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  1. MillerVaive

    Play the Draft Lottery Simulator!

    1st try & we moved up to 2nd... I'll stop there & take it. Just for the superstitions in me so it becomes true. GO SABRES!
  2. MillerVaive

    GDT - Sabres @ Colorado - March 9, 2019 - 3:00 PM - ALT; MSG-B

    Nothing like waiting til the final 2 minutes of the game to have a good shift
  3. MillerVaive

    GDT - Sabres @ Colorado - March 9, 2019 - 3:00 PM - ALT; MSG-B

    This game looks like 1 team has something to play for & the other team is just going thru the motions. Avs are fighting for a wild card spot & we're just trying to get this thing over with i guess
  4. MillerVaive

    GDT - Sabres @ Colorado - March 9, 2019 - 3:00 PM - ALT; MSG-B

    i just tuned on the game. We're getting outshot, 35-9 & its halfway thru the 3rd period? Man talk about checking out of a game huh? Surprised its not 5-0 right now
  5. MillerVaive

    GDT: Sabres at Blackhawks 3-7-19 @8:30PM

    Ukko looks to be the real deal. I have a friend who lives in Finland & he's excited to see what UPL can do for our team. He's probably a year or 3 away from the big club but I wouldnt mind seeing him sooner, especially with how our goaltending has been as of late
  6. MillerVaive

    GDT: Sabres at Blackhawks 3-7-19 @8:30PM

    Cant be a good feeling being Hutton & walking back into the dressing room after getting smoked 3 times in a row.
  7. MillerVaive

    GDT: Sabres at Blackhawks 3-7-19 @8:30PM

    Are we really winning this 2nd period? Crazy!
  8. MillerVaive

    GDT: Sabres at Blackhawks 3-7-19 @8:30PM

    Ive read on this board that people think Risto doesn't hit anyone, but in truth he's got the 6th most in the East & has the most hits on our team by far. Next guy down has half the hits as he does which is Girgensons. Just goes to show how soft this team is in general & how much this team depends on Risto to provide some form of physicality. Often to his detriment, as Risto finishing his checks often puts him out of position. I think Risto would be better served on our 2nd pairing, with reduced minutes overall. But for lack of any better options he's been the go to guy ever since he came here. I see a lot of similarities between him & Tyler Myers in terms of how we've handled (mishandled) him.
  9. MillerVaive

    GDT: Sabres at Blackhawks 3-7-19 @8:30PM

    and there's tons of people who want to fire Housley, because with lines like that, surely we should be one of the top teams in the league! Good to remember there were tons of people who thought the world was flat too... heck there still are some of those around 😛 But yeah GO SABRES! Win this one in Chicago or lose for a better draft pick... either way we WIN!
  10. MillerVaive

    Forwards Next Year - Fixing the Middle Six

    You two guys with the 2nd line / 3rd line thing. What we can all agree on is our middle 6 is what the issue is & in that you're both right. We need a better 2C since Mitts isnt ready yet for that role, and we need another winger or 2 that can produce now for the 3rd line. Ideally we'd want to have 4 rolling lines, 3 of which that can score. As opposed to what we have now with just 1 top heavy line. But theres no way in hell do i want to go into next season with Mitts as our 2C. He's got talent no doubt, but he's a couple years away from the added muscle growth & strength he needs to play at this level. We definitely need to address that spot going into next season if we have any hopes of having 2 solid lines
  11. MillerVaive

    Sabres habit of landing long-rumored players

    There's a reason why my avatar is a photo of Rick Vaive. When I was a young kid I used to watch him get pummeled every single night, often having to get helped off the ice as the nerve pain in his neck would flare up after a crosscheck by the net. But he would always get back up again & go right back to the front of the neck. Watching him play back then was at least for me motivational & a trait I don't often see in todays game anymore. He had some good offensive skills but man was he tough too
  12. MillerVaive

