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  1. I get the point you're trying to make, but with what you're saying you could add Eichel to that list. Eichels our best player but we're still a crap team so how impactful is he if we're still crap? The thing about ROR & Eichel is that we know they are both 2 excellent players. We weren't crap because of them. We're crap because of the lack of quality pieces around them. There should be no doubt at all that if ROR were still here we'd look a lot better. Because now 2 years later we have a couple added pieces, (MOJO, VO) but with ROR being gone, have 1 crucial piece removed. A strong 2 way 2C. Even though its far from a finished product, I'd much rather have this than what we have now: Skinner-Eichel-Reinhart Olofsson-ROR-Johansson Vesey-Mittelstadt-Asplund Girgensons-Larsson-Lazar Okposo/Rodrigues Cozens next year in our lineup as well. I'd feel a lot more comfortable with how our team would look then, than i do now
  2. You'd think Chicago was down by 3 with the offense theyre putting on
  3. The thing about the Okposo injury is when u look at the replay, u dont see Kyle looking both ways b4 jumping on the ice. Thats 1 of the 1st things u learn & for some reason he just didn't do it. So yeah its unfortunate but was also avoidable if he just shows more awareness to whats going on around him. Why he didn't is anyones guess. Regardless i hope he's alright & i look forward to seeing what Tage can do. If Lazar, Asplund, Tage can have some success, it'll be a big boost to our team & we surely need it. Can't count on Jack to score 4 goals every night but if we could i'd take it 😛
  4. Sabres found the formula for winning again. Jack needs to score every goal! In-before Jack scores 100 this year 😛 Thank the Gods we won a game! Good job guys
  5. The game was at 2pm because of that thing called a time difference. The game started at 10pm Sweden time. If the game were to start at say 6pm EST, it would've had to start at 2am in Sweden. As if that makes sense at all? Yeah that's smart. Theres no way around that with international games, whether its the NHL or the Olympics or whatever it may be. For your 2nd point, you & I are not on the team & don't have any way of knowing what they do together. But i can imagine it meant a lot to our Swedes to share their culture to the rest of our players. Instead of just talking about it, they were able to go there & experience it together. That probably meant a lot to the guys, both the Swedes & everyone else & no doubt brought them closer together. I would think that'd be pretty obvious. We lost the 2 games vs the 2018 Presidents Trophy winners & that sucks. Of course they'll be frustrated with losing. Losing will do that. We can only hope that it'll motivate them to play even just a little bit harder this next game out to make up for it.
  6. Idk if it really matters if your star players are foreign born to qualify for a game like that. But case in point it made sense for us to play in this Sweden series because we have 6 players on our active roster taking part who worn born there, including Dahlin who is a star in his own right. Not an all-star per se but 1 of the bigger young stars, who is massively followed in the host country. The bigger question would've been why was Tampa Bay there when they had only 1 player from Sweden? And the answer is less about the nationality of their players than it was the league wanting to showcase 1 of their most talented teams in an international setting.
  7. I voted yes because we should take pride in our team for being chosen to play in an event like this. Yes its a strain on our club with the logistics, but I'd rather the NHL pick our Sabres for events than ignore us all together. Then the narrative would be: "The Sabres get no respect, they're never invited to play in this or that. If Buffalo were a bigger city we'd get to play them etc" We all remember the Winter Classic & how proud & excited we were back then. Only reason i think some people here are down on it is the result of those games. If we won both games vs TB 6-0, I'm sure we'd be jumping at the chance to do that again. In the midst of a losing streak & losing vs 1 of the most talented teams in the league? Not so much. So yeah absolutely I'd like to see us play in any special series or games. For the pride of the blue & gold, to be relevant & play on a higher stage. For the players to have another experience, one that brings them closer together & one in which they can learn from. Just be prepared that we can lose because you know, that can happen!
  8. kinda cool that RK put Mitts & Vesey out there to get their name announced on the ice for the pregame hooplah. Maybe that'll light a fire under them
  9. If anyone needs any help with watching todays game, feel free to send me a pm GO SABRES!
  10. I agree with everything you've said for the most part but just want to add that I'm sure Botts already knows whats needed to improve. Its been pretty obvious going back to last year & not much has changed to affect that need. He may have wanted to evaluate what defenseman to move out, but that was also due to necessity given the injuries to our back end. But I don't really see it as an evaluation thing. I mean for the most part our forwards are who we've come to expect. I see the no trade thing more along the lines that Botts has been waiting for our guys to get healed up & that he hasn't been willing to give up whatever assets it'd take to bring in another top 6/9 forward at this point. Seems every team is looking for help there & the asking price has to be high, because not many teams have a surplus of those players. So you either need to trade something of value or take in cap in return. And we really can't do that until next year when we have more cap space. I could see us doing what we did with Skinner though. Getting a player back who's in the final year of their contract. But I'm sure we'll see a trade at some point. I just don't want us to just make a trade for the sake of it, its gotta be for someone who can actually help us. Finding that right player on a team who wants what we can offer is the hard part.
  11. I saw this article just now & thought I'd share it. Its a history of Swedish Sabres we've had over the years, with a pretty good write-up on everyone. On a side note, i didn't know we had a player named Linus Omark on our roster at one point. Not to be confused with current Sabre Linus Ullmark. Anyways here's the link for anyone interested: https://thehockeywriters.com/sabres-swedish-hockey-player-history/
  12. Anaheim has been mentioned as a possible match all thru the offseason too. The question is who would the Ducks be willing to get rid of & who would we even want & do those 2 things match. Its been an issue of compensation imo. But at this point I think Risto has been an asset to our blue line & offers something nobody else does & i dont know if i'd want to get rid of him. I'm guessing if anyone is gonna go maybe it'll be Scandella, since i believe he's also a UFA next year. If we're not gonna re-sign him (and i would doubt that we would), makes sense to trade him before the deadline, sooner or later.
  13. Right from the beginning faceoff the Rangers came out with energy & intensity. We just havent matched that imo. That NYR pressure could be why we've seen so many turnnovers Who knows.
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