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  1. MillerVaive

    Forward Taylor Leier Traded to Sabres

    Without knowing the type of game Leier plays, this trade is kind of a head scratcher in that theyre one in the same. Flyers get our AHL winger in return for theirs. Both have similar numbers. Perhaps Leier will be a cheaper salary option for Rochester down the road than Bailey? Beats me I got all excited for a second that we made a trade & then i saw who was involved lol
  2. MillerVaive

    Beaulieu has requested a Trade

    Seems to me the right way to go about getting more playing time would be to #1 play a game that demands it or #2 ask the coach what you can do for more playing time. Instead he tweets about it where his agent needs to "clarify" his remarks in a little damage control. It'll be interesting to see how this plays out.
  3. MillerVaive

    Beaulieu has requested a Trade

    To me this is great news. Leave it to Beaulieu to force Jbots into doing something to help this team. Its not like Beaulieu was making a real difference out there. Perhaps if this is true we can package him away for some much needed secondary scoring help.
  4. MillerVaive

    2019 moves

    Yeah I agree. Wilson doesn't really give us much more than what we already have now. Yes he technically has a few years of experience, including some playoff experience, but production wise his best year was scoring 8 goals over a full season. We have plenty of players here now that are just like him. Thinking his return is gonna provide some boost to our team is just wishful thinking imo.
  5. MillerVaive

    Who is in for the raid on Raleigh?

    Do they really hate us? I figured they would just sleep right thru & not even realize we were there 😛 I went down to Raleigh in that great run of 2006 with 4 other friends of mine. Somewhere adjacent to the big parking lot is a big Stanley Cup we made, buried in the ground there. I haven't been back there since, but if we're ever in a series like that again with them, perhaps i'll make the trip down again to right my personal wrong haha. I'm with ya in hoping Skinner lights it up & often. I imagine he's gonna have a lot of emotions & I expect him to be flying all over the ice. With Jack being back & our secondary scoring seemingly improved, a win of 6-1 sounds good to me 😛 GO SABRES!
  6. MillerVaive

    How do we unload Okposo and his contract?

    That'd be great, however its gonna take a helluva sweetener. My fear is that Seattle tries to go after Ulmark. We're gonna have to give them a good asset to protect the right players, yet alone getting rid of Okposos ghastly contract. Surely KO knows he hasnt lived up to his contract. If he was such a class guy, it'd be nice if he'd restructure his deal to give the team more flexibility to improve the roster. But of course that won't happen, KO is no Tom Brady
  7. MillerVaive

    Jbot Do Something Already - 4 Saving the Playoffs Edition

    Some posts here are looking for just a 1 or 2 year rental so to speak that can push us over the edge. Others are looking for more of a longer term player. What we all share is that our GM should do something, while not veering off course for our long term plans. I think we could do it & I have faith in JBots that if a deal appears worthy he'll pull the trigger. I'm of the mindset that no season should be written off & if youre in striking distance of the playoffs you need to take advantage of it. Because theres no guarantees for future success ever. 1998-99 we made our Cup run. Most of us probably thought we had many more coming. Whenever you have a chance at being in the playoffs you gotta try to make the most of it imo. If we can get some scoring help that won't disrupt our long term plans I think you gotta go for it.
  8. MillerVaive

    All Star Ballot last man in fan voting

    I hear ya. When the #2 goal scorer doesnt get to play in the All Star game, somethings wrong with the selection process. In my opinion its due to how the teams are split into 4 separate teams. Our division is stacked with great players where as it stands now, you cant really justify taking one of those players out for Skinner. But when you look at the other divisions team, you could easily find a spot for Skinner there. Some divisions just have a larger amount of better players than others. I think they should go back to the East vs West format personally. If that was the case I think Skinner gets in. I tweeted to the NHL last night the same idea, because as a fan what else can I do to bring that up to them? Dude belongs in the All Star game, period
  9. MillerVaive

    Game day experience

    Yeah its a shame how awfully quiet Sabres games are. Its like everyone's in a mausoleum & are afraid to make a sound. In years past with how dreadful our teams were, it kinda made sense. Perhaps if our team keeps winning people will have more to cheer about? I dont know. I do know from a dj's & music perspective, the tracks they play at the arena are a bit embarrassing at least to me. For instance cotton eyed joe shouldve stopped being played 20 years ago lol Perhaps the Sabres PR team could help promote crowd noise more. By making a public push to create more fan noise. Maybe even making some contest for a cheap Sabres related prize to the section that makes the most noise during the game? The big thing I guess is that the culture around here just needs to change & for that its gonna take a whole lot of winning & a bunch of time. A new arena wouldnt hurt either 😛
  10. MillerVaive

    Okposo to fourth line?

    Yep my take exactly. I've seen too many times where he'll have the puck along the boards in the offensive zone, only to skate back towards the blue line to cough the puck up, leading to a breakout the opposite way. He either tries to do too much or simply can't stickhandle like he'd like to. I think he'd be much more effective just bringing the puck down low & working the puck from there. Or imo, simply not play at all. With CJ Smith being recalled & the news of KO being demoted, I'm relieved that HCPH appears to finally be doing something to address this.
  11. MillerVaive

    GDT - Sabres at Blues - December 27, 2018 - 8:00 PM

    thanks Marty Biron for answering my question lol
  12. MillerVaive

    GDT - Sabres at Blues - December 27, 2018 - 8:00 PM

    They've mentioned a couple times of the travel time perhaps affecting their play tonight. If we've been off the past few days why wouldn't they get to St Louis yesterday instead? It's not like they had to play a game the night before. Oh well crappy game. Thanks for the support Sabrespace 😛
  13. MillerVaive

    GDT - Sabres at Blues - December 27, 2018 - 8:00 PM

    The goals would be nice, but at $8.5 million & the ever present threat of him crashing into a Tim Hortons? Idk. I'd rather we get someone else to score 15 goals
  14. MillerVaive

    GDT - Sabres at Blues - December 27, 2018 - 8:00 PM

    I'd like to see Elie skate over to ROR & punch him in the face. It'd be the most useful thing he's done all game
  15. MillerVaive

    GDT - Sabres at Blues - December 27, 2018 - 8:00 PM

    man the passing & puck control has been atrocious tonight. Not very clean at all