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  1. Yep. I like the addition of Johansson but thats kind of what i was thinking myself. Canes got a great deal there. Really hope Mojo stays healthy, otherwise i'll look back to this & get even more depressed lol.
  2. Good writeups today. I appreciate all the time & detail in your posts & i largely agree with everything you said. With the exception of pairing Risto with Dahlin. I think our D pairings require balance & with that i think you want to have Dahlin paired with a solid defensive minded player who can cover for him. You'd want to give Dahlin the freedom to take his offensive chances since thats where he dazzles. If they were together I wouldn't want Dahlin to curtail his offensive game for the sake of covering for Risto, since Risto is known for being out of position & being overzealous (in a good way imo) with checking the opposition & taking chances of his own. I'd much rather see Montour up there or Bogo if he were healthy or even McCabe although i dont see McCabe as a 1st pairing obviously. Maybe 1 day Borgen or Johnson can play with Dahlin. But while having Dahlin & Risto together sounds appealing, across the league from what i've seen the best pairings are those that have balance. Besides from what i already stated, putting Risto on the 2nd pair may help Risto's game as well. Playing less minutes against easier competition (for lack of a better word), may be just what the doctor ordered with his game. And would give our pairings (hate to say it again), more balance down the lineup for that 1, 2 punch. Regardless its fun to think about how everything will fit together as in years past it felt like we were playing 3 card Monte with trying to find something that would work. We now have some actual NHL'ers on our roster & its gonna be interesting to see with HCRK does with them.
  3. Or he's got balls, balls that now John Scott will never forget what they smell like.
  4. I've heard Brian Boyle's name being mentioned lately. Perhaps thats Bott's answer for help down the middle
  5. I dont know if this has been posted yet but Vancouver has jumped into the free-agent pool, signing defenseman Tyler Myers to a five-year contract with an AAV of $6 million. The Canucks also signed defenseman Jordie Benn to a two-year contract with an AAV of $2 million Guess that means no trade with us for Risto or Bogo
  6. Rangers deal Vesey to Buf so they can free up cap space to sign Panarin While Buffalo signs Vesey to upgrade their middle forwards A Tale of 2 Cities
  7. theres the 3rd goalie. Crossing a need off the list
  8. Used to be a highly touted prospect, former 1st round pick that failed to transition to the pro game. Seems like a good player to add to Rochester. If he finds his game he'll help out the Amerks & maybe resurrect his career. I think its good for gm's to take fliers on players like this.
  9. Kid has a ton of skill. Is a good goalscorer and fun to watch. Has a nice hard wrist shot with a good release and good power. Decent hockey IQ & didnt shy away from physical play. Has decent size too at 6'1 187 lbs
  10. Not the best video quality but another highlight reel goal of him scoring from between his legs
  11. I think thats what the issue is that some have with the pick. Yes this pick fills a long term need of sorts, but in the what, 3-5 year range down the road? But given our needs & our current window, some fans (myself included) were hoping for someone who could help a bit earlier. And specifically help with scoring. Either with the draft selection itself or with trading the pick in a package for a return player of some sort. So perhaps thats where some of the consternation comes with this pick. I think we all expected us to draft a dman in the 1st half of the draft, but given our needs for more scoring this pick was just a bit of a let down. Even if he turns out to be good, albeit 4 or 5 years from now.
  12. Brendan Guhle skater huh? Cool. Maybe down the road we can trade Johnson for another defenseman. j/k I'll be honest i dont know much about Ryan other than there were plenty of forwards i would've thought we'd choose instead
  13. I wanted Zegras but i'm relieved its not Caufield so i'm not too upset with the pick. Fulfills a need & makes us stronger up the middle. Excited to see what he can do & watch his development
  14. Donskoi is a player lots of teams will covet. Especially IF the Sharks decide to move on from him. Although he's come out publicly stating his desire to stay on with them, so its really up to San Jose on this one. But yeah IF he's available & the bidding war amongst teams doesnt push the cost up too high, he's definitely 1 player we should target. Yes he had a 35 game scoreless drought last season, but you can see the value of his game.
  15. Dahlin has said in past interviews that the one timer was something he wasn't used to doing in the past & that given how much it was used & how important it was, that it'd be 1 part of his game that he was really gonna work on. So i imagine he's doing just that & going forward it'll be much improved from last year.
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