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  1. utsvävande

    House cleaning continues at PSE

    One day, not many years ago, Terry Pegula stood in front of a collection of energy executives and stated "I don't care if this oil well makes money, if it doesn't, I'll just buy another hockey team"
  2. utsvävande

    2019 College UFAs

    When I first started doing the draft stuff, I would subtract age 16 from age 17, in the thought process that I was looking for players that were getting better. For a while, I thought I was looking for Sam Bennett, who got a lot better between 16 and 17. A couple years later I decided I wasn't looking for Sam Bennett, now I add 16 and 17, and I think I get better results. That said, I think the stakes are really small signing college free agents, I'd sign a couple. It's my inkling that the CHL ends a couple years too early, and a lot of prospects who go to college develop better. I'm pretty sure Botterill sees it the same way. I'd like to see NCAA rules changed so you can go CHL to NCAA, which, by my understanding, you can't do now.
  3. utsvävande

    2019 College UFAs

    I think that's going a bit far, I meant no one is ready right now. The top 4 or 5 guys are comparable to CJ Smith, Conor Sheary, and Jimmy Vesey at this age, Vesey didn't have his big year until age 21. Sheary not til 23.
  4. utsvävande

    2019 College UFAs

    Finally got my software together for the year. I entered the 30 or so from the initial post. It likes mostly forwards. No one is NHL ready, but the favorite is Mitchell Chaffee. The top defenseman, Cooper Zech, who is really tiny, was signed by Boston's AHL team. Saccoman is interesting because he had a very good freshman year, then a terrible sophomore, then a better junior year. The image is 4 or the better forwards
  5. utsvävande

    GDT: Sabres @ Hurricanes 3-16-19 7 PM

    My memory is that there's a video of the Sabre's draft room where they were very worried that the Predators were taking Risto at 4, meaning the Sabres would have taken Risto at 4. Not sure about 1, 2, or 3.
  6. utsvävande

    2019 College UFAs

    Eliteprospects.com is pretty good at family relations. There is none mentioned between Marco and Nico. Marco would have been less than 17 at Nico's birth.
  7. utsvävande

    2019 Off Season

    Imagine the perfect game for you. You hold the puck all 60 minutes. You of course, have zero hits. I had 22 hits. You win 12-0, because my team never had the puck. And this, of course, proves nothing as to whether hits correlate to winning. To find whether hits correlate to winning, you would have to know the score if I had had 34 hits, or zero hits myself, which, of course, you don't know. You're taking stats that don't line up (you only hit when you don't have the puck) and your coming to a conclusion as if they did.
  8. utsvävande

    Sabres Practice Report 2/28/2019

    When Pominville plays with Eichel, they have a good record. If you cut off at 4 min, it's 13-6-3, if you cut at 5 min, is 12-6-3, at 6 min 12-5-3.
  9. utsvävande

    How bad is Tage? Should he be in Rochester?

    Previous to this year, what I have on Thompson and Nylander. 45b.us/hockey/2.php?year=2016,2016&pick=8,26
  10. 22 in this case is Kevin Shattenkirk, for an empty net goal against the Rangers
  11. No, 22 is on the other team
  12. Lets look at the most recent goal against team: team 9,23,53,21,26,55 opponent 55,26,17,8,33,37 These are the six players on the ice for the Sabres, Eichel, Reinhart, etc. 37 for the other team would be the goaltender. It's more difficult to tell you the opposite, the Sabre goals that 55 is on the ice for, because, to look at an example goal by team: team 9,10,23,6,55,40 opponent 20,36,72,93,17,22 I don't know if 22 is a goaltender. I wrote the code to answer a similar question, so it would take me some time to rewrite it so I knew who 22 was.
  13. I don't understand the question
  14. utsvävande

    Skinner Contract Watch

    I thought Skinner waived his NMC, thereby losing that clause.