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  1. Hmm do you protect Skinner? His contract is prohibitive?
  2. I hope so Modo from your mouth to Granato's to Jack's ears
  3. Yeh Sam was curt.. he seemed distracted.. not sure if he was itching had something to do with it... not making the playoffs again or what. I've seen him be more talkative in the past... could be Pham as people have been saying. I don't think it was he wants to be outta here so much as he wanted to be off the stage right then and yeh he is disappointed in another wasted season. At least I hope so. The guy is shooting a lot more and man he has a nice shot that he didn't show as often before. I like Granato is pushing the guys and the young legs are showing. Gotta wonder about Jack fi
  4. Depends if you believe in conspiracy theories 👀
  5. I wouldnt know anymore but was true in the 80s as well... bladder cancer put a damper on any smoking...
  6. Overall Alcohol does more harm to more areas of the body than any other recreational drug. Cocaine does more harm to the brain especially the feeling centers and pot does more damage to the lungs... more than cigarettes but generally I agree with your statements.
  7. That has been the argument for Quinn, he takes a season to adjust but then blooms at all the levels he goes too. We will see... big risk reward pick.
  8. To what end? Stockpiling middling draft picks gains you what? Especially considering the Sabres have barely a scouting department. Call me skeptical and predict more suffering.
  9. Yeh I thought he would be much better. Also thought he was bigger and played with more moxie. I was glad it was only a 1 year deal and I still don't get why Lazar had to be thrown in. So where will the Sabres be at next year as far as salary cap? I get teams are hemorrhaging right now and I hope they are banking Eichel's salary on LTIR or is he?
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