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  1. You continue to blame Jack for the C on his back and the amount of money he makes. You missed my point completely...
  2. Lets just give Hutton a free pass on everything...
  3. Run to the store at the end of the 1st, get back and its 4 - 1 Islanders Hutton strikes again...
  4. I keep thinking where is a guy like Michael Peca when you need him...
  5. As owner of a construction company its doubtful the worker you describe would be made a foreman or given any other position of authority or higher profile designation. ( unless he's married to your daughter) Its also doubtful he would even have a job for very long. So who's fault is it? My answer is whomever is coaching and above them managing the company/organization. It starts at the top...
  6. I agree with the giving 110 % as captain and I understand your frustrations. Although I think its easier said then done when the organization you play for sucks and has for years now. Its hard to watch and I imagine its even harder to take part in. Well how about shouldering all the blame for managements failures. Jack came into the league with a bright future ahead of him. Not on this team...
  7. Somewhere down the line having fun playing the game of hockey got lost in the shuffle. So as captain do you laugh or cry when your starting goalie is so pathetic the opposition smiles with glee at just the thought of facing him. As captain do you scream profanities at fellow teammates because someone did a bad job getting the proper player personnel into the building before the season started. As captain how do you help a team gain confidence when you have none. Buffalo Sabre's are a different hockey team with Ullmark in net. There is no substitute for good goaltending in my humble o
  8. Hall pretty much says it all with "no confidence."
  9. These guys do know how to play hockey bad. Good point PTR
  10. If you still have controlling interest and can lure someone in who has the capability of running a succesful hockey franchise. Its a win, win, win for all concerned. (Tim Graham is a clever guy...) Nothing from nothing leaves nothing You gotta have something If you want to be with me
  11. A good business man knows when he's gotten in over his head and looks for solutions. When he can't find them there is only one option remaining IMO. I'm not a fan of losing the Pegula's as owners of the Buffalo Sabres. On the other hand the way things are going its become very hard to be a fan at all. I won't call myself a die hard hockey/ Sabre fan and can only imagine how hard its been for many of you. Buffalo used to be considered a hockey town. My how times have changed ...
  12. Same here. Unlike many of you I'm not a life long hockey/Sabre fan and got hooked in the Hasek era. If its one thing I've learned about hockey, without sufficient goaltending its all for not. The better the goaltending, the better your chance of success. I realize much more goes into the success of a hockey team then good goaltending. On the other hand its practically impossible to succeed without it IMO. I'm sure most would agree. I believe If Buffalo had not lost Ullmark for a long duration the Buffalo Sabres had ample time to right the ship. At this point Hutton in net is a team let do
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