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  1. I'd rather have the dart throws than not. Wish we could've gotten a 2nd, but it doesn't surprise me that the market for Montour doesn't exist.
  2. I'd presume they're in this to balance out contracts.
  3. I don't see Linus pulling in a Demko-level contract. I'd wager he gets something in the realm of 3 years, $4-4.5M AAV. Demko is younger, has had considerable hype at every step in his progression, and had justified that hype at every level. He is viewed as a long-term franchise goalie, and I think he is one. I'd bet that Linus is looked at as a goalie on the rise and a capable starter, but one with question marks. Teams want stability in net, his injury history is going to scare people off. There is associated risk there that will bring his value down. And for that pr
  4. I'm sure this question has been asked before, but I don't see it in this thread. If we were to start holding him out of games today, can we start the clock ticking on the required quarantine period he'd need to go through before joining a new team? That would have to assume he gets a private charter or is within driving distance to the new city. We're less than a week from the deadline, I'd imagine that it would be valuable for any new team if he could jump right in after a trade goes through.
  5. Worst case is you waive him later, nobody bites, and you have to eat his cap hit for two seasons. And if we're at the point where we're waiving him later this year, I think it's fairly likely nobody takes the bait.
  6. I'm no medical professional so take it with a grain of salt, but I've spent a good amount of time researching sports injuries. To me, that looks like a textbook MCL sprain for McCabe and I'd be surprised from the angle I saw if it was a full tear. I'd be surprised if he was out for more than 3 weeks, but I'm no expert.
  7. Am I missing something with Bennett, is he more than a good bottom six depth player that plays hard and looked good in the playoffs? All this "Sam Bennett sweepstakes" and "Canucks don't have the necessary assets" talk seems a bit excessive. But I haven't seen him play in a while.
  8. I'm not that knowledge about vaccine distribution, but I've got to imagine that giving spare doses to any specific group is easier said than done. Someone can correct me if I'm wrong, but I'm pretty sure these things only become at risk of being wasted if they're taken out of the deep freezer for use and then not used within a number of days. Most likely situation would probably be the patient cancelling their vaccination appointment. And I'd imagine that hospitals/pharmacies would be going FIFO with these things, and only taking as much as they need out of the deep freezers. If th
  9. Personally, the only takeaway I get from that is that most of Olofsson's production has come on the PP, which is excluded from +/-.
  10. I'd say the numbers that @IKnowPhysics is showing are in line with what I'm seeing out of Olofsson so far this season. I thought Olofsson was really starting to take strides in his 5v5 game in the second half of the season last year, but to me he's been invisible at best so far this season. Just from that standpoint alone, I think it's worthwhile to drop him to a bottom 6 line for a bit and let him get back to the basics. And Skinner has showed me enough to say that I'd like to see him moved up.
  11. Weird timing. Just hope that everything is alright with JR and his family with how sudden this is.
  12. I know St. Louis has holes at RD, but something tells me they would want more than Miller. That team's cap situation is complicated so I'm not sure if his cap hit would be an issue or not. I'm not a huge Dunn fan, but I do think he would be a decent trade target. Evens out our defensive handedness and could provide some offensive ability in a sheltered role.
  13. Good movement, good finish on that PP. We need to start moving the puck through Hall in the slot more often on the PP. Caps are really pressuring us up high and leaving a lot of room for Hall to work if we could feed him.
  14. I hope you're not genuinely putting that one on Ullmark.
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