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  1. It's a valid observation - not a joke. Why do you assume I'm not quite familiar with cystic acne and hence the need for help? I had the EXACT SAME THING at age 16-17 due to a hormonal imbalance and due to working at Burger King on Sheridan Drive (grease from the fryers is a killer to the skin of hormonal teenagers). I was prescribed a drug to address the hormonal issues (can't remember which one) and Retin-A as a topical. The drugs are what does the trick as I recall... but it is a valid observation that help is necessary. I know this from experience. I understand the "pack" mentality of message boards, but the original comment was just a comment that people took offense to. I get it. My apologies. But, spare me the lecture as you have no idea what I do and don't know about this particular issue.
  2. First winning record in the better part of the decade. It's been something like 7 years!
  3. Why does Vegas have their checking line out there with 1:45 left? ….I'm thinking the coach is trying to send a message.
  4. I think you're missing the context of the above conversation, which was about... acne. ?
  5. Housley is rolling all three defense pairs pretty evenly (Risto a little more ice time than others due to PK and PP). Okposo actually leads forwards in ice time.
  6. To be objective, we're finishing well but Vegas is a mess in their own zone. Guys are standing wide open in front of the net.
  7. Oof. Dahlin took the minus on that one. Bad play by McCabe at the Vegas line and again in deflecting the shot.
  8. Great shot, but also atrocious zone coverage by the Golden Showers.
  9. I was never a fan, but I'm starting to come around on Rodriguez. He isn't terrible.
  10. I think the Las Vegas Golden Showers will fall back down to Earth this season after last year's freakish run.
  11. Yeah, if we're going with youth and speed then Pommer isn't a great fit as a 3rd / 4th liner.
  12. Borussia Dortmund is absurd! Scored 4 second half goals last weekend to pull out a 4-2 road win. Did it again this weekend with 4 goals in the last 30 minutes to win 4-3 on the last kick of the game. If you want to see some exciting attacking football, Dortmund is a team you need to check out.
  13. Unfortunately, I can't justify spending a Saturday night watching this team (yet?), so I'll DVR the game. Regardless of the outcome, the Sabres needs to show a little "fire" and "passion" on the ice this evening.
  14. From my perspective, concessions are pretty lousy at many US arenas. I think it's a function of the employees as much as anything. I have no idea how much they're paid, but I'm guessing it isn't very much.
  15. I liked the Housley hiring because I figured he'd bring Nashville's system to Buffalo. At the time I was a Preds season ticket holder, so that sounded good to me. Both he and Botterill were rookies in their respective jobs with no track record of success or otherwise. So, everyone around here just assumed they were up for the job since we didn't like their predecessors (although in retrospect, this team was marginally better with Bylsma as head coach). At this point after two straight rookie GMs who were/are seemingly just guessing at what to do, I'd like someone who has done the job before and has shown at least some level of success somewhere else. Botterill took over this team and did almost nothing two off-seasons ago to make it better. He seemingly spent more time signing guys for Rochester than for the Sabres. His one season as GM, we were dead last in the NHL by a wide margin with a massive -80 goal differential. This summer he again just tinkered a little bit while selling two of our only proven assets (O'Reilly and Kane) for more picks and prospects and a few useless JAGs (plus Skinner). That's just not going to do it for a fan base that's been told to "be patient" for the better part of a decade. Every GM we bring in can't spent three years removing the prior GMs players and then tell us to expect a "slow, methodical" rebuild. We're rightfully impatient at this point and we're voting with our wallets. The boos tonight were warranted, as were the large number of empty seats. I get that it's only game 1, but to me I just don't see enough veteran talent on this roster to be anything other than a bottom-third team again.
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