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  1. Good movement, good finish on that PP. We need to start moving the puck through Hall in the slot more often on the PP. Caps are really pressuring us up high and leaving a lot of room for Hall to work if we could feed him.
  2. I hope you're not genuinely putting that one on Ullmark.
  3. The funny thing is that we have double the shots Washington does. This team is an opposing goalie's best friend. Cheap, weak, unscreened shots to boost your save percentage. But hey, our Corsi looks nice.
  4. Clear cut check from behind in USA Hockey. NHL doesn't tend to call boarding unless they're in that dangerous 2-3 feet from the wall spot. It is what it is. This team is lacking in players who are able to give it back.
  5. We've harped on this team for years about rushing prospects and not giving them a proper development plan. Now they're taking their time and we're giving them ***** for that. It stings a little to see Cozens out of the lineup, especially after his first NHL goal, but I'll trust that the people they pay for player development know better than I do. And I'd bet that these rest days are planned in advance, so there shouldn't be hindrance to Cozens' confidence here.
  6. As is tradition. Great goalie, but man he can't stay healthy.
  7. For what it's worth, Chad says he knows who it is and has ruled out Raanta, Rittich, Peterson, Miller, and Gibson. He also says the tricky part would be making the cap space work, which obviously brings Fleury to mind. Has Chad had inside scoop about any previous deals we've made?
  8. Laine has developed into a much more rounded, hard working player in the past year or two. Very different player than when he first got that reputation. I think he would do just fine playing under Torts.
  9. It would have to be Reinhart plus a substantial asset, and I have a hard time coming up with a 'plus' that makes sense. In a vacuum, I'd give Cozens for PLD. But in a cap world... I don't think we have the right pieces or enough need to be in the conversation for PLD. Winnipeg makes a ton of sense there.
  10. Eh, I don't get the impression that his injury was anything serious enough to be a worry in games.
  11. The folks over on the Sabres' Reddit page had a nice idea to donate to the Buffalo SPCA in his memory. Linus had a "Ullmark's Barks" fundraiser with them last year. I figured I would relay that message over here if anyone were interested. Their donation page is linked below: https://yourspca.org/donatenow/
  12. Wishing him all the best. There's never an easy time to lose someone close to you, but it must be especially difficult being halfway across the world and in the middle of Covid.
  13. I remember Friedman mentioning that we talked to Columbus as well for a goalie.
  14. Meanwhile, our old friend Jimmy Vesey is causing a stir up in Leafland.
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