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Sabres fight cancer autographed Mini-Helmet


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Just curious if anyone else has gotten one. I donate every year and i get the signed mini. Last year i got lucky and got Tage. I got mine from this year yesterday and i have to say, it too me about 30 mins to figure out the second one..... Has anyone else got one? Can you guess the second siggy? 



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20 minutes ago, NJhopelessSabresfan66 said:

I do know who it is..... It is Asplund. I just thought the way he signs made it very difficult. Was just curious if anyone else has gotten any and who they got. I love the mini helmets and will collect them until they stop doing them.

I received Tage 2 years ago and Asplund last year.  As I said, still waiting on this years.  Tage has worked out so far.  Honestly, I'm hoping for one of the 3 rookies.

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1 hour ago, NJhopelessSabresfan66 said:

That's ok, the Sabres used to do pucks many many moons ago, I paid like $50 for a surprise one and i got Marek Zagrapan? (Think i spelled that right) A 1st round bust i believe that never even saw the Sabres. 

Did the Christmas ornament thing a couple of times, but one year got what was supposed to have #9's signature on it (the box said #9, but it was already wrapped when purchased) but Roy was too lazy or too hung over to sign it.  (Or the intern in charge of getting the signed ornament into the box found that task to be too onerous (in which case, apologies for the disparagement Sausage Man).)

Either way, that was the last random signed item purchased from them.

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This topic is OLD. A NEW topic should be started unless there is a VERY SPECIFIC REASON to revive this one.

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