. The most energetic guy in the pile was Reinhart. But again, a lot of pushing and gloves being rubbed in people's faces, but no gloves dropped and fists thrown. Sounds familiar? Yes. the Lucic hit on Miller altered the direction of the franchise. I read that Darcy Regier even admitted later on that he knew at that moment the Sabres needed to rebuild and start over again. Compare that moment to a hit in 2017 on Sam Reinhart by Ian Cole. It was during play (not after the whistle) and was a clean hit by Cole. It didn't matter, Eichel (of all players) immediately dropped his gloves and actually attempted to throw a punch at Cole. Evander Kane beat him to the punch (no pun) and immediately dropped his gloves to take on Cole and protect Eichel. That's two players dropping their gloves to defend their teammate, including a guy who we don't want dropping his gloves--our best player--on a clean legal hit. It seems that, besides Bogosian, this team doesn't have anyone that would answer the bell. The closest to Bogo was Beaulieu, but he's in Winnipeg. Heck, even in 2007 when Drury got elbowed by Chris Neil, a scrawny rookie named Drew Stafford stepped up, dropping his gloves, and took on a guy he had no business fighting. That's what teammates do for each other. Based on his post game comments, Eichel concurred that his team needs more pushback when they get pushed around. Based on the video in 2017 of him vs. Cole, he has to be disappointed that no one did the same for him. This team is dying on the vine. The sparkle of the 10 game winning streak has evaporated. Talk of "best team in the league" has turned into "worst". There is too much talk of "soft" and "lack of pushback" being mentioned in post game interviews. That's not a good label to have in a physical league where a team knows they can come into any building and push the Sabres around on their way to a win. At some point someone needed to challenge Zadorov. No one stepped up. Bots now has a new problem. It's one thing to say we may not have the players to competently put 3 potent offensive lines on the ice (see TB Lightning). But now he finds a team with no sandpaper, no grit, and allows their best player (and arguably their grittiest minus Bogo) to get run.The Sabres learned that the days of signing Jon Scott are over. They need guys who can score or play competent D, and drop the gloves, fight for each other, stick up for each other, and never let another team's player to make a run on one of their guys. ESPECIALLY after the whistle. No matter that opponent's size. I didn't see that Saturday, even after that shift--except for Eichel. I saw a defeated team that got pushed around and didn't do a whole lot about it. For a moment it was our 18 year old phenom D-man who laid a shoulder into one of the Ave players. An 18 year old playing with more pushback than arguably the rest of the team. Let that sink in. (In a few years, Dahlin is going to be a beast. But for now...) Player toughness and standing up for each other is out of Housley's hands. That task lies directly on the shoulders of Bots, and the players he signs to wear the blue and gold. Bots talks about teaching the young players how to play the game the right way. Saturday was not a good example of that. It doesn't take a brain surgeon to see that this off-season will bring more change to this team. Add to the list of 2nd and 3rd line scoring, is players with grit and fight. Hopefully, Eichel won't have to be the guy time and time again to get physical and pushback against other teams. If that continues into next season, the direction of this franchise will be in deep trouble.
  2. dejeanerret

    GDT: Sabres @ Flyers 26 February 2018, 7PM on NBCS

    Sabres are toast this year. Their confidence is gone. It will be a small miracle for them to make a playoff push. Ok, large miracle. Regardless, this team is playing for the future. Just call up Pilut and Olafsson and let them gain experience and see what we have. JBots isn't going anywhere, and neither is Phil. If the same effort returns next year, Phil may be a goner. But that's a big if. Bots will be dialed in on 2nd line scoring over the summer. I see us getting a big name. Not your 29-30 year old GMTM player who can't hold his water after one season (see Moulson, Okposo). I'm talking 26 year old with his best years in front of him.
  3. dejeanerret

    Phil Housley should be fired.

    Bots will be around awhile so get used to that. Housley will have at least next year.
  4. dejeanerret

    Sabres Trade Deadline Predictions

    I would hate to see Risto go as well. But we are pretty deep at D in Buf and Roch. We need playmakers more than anything.
  5. dejeanerret

    Sabres Trade Deadline Predictions

    With Risto being shopped heavily I can see potential move with TB or Minn. JT Miller or Johnson for TB, Zucker for MIN All have term. All can play solid 2nd line. All similar contract numbers.
  6. dejeanerret

    Speculation Risto to Tampa??

