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    Milliways; serves breakfast when Sabres win 6 cups.
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    Sabres, Chess, Doctor Who (esp. missing episodes), mathematics, all sorts of science, engineering, and technology stuff, classic British Comedy, music.

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  1. Sergei Prokofiev, March from "The Love for Three Oranges", Opus 33, the fortissimo pickups to bar 35 to the end (about 1:15-1:35 in a normal performance). It has a vibe like the Imperial March from "The Empire Strikes Back" but more dissonant and less tonal.
  2. Given how "well" his rumours go, I expect him to follow up 1. e4 with 2. Ke2.
  3. For those who insist that GMKA should have won an Eichel trade in the summer, please put forth a scenario like this.
  4. Skinner should have picked Weird Al's parody, "Party in the CIA."
  5. He only had 1 coach whose system resembled the one we saw tonight. And those teams had at least 1 line and 1 defence pairing of dead weight. This time might have a lot of marginal NHLers, but at least they are NHLers.
  6. If there are more than 81 like that this year, I will camp out for playoff tickets.
  7. I could handle 81 more games with that effort. That type of game is worth spending money on.
  8. We are getting a pretty good sample of them tonight. Dare we hope to hear all of them before the month is out? Dare we hope to know who scored without looking before the month is out?
  9. Is it just me or is there just a better vibe from the players now than in most of the last decade?
  10. In combination with the comment from @PASabreFan about players giving up their hometown teams, I wonder if they give up other biases as well. For instance, my sister says that WEEI basically trains Bostonians to have contempt for all things Buffalo. I wonder if Eichel's sometimes tone-deaf behaviour comes from that. Aside: from what coworkers say, Eichel is still the consummate Sabre to their kids.
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