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  1. It's a valid observation - not a joke. Why do you assume I'm not quite familiar with cystic acne and hence the need for help? I had the EXACT SAME THING at age 16-17 due to a hormonal imbalance and due to working at Burger King on Sheridan Drive (grease from the fryers is a killer to the skin of hormonal teenagers). I was prescribed a drug to address the hormonal issues (can't remember which one) and Retin-A as a topical. The drugs are what does the trick as I recall... but it is a valid observation that help is necessary. I know this from experience. I understand the "pack" mentality of message boards, but the original comment was just a comment that people took offense to. I get it. My apologies. But, spare me the lecture as you have no idea what I do and don't know about this particular issue.
  2. First winning record in the better part of the decade. It's been something like 7 years!
  3. Why does Vegas have their checking line out there with 1:45 left? ….I'm thinking the coach is trying to send a message.
  4. I think you're missing the context of the above conversation, which was about... acne. ?
  5. Housley is rolling all three defense pairs pretty evenly (Risto a little more ice time than others due to PK and PP). Okposo actually leads forwards in ice time.
  6. To be objective, we're finishing well but Vegas is a mess in their own zone. Guys are standing wide open in front of the net.
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