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  1. I think for a lot of us the 2C issue is frustrating because #1 it was a self inflicted wound. But #2 it clearly was a need last year & its again this year. And if we're looking at Mitts or Cozens being another year or 2 away from making an impact, you're talking about 3 or 4 seasons of having a glaring need on your team without it being fully addressed. Perhaps thats the plan, moving Mojo around, Mitts, Erod, etc like you guys have suggested. But 3 or 4 seasons of more or less the status quo in that regard is a tough pill to stomach. For a team & a franchise thats been waiting so long as it is.
  2. Can't believe you're actually comparing Reinhart to Ville Leino & making the point that Leino is/was more successful at C than he was. That 1 season was clearly an aberration, not just in the NHL but all the way down to Juniors he only had 2 other good years, 7 years apart. Reinhart was/is 1000% more productive in Juniors & the NHL than Leino was. I can't see faceoff stats from back in Juniors when Reinhart played center, but if he had a Briere & was centering that line, i think its pretty safe to say he wouldve been much more successful than Leino was, so that comparison is just folly. Just saying
  3. Leino? Aka the player whose name should be banned here for all eternity? Or did you mean Reino as in Reinhart? Because if u meant Leino how far back in his youth are we talking about? When he was in Junior A-1 U20 back in Finland? Im guessing (hoping) you meant Reinhart lol
  4. Well thats why i wrote in my question: 'are we just looking to see more of our young guys play". Because that for sure would make sense, hence why i suggested it as being a possible reason lol. But like Brawndo wrote, its not about concussions bcuz others that have had them are playing. Then he said its because we expect more out of Mojo than Okposo & thats why he's not playing. But that seems wrong as well. Could be nothing to it but with Mojo being a fresh addition to our team, you'd think he'd be in there to get some chemistry with his new club. That would be a pretty obvious thing to do right, in preseason? I suppose if he's not in there for this next game it'll be more of a question as to why he's not in there. Risto too
  5. Possible, but doesnt Okposo though too? If that was the case, wouldnt we sit Kyle too?
  6. Idk if its been talked about here tonight, but any guesses as to why Johansson & Risto havent played the last 2 games? Are we just looking to see more of our young guys play, or do you think theres a larger reason? I know its led some people to suggest a trade might be in the works 😛
  7. Fwiw: Nylander, acquired in a trade with the Buffalo Sabres for defenseman Henri Jokiharju on July 9, had a goal and an assist and was one of the best players on the ice for the Blackhawks in a 4-3 loss to the Washington Capitals. Jokiharju has played well for the Sabres too, so its looking like a win - win for both clubs with that trade. Although if i were being honest, i wish Nylander had gone scoreless 😛 Not to say i dont wish him well, but if he turns into a 70 point producer on the Hawks i'll be filled with envy & disgust that it didnt happen when he was here with us!
  8. Well for a preseason game i imagine theres a lot the team can take out of it & learn from & also build off of. Lots of positives & some negatives for sure. Goaltending is gonna be a big question mark that hopefully improves from this game & last year. Whats the deal with the broadcast goal screens tho? Does anyone actually think this looks good?
  9. So i was texting my friend telling him how good we've looked so far & he asks: 'are all of Pittsburgh's starters playing?" Brought me back down to earth just like that 😛 I know we don't have Risto out there, but Crosby & Malkin is a big part of their offense not playing. I wish they were out there so it'd be more of a test
  10. I was watching it on sabres.com but i switched to a site i used last year from reddit. Picture quality is 720p vs the 480p i was getting on nhl.com/sabres I hate how on the official site they dont allow u to change the quality
  11. ha that narrowed it down to Asplund, Olofsson, & Oglevie. If i had to bet i'd pick Asplund out of the bunch thanks guys 😛
  12. Just turned the stream on & saw we're up 1-0. Any idea who scored for us?
  13. 420p? Looks more like 160p to me lol You see video game tournaments streamed in 1080p with no exceptions. Why they don't at least do 720p for an NHL Prospects Tourney is beyond me. Only thing negative about a 3-0 Sabres lead at the end of the 1st. These guys looked good, scary good :P
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