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Can Sabres get Dunn?

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What would we have to give up to get Dunn from St Louis?   Mitts, Pilut,  and 2nd rd pick

If I were Terry I would tell KA to offer sheet Dunn at 4 years at $4.25 million.   Dunn probably wouldn't care if he moved since they just signed Krug.

It would be kinda pay back for the crap we got in the ROR trade!!!

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Mitts, Pilut and a 2nd is probably too much ... unless Mitts never develops NHL talent.  

i don’t see the Blues interested in this. 

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1 hour ago, IKnowPhysics said:

Interesting phrasing.

Why imagine yourself as Terry telling KA to do anything when you could just imagine yourself as KA and offersheet Dunn yourself?

If I'm choosing my fantasy, i'm imagining myself as a billionaire not a millionaire. Dream big, Physics

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That offer sheet idea seems rich for Dunn.  That's paying someone for what you hope they become instead of what they've done so far.  A 1-2 year deal in the $2.5 range makes sense to me as a prove it contract.

As for a trade, I think Mitts and Pilut puts us in the right ballpark.  Adding a 2nd is probably overkill in my eyes.

I like Dunn as a target.  He's seemingly fallen out of St. Louis' long-term plans with the Krug signing, and he would fill a hole in our roster.  He'd be a good complement to McCabe on the left side behind Dahlin, with Dunn taking offensive matchups and McCabe handling defensive ones.

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