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  1. That hit was a little payback for the Clark bs with the '75 team
  2. Jim Schoenfeld... oh I liked Perrault all right, but Schoeney could skate, fight and didn't take crap off the Bruins... plus as a kid I had hair like his...
  3. Yeh Sam has always seemed affable sometimes to his own detriment... would like to see more fire out of him... but he is who is and probably is a calming influence... Hammy whatever.
  4. The other thing that folks forget, maybe not as much in hockey but for a top guy like Hall knee injuries still take nearly 2 years to recover from.
  5. oh and before that, crap like that was spread by gossip and rumor word of mouth. In fact that is still a mode of spreading false but plausible rumors. We used to call it whisper campaigns used in everyday campaigning. It was organized...
  6. PS this also not new... been going on for a long time... check out some of the old muckraking stories from the 20s and 30s sold as news. Every new generation is shocked by it... but really it is an old tried and true tactic and you have to be prepared to handle and parry back.
  7. So we have our err foreign language and our translators... i message and twitter needs to hire these guys🤓
  8. I will believe all or any of this when I see it... nice daydream though
  9. Pull a Laffs fandom -- sign everyone salary cap be damned
  10. Yeh goalie is top priority Dell or trade for one, Im okay with D unless major step up... not seeing that with what is left. Hamonic maybe is a solid defender and decent skater if looking for bottom 3
  11. Dadanov, good 2-way, good hands, scoring ability though not sure there is a need.
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