    Ristolainen, time to trade him away

    Trading Risto as if he's causing more harm to the team than bringing positives to it is ridiculous imo. He's big, he's smart, he plays tons of minutes & the most important ones during games, & is a well rounded dman with good offensive skills. And when he goes into beast mode & starts throwing his body around, he looks like a tough player to play against. I've been waiting for him to take on a bigger leadership role on the ice & these past few weeks it appears like he's coming into his own in that regard, which is exciting. But I don't see what we gain from trading away Risto lol, i really don't. Scandella would make more sense or even McCabe or Pilut, even tho I'd rather keep Pilut around since i see a lot of potential in him as well. Beaulieu should be on this list b4 Risto. Pretty much anyone else since Risto is our best Dman right now, along with Bogo who has really impressed me this season. The turnaround Bogosian has had here has really been nice. I had all but written him off. Like others have said, it takes a long time for a dman to mature & come into his own. Especially a young kid coming over from Finland & having to adjust to so many new things. He's been asked to do way too much way too soon & now its appearing to pay dividends & people say trade him as if we're missing out on the playoffs because of him. We have 1 offensive line that can score so lets trade one of our top dmen. Brilliant idea! Luckily its not gonna happen.
  13. MillerVaive

    Mr. Eichel, is he captain material?

    I think while evaluating Eichel one needs to keep in mind he's only 22 years old & still coming into his own as a man & NHL player. I think if Eichel were playing on another team with a deeper talent pool he probably wouldnt have gotten the C. But since we're not one of those teams with a solid roster, he got the C for lack of having anyone else to give it to imo. Jack is the leader of this team & our offense revolves around him & his play making ability. I would like to see Jack shoot more personally, as he has a super quick release that is pretty darn accurate. I'm not a big fan of his one timers tho. But he's gotten better defensively since last year & as he gets older & gets more experience, I only expect that to improve & for him to turn into a great 2 way player. But I dont see any scenarios where we trade him. Maybe a few years down the road if anything, but by then I imagine our team will look a lot different than it does now & we'll be one of the better teams in the league. Hopefully making all the negative thoughts & posts we've endured these past few years a distant memory.
  14. MillerVaive

    How much better would we be with ROR and Kane?

    Just because one player leaves a team & has a solid season, it doesnt mean that the previous regime made a mistake in letting them go. Timing is everything sometimes. He was given multiple chances to succeed & failed, was given a big investment by our team to have him here & failed, only for the light to finally go on & play up towards his potential. Getting clean & staying clean from the pills & alcohol & whatever substance abuse issues he was dealing with before is a big part of it too. After all that then maybe you can get into scheme & whatnot. But I don't see how Lehner's career turn around has anything to do with our GM's ability or inability to evaluate him, thats just ridiculous. It sounds like he just turned his life around & focused more on hockey & tbh i'm happy for him. I just hope he gets pulled in the 1st period after letting in 5 goals as the Sabres storm towards a much needed victory
  15. MillerVaive

    Phil Housley should be fired.

    I hear what youre saying & while i may agree with ur broader point that he wants to be successful in his role & career, i think the rest is a bit unfair on your part or maybe you're just trolling a bit, who knows. But imo this guy is more of a Sabre than you or I am or will ever be. Why? Because he was an actual player for our team. Something that no fan is. Not to mention his stint with Rochester. He's shed blood sweat & tears for this team on a physical level. More than most fans who sit in their computer chairs & type away like you & I. I just dont buy for a second that he doesnt care about this team as much as his career. He's invested. And while he's not sitting in the dark with a bottle of whiskey in his hand staring down the barrel of a shotgun listening to conway twitty songs all night, i'm sure the stress & subsequent disappointment of where this team is at right now does bother him. But unlike fans emotions that rise & fall everynight, he seems to have his plan & is sticking to it. And when you think of it, wouldn't you rather have a GM like that? Seems to me GMDR & GMTM wouldve felt the pressure to make a flashy move desperate to appease the fan base. We've been there & done that & we know how that story ends. The ownership has given him this opportunity & he will be judged on it as time goes on. But he wont be judged on our ugly loss last night, anymore than our 10 game winning streak. But you better believe he'll be judged at the end of next year after we're on the other side of this rebuild. The year after we cleared out our cap space & made some use of it. This year was all about the reset & i know u know that. But I'm sorry i dont doubt for a second that he wants to bring the Cup to Buffalo. Us fans want it yesterday I get that, but who knows, perhaps the patient build from within plan is the one that actually gets us there in the long run. Because we've tried the other way & it didnt work out so well. If we're as good as we think we can be a year or so from now, all talk like we see on these forums after a bad loss will seem like a distant memory. We can only hope haha