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  1. Hey after the slug aka the urine soaked mullet aka the bee that got smeared across your windshield, in all honesty this logo could've been a lot worse. This logo doesn't excite me like i wish it would've, but I'm not embarrassed by it either. It serves its purpose i guess, even if it is a bit uninspiring.
  2. I didnt hear the interview but the context with that question even being asked would require one to know who Yakupov even is, which i assumed you had. Yakupov was the 1st overall draft pick of the Oilers back in 2012 i think. And as i said in my previous post, Yakupov had his greatest success with Krueger. So with that as a baseline, given the youth of our roster & having similar situations with other players as he had with Yakupov, given that context one could infer what the question was. Such was my attempt to answer it for you 😛
  3. I wasnt referring to the thread tho, I was referring to the post on Mike Bove's twitter about how someone asked krueger a Yakupov question. You asked what the question was & thats what my reply was about. The stuff after that post in the thread had nothing to do with the Yakupov part of the thread. Shouldnt that be obvious?
  4. Given the context & who Nail Yakupov is, i imagine it had to do with how Krueger was able to help Yakupov improve as a player & get the most out of him. I believe Yakupov was a .6 ppg player under RK & around .3ppg everywhere else.
  5. yep just announced on CBC during the intermission of the game, Ralphie it is Stanley Cup here we come boys!
  6. So far this offseason is looking great lol
  7. Yeah going off his bio after hearing the news that he's on the short list to be our next coach, it kinda makes you wanna Ralph right? Haha sorry, I just thought someone had to make that joke. Tbh im surprised no one else has thrown out a few of those by now. Must be a slow day with Mothers Day & all. 😛 From what i've seen, he's a smart guy, widely respected as a great mind in hockey, but hasn't coached in a couple years & its been some 6 or 7 years since he coached a handful of games for the Oilers. Not too inspiring if you ask me. It's rumored that Tippett is slotted to go to Edmonton so perhaps Ralph is gonna be our future. (Puke reference either way with that one) Cuz it could go either way
  8. I'm sure that would be the preferred plan. Especially with Seattles entrance into the league where they'd like to protect him, so that'd be another case to consider for him staying in Roch longer. But i think a lot of what happens in his development timeline will depend on what is happening here in Buffalo with our goaltending situation. If it takes a step back next year & we don't bring in any other free agent goalies, that time table may change & we might see him here a year sooner. I have a couple friends who live in Finland & they say we got a great one in him so I'm excited about his future. He seems to be right where he should be in his development which is great news for sure!
  9. Just read this article over at espn. Pretty cool hearing how much better our Beauts were run than other teams in the league. But its a shame womens hockey appears in limbo atm. Would be nice if the NHL can come up with a way to better support it. http://www.espn.com/nhl/story/_/id/26701696/sabres-owners-give-women-team
  10. Yep that would be my take on it too. In the pros you're dealing with players who have played the same game for most of their lives. Learning & picking up things as years go by. When they play the game, the core concepts that got them to that place generally remain the same. A new coach can come in & perhaps motivate them more than the last guy, but can also put them in a better position to succeed, with a new system or with their role or linemates, but they're still gonna be doing pretty much what they've always done. However a coach who does that poorly can adversely affect a team (obviously). I read this once in an interview with Scotty Bowman, he was asked: 'whats your secret to having success in the NHL?' And his response was simply: 'Good players'. I think that goes in line with all the above. A good coach isnt gonna change the fortunes of a team much unless you have a quality group of players or the right mix to begin with. But a bad coach can make a good team worse. This game is so fast & instinctual, a good coach imo would create a system that allows the players to rely on those instincts that got them to this level in the 1st place. Once they get inside their heads too much or play a system counter to their instincts, they play a step behind or are prone to making unnatural mistakes. A few of the names mentioned the most lately in this thread, from what i've heard/read believe in letting your players play instinctively within a systems framework, which is a breath of fresh air imo. Just hope we hire one of em, & soon because I can't wait any longer!
  11. I'm of the mindset that if we get any one of those 3 i'll be happy, even throw in Todd Richards. But fans gotta realize & i'm sure they do, that theres only so many "good" coaches available to hire. Most currently have jobs, so if you can get one of these guys that has something going for him, whether it be experience or being an up & comer, that's pretty much all you can hope for imo. I'm in the camp of pretty much anyone but Taylor. But for as much as i'd like to know already who the next coach will be, i'd rather Botts take his time & do his due diligence & get the right guy. I still refresh this thread everyday hoping for an update tho 😛
  12. for those that are subscribed to The Athletic & can read it 😛
  13. and without Skinner too. Kinda funny how things turn out
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