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  1. My bad... I only glanced at the screen briefly while watching my daughter play volleyball. I thought it was a forward.
  2. Man, that first goal. Risto trying to cross check Lee instead of tie up the stick. You can't do that. The second goal.. just barf. The third goal a lot like the one yesterday. No D man was anywhere near the net. They are running around lost.
  3. Happy Birthday! 78? Well done. Here's to many more! Gotta be nice having a child who's a chef... what's his specialty?
  4. I think, at this point, I would prefer to put Cozens at the 2C with Skinner and Reinhart and move Olofsson to the top line. Put Staal in at 3C, drop Okposo and figure out which of Lazar/Eakin are going to play wing for a bit. I like Bryson, but pairing him with Montour almost assuredly means that pairing will get caved in when they are on the ice. I would put Bryson with Risto.
  5. Absolutely. Sometimes you make a choice and it doesn't work out. All you can do is learn from it and hope to not repeat it. Sometimes it happens. Sometimes you have to be patient and accept you can't take action despite wanting to take action. You have to wait it out, because the actions you have available all have strong chances of making things worse, either immediately or in the near enough future to matter. The lack of taking action does not mean one is in agreement with the situation. Only that they believe the right action to take does not yet exist. I think it's better
  6. Absolutely. Lasagna is best if it has a chance to sit. That's how my wife does it (she made it Friday for yesterday) and she learned that from her grandmother, who came here straight from Italy. πŸ™‚ Lasagna is the meal I have on my birthday and the one my son has on his birthday. His birthday was Thursday but he had a hockey game. So be it. Also, I guess I will watch this game. I'm going to hate myself for it perhaps even more than I do the next morning when I hate myself for having just one more drink the night before.
  7. The interim coach is usually an assistant and on this group of coaches it's logical to assume they are part of the problem since Krueger already said he leaves the X's and O's to the people with more knowledge. Stupid action is making a change when it will have no benefit or bearing on the long term outcome. In your scenario you're saying spend $1000 now to make yourself happy and screw the fact that I won't have the money to pay that bill later. Everything you project in your posts is that you welcome rash decisions that may have mediocre short-term benefit but ultimately not reall
  8. One might argue that you are simply motivated by one of your players being injured and you take it upon yourself to play harder and win the game because of that and not any response from the fighting.
  9. Now, when you say that, do you mean it like most posters on here regarding a player and a contract? πŸ™‚ I know you don't.. but others might actually think you want him to have another contract.. πŸ™‚
  10. Ahh you were referring to Wilson caring, my apologies. No, I don't think he does. But you also don't want a Marty McSorely or a Todd Bertuzzi response either right? And yes, Wilson needs to be sitting down a long time. I am sure he'll get less simply because of the compressed season. It's just how the NHL thinks. But he deserves the max.
  11. Did you read what Weave posted? Did you ignore it? It laid out some good reasons why this press conference was held. You seem to just want to ignore things and rage about "inaction". Stupid action is just as bad. But is he wrong? If he's not wrong, and I don't believe he is, then you are the one who looks like a joke for simply saying this in response to his accurate statements. Before you have a plan you evaluate what needs to be done. When you have a plan you evaluate how it's being played out. And, it's a press conference to answer questions, if anyone thought they'd
  12. I didn't see the game but I would be inclined to believe, based on other posters, that when the hit occurred there was a response. You are saying nothing was done and others are saying Wilson was taken to the ice and had a cut on his nose. If you mean no one fought him? Then yes, that would be accurate. As for your thoughts on Carlo... I would bet he cares very much that the Bruins went after Wilson and that they won. I'm sure he'd prefer to not be in the hospital but I am also quite positive he's happier that his team responded than he'd be if he was in the hospital and his tea
  13. I would imagine that most players on 1 year contracts will be moved if there's a decent interest. Hall will be traded and the good news is that with the Sabres being so dysfunctional no one can really believe that Hall is as had as he is playing so someone will give up something decent for him.
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