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  1. Walkaway number is a shade above $4.5, so it won't come into play. If this makes it to arbitration, we're stuck with the result.
  2. No, it will not be. It is specifically written into the CBA regulations on arbitration that neither the financial situations of the team nor the league can be presented as part of either party's argument.
  3. I'm with ya. And it would work out in everyone's favor, because I think Arizona would rather keep the younger cheap guy anyway and get some value out of Raanta in a trade. The fact that we (or anyone else) can claim Hill is just the push for them to trade one of the other two.
  4. I went through the same exercise, and Arizona is the only answer I came up with. The Coyotes have to make a move in net. If they don't, we can just claim Adin Hill on his way through waivers and answer the goalie question just like that.
  5. Miller. I started playing in net right around when he came into the league so I grew to idolize him in that way. Love how he played (and plays) the position.
  6. I did not get the impression from listening to his presser that he thinks our goaltending is good enough. Very much sounded like they're looking for an upgrade.
  7. If we trade for one of Arizona's goalies, they are not taking Hutton. Full stop. The whole reason the Yotes are trading Kuemper or Raanta is because they have Adin Hill waiting in the wings to be their backup next year, and to try to recoup some draft capital while cutting cost. They have no use for Hutton or his salary. If we trade for one of their goalies (and honestly, I think we will), Hutton is either getting waived or bought out. And we'll need to look elsewhere to get the necessary cap space.
  8. We can. Saves us $1.075M on the cap if I remember correctly.
  9. Make it a conditional 1st. If we make the playoffs, they get our 1st. If we miss, they get either a '22 first or our 2nd and a small add.
  10. Yeah, sorry if I implied otherwise. Not a real rumor or anything, I just had to stop and think about it because internet fanbases don't usually agree on anything.
  11. I did a quick look across the league and from what I can see, the teams that could use an upgrade in net are us, Chicago, Carolina, and Edmonton. Arizona is the only team that from my perspective needs to move a goalie, both from a cap perspective and the fact that Adin Hill requires waivers next season. Columbus and Dallas could move a goalie (Korpisalo or Bishop) if they're confident in the youth they have waiting and need cap space, but I'd bet that both of them stand pat. It's been reported that the Blackhawks aren't interested in spending much money/assets on the goalie position while they aren't contending, so I only really see them going for a Craig Anderson type. Edmonton just re-signed Craig Smith so that may be the group they're going with even though it doesn't look pretty. That leaves us and Carolina in the goalie market, and Arizona needing to move a goalie. If Carolina makes an upgrade, they need to trade one of their own to make space. So to me, there's two likely outcomes: 1) We trade for Kuemper/Raanta and either waive Hutton or trade him desperately with retained money. 2) Carolina trades for Kuemper/Raanta leaving us to trade for Reimer or Mrazek. Either way, the team we'd be getting a goalie from would have no interest in Hutton. Which shouldn't be much of a shock, but it's worth mentioning. And either way, we most likely have to find a trade partner for one of our right shot defensemen (or Reinhart I guess) to clear the cap space to make it work.
  12. Guys, I think some of you should look back at Fleury's stats from this past season. Of the top 62 goalies in shots faced last year, he ranked 42 in save percentage. Ullmark was 20th, Hutton was 53rd. And that was behind a Vegas team with very good team defense. He looks even worse in the fancy stats that try to correct for shot quality. This isn't the Fleury of 5 years ago. This is 35 year old Fleury who is clearly on the downturn of his career and being paid more than all but 3 goalies in the league. I love the guy as a player, but he isn't the answer we need in net. And he certainly isn't the answer we need if it means losing Reinhart.
  13. That offer sheet idea seems rich for Dunn. That's paying someone for what you hope they become instead of what they've done so far. A 1-2 year deal in the $2.5 range makes sense to me as a prove it contract. As for a trade, I think Mitts and Pilut puts us in the right ballpark. Adding a 2nd is probably overkill in my eyes. I like Dunn as a target. He's seemingly fallen out of St. Louis' long-term plans with the Krug signing, and he would fill a hole in our roster. He'd be a good complement to McCabe on the left side behind Dahlin, with Dunn taking offensive matchups and McCabe handling defensive ones.
  14. It was suggested by some Blues fans over at HFBoards.
  15. I don't think Arizona wants Hutton. They have Adin Hill ready to come up and be their backup goalie next season, and they're trying to clear salary off that roster. So realistically, we'd be trading for Raanta and burying Hutton in Rochester for the $1.075M cap savings. That would be a net cap increase of $3.175M that would likely have to be accounted for by moving someone else.
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