    I see offense coming back in a deal for Risto. JT Miller or Tyler Johnson
  7. dejeanerret

    GDT - LA Kings @ Buffalo Sabres - 12/11/18 7PM MSG

    Eichel Skinner and Reinhart have 95 points between the 3 of them. Rest of the team has 159. KO, Pommers, Middlestadt, and Sheary have dropped off the face of the earth.
  8. That is the worst trade idea in the history of trade ideas. Reinhart is ranked 3rd on the team in scoring, so giving up so many assets for Kane doesn't fix the Sabres lack of 2nd hand scoring. Kane is also 10.5 AVV for the next 4 years until he is 35. Not sure he is going to live up to that deal. I would do a deal that involves KO, Thompson, Guhle (both youthful D and F), and a 1st. But that's it. Anything more is absolutely ridiculous to consider at his salary. Must be a Hawks fan.
  9. dejeanerret

    RJ has lost his touch.

    I agree with this. But his goal calls last night weren't his usual jump out of your chair good. An OT winner like that and he would have killed that call. But you can tell on the Risto winner that RJ was winded. Part of the fun of watching the game was RJ's goal calls that were over the top. Still love the guy though and hearing that voice. Better than Dunleavy.
  10. dejeanerret

    Re-sign Jason Pominville 😁

    He actually had a better start last year, netting 5 goals and 11 points in the first 10 games. He went into a funk and then was demoted to 2nd and 3rd lines. So we'll see how the rest of the season goes. But he should at least match last years 16g/18a/34p with this years improved talent. The sticking point with him has always been his price tag. Half the salary and he's a solid value for his production and leadership.
  11. dejeanerret

    Carter Hutton signs with Sabres — $2.75MM x 3 years

    Everyone in Vegas is so jacked that the Knights re-signed a 33 year old Marc Andre Fleury to a 3 year $21 million extension after paying him $5.75 million this year. He'll be 37 at term's end, and this after he had a horrible year in Pittsburgh right before coming to Las Vegas. I keep telling everyone that the Knights were competing against themselves, and even if Fleury had the same season this year, no way another team is going to give a 34 year old goalie a $7 million AVV extension over 3 years. That being said, the chances him mirroring last season aren't good, and I"m predicting a Fleury buyout before his contract expires. And we signed Carter Hutton for less than half the price. Bots is brilliant.
  12. Yeah it was the shot block. He stayed with it to get his first though. He'll be fine. First win! First time .500 or better in season since 3/27/17. Go Sabres!
  13. dejeanerret

    Buffalo Claims Remi Elie off Waivers

    https://www.defendingbigd.com/2018/4/13/17232444/dallas-stars-season-grades-remi-elie-nhl-2018-texas-stars-player-development-retro-analysis Great piece on him from Stars Site. Seems like he fits the Bots/Housley mold perfectly.
  14. dejeanerret

    Buffalo Claims Remi Elie off Waivers

    from Rotowire: One of a number of young prospects to get their feet wet in the NHL last year on an injury-plagued Stars roster, Elie held his own in a checking-line role over 18 games in Dallas. The 22-year-old lacks the skating and creativity to ever be a real offensive threat, but his effort and compete level should make him a useful energy player down the road, and his hockey IQ will allow him to chip in the occasional big goal as he finds himself in the right place at the right time. Seems to be a young Scott Wilson minus the playoff and SC experience. Probably a guy they'll be able to safely move down to Rochester (that is, if no one else put in a waiver claim for him). Otherwise he could be getting an 8 week audition until Wilson returns and they'll have to make a decision.
  15. dejeanerret

    Buffalo Claims Remi Elie off Waivers

    https://www.eliteprospects.com/player/127847/remi-elie 23 years old. 14 points in 72 games last season, his first full one. Interesting move. Nothing on paper that jumps out other than he's young and learning the game.