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    Milliways; serves breakfast when Sabres win 6 cups.
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    Sabres, Chess, Doctor Who (esp. missing episodes), mathematics, all sorts of science, engineering, and technology stuff, classic British Comedy, music.

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  1. No, you are basically correct from the Sabres' viewpoint. And welcome back to the board.
  2. Correct. He definitely got a lot of shifts at forward early on. I think by 1982-3, he was firmly on defence.
  3. That was my point. After the big, rugged defence we had had for years, we were overly critical of Housley for his entire time in Buffalo -- no matter what he did right, his flaws represented what we lost and respected. More recently, Tim Connolly represented the Mike Peca trade in the same way.
  4. Speaking of the 1970's Sabres, that defence is what we expect. Most were physical, most were puck moving, most were defencively sound. Housley was soft by comparison and not as defencively sound as, say, Schoenfeld, Hajt, Fogolin, etc. while his offencive prowess did not compensate for his comparative deficiencies. He was not helped by the idiots before the draft who compared him to Bobby Orr.
  5. There was something incredible about how the Sabres became so beloved so quickly. Some of it is probably Buffalo and we, the fans, but something about the team, the era, and the management that bonded us.
  6. That does not mean the medical staff are incompetent.
  7. And I'll sail if I want to, Fail if I try to, Bail if I need to. You would wail too if it happened to you.
  8. S.S. Gilligan Hockey Heaven Sent Tank Fruit
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