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  1. Maybe it’s time to think about trading our number one pick this year for a solid ready to contribute player
  2. NHL needs the tv revenue to survive so they will have to get something going
  3. Korab was a beast! The pick we got for him turned into Phil Housley If he wasn't traded, would we have beaten the Islanders in 1980? 🤨
  4. Mike Greere Scored really late in a wild game at Philly capping a big come back. Teppo finally scored his first goal of the year in that game. 06? Darius Kasparitis's goal in OT against Hasek--his very last moments as a Sabre was terrible. It was a shock at the time
  5. Sounded like Ted Darling sang the National Anthem
  6. If we are batting .500 with Tage and Casey M. turning into top six forwards, I'll be happy.
  7. I disagree. I think that 74 75 team had a lot of really good hockey players. Is part of your assumption that players today are in better shape, have better coaching and more information? That might make a big difference, but I don't know how much I'd love to see the game! I'd love to watch the 99 team take on the 06 squad!
  8. This video quality is better than I expected
  9. https://www.hockey-reference.com/teams/BUF/1975.html https://www.hockey-reference.com/teams/MTL/1975.html Canadiens roster full of future hockey executives. John Van Boxmeer also on their team.
  10. Tuesday – Stanley Cup Playoffs semifinals, Game 2 (April 29, 1975): Craig Ramsey and Don Luce scored in the third period, and Roger Crozier made 25 saves in a 4-2 win, giving the Sabres a 2-0 lead in the series over the Canadiens. Buffalo advanced to its first Stanley Cup Final with a 4-3 win at Montreal Forum in Game 6.
  11. He did have some terrible playoff series and couldn't score in them. That created frustration, and the press and fans really let him know it.
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