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  1. Zamboni said it. So I don't have to. I know it's hard for some homies to understand.. but we're a really small city in the big national picture. We're lucky to have the Bills and Sabres. The Bisons are icing on the cake.
  2. My case is different, maybe I'm a choosey renter. I rented in Williamsville, with a garage w/opener for $1800. Owning my house near city line with a garage is $1000. And........ I just realized how old this thread is.
  3. Does "relieved of duties" mean totally fired? Or does he remain employed by PSE in some other respect? Sorry if the question seems elementary.
  4. Yikes.. you have allot on your plate. Please do not do the sleeping pill thing. That would be unfair to your Dad.
  5. Complaint: people who don't yield to traffic that is already in the circle. Especially happens at Gates Circle. People on Delaware Avenue think they have right of way over anyone.
  6. The best methods require some kind of coffee maker or other doo-hickey. Short of any specialized equipment one could use instant coffee (Starbucks makes the best instant), or coffee bags (they are like tea bags).
  7. I started at age 12, when my Dad taught night school and I would tag along = 2 sugars per cup, no cream Then I evolved to coffee which would put hair on your hair. Then I evolved back to normal strength black in the AM; cream in the PM. When I sense low blood sugar I'll do cream and sugar, though that's rare.
  8. Obamacare forces employers of so many full time employees* to offer health care. This caused employers to convert full time positions into several part time. A good full time job is hard to find in Buffalo now. I know poor souls working three part time jobs to make ends meet. OTH, Rasmus Dahlin looks like a positive impact maker 2 or 3 years from now. * I forget how many f/t employees trigger mandatory Obamacare
  9. I like option 4. Related: I wish you could take the tag utilization topic over to The Stadium Wall. Tag use there is a hot mess. The majority of posters there use tags like a subtitle, not as tag in an organized information system.
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