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  1. It's nothing tangible. Just a gut feeling. Of course, considering that my gut is too big and too unfit to trust, that's a bad, bad reason.
  2. Stutzle reminds me of what I liked about Draisaitl. JMO
  3. Could Stutzle drop to 5? That's when I move up. And I would give up #8 and next year's 1st without even blinking, so I would have to add...
  4. You missed my point: the other side has to play "Santa Claus" -- of course they are unrealistic. I would move Eichel if the trade made me say, "well, of course I will make the trade." That does not mean I am looking to move Eichel, I am looking to move Eichel, I want to move Eichel, I expect to move Eichel, etc. My point is that you "never say never". You move Eichel for a Lindros-type return, not an ROR-type return. And the return has to be so obvious that we would want to charge the arena with pitch-forks and torches if he turned it down.
  5. So was Gretzky. That's always true. If someone wants to play Santa Claus and send us an Eric Lindros quality and quantity return, then make the deal.
  6. Old hockey saying: All other things being equal -- a little more will beats a little more skill.
  7. OT, but IMHO, worth putting here: https://www.twobillsdrive.com/community/topic/227070-not-bills-related-but-awsome-broncos/
  8. And now, a super skeptic: https://fivethirtyeight.com/features/is-josh-allen-actually-good-now/
  9. FWIW, the only reason Buffalo was not on his M-NTC, he never expected Buffalo to trade for him. Let's hope we can get another centre to help cushion the entry of Cozens et al into the league.
  10. That is an understatement. I agree with you both.
  11. They can't do that -- the NBC contract is up. They have to do something or that next contract will be peanuts by comparison.
  12. That depends. There used to be a lot of back-to-back home-and-home, 4 games in 5 nights, 5 games in 7 nights, etc. It has a few advantages. The second game of all these double-headers will likely be more bitter and hotly contested by the team that loses the first one. Fans should find those games a lot more fun. Also, there would be fewer of those games where your team is tired while the opposition is rested. IMHO, players should be OK with it because it should lead to less travel: for instance, all the games in Florida can be done in one trip rather than two. Coaches should like the idea of better practise schedules and, generally, better-rested players. Less experienced coaches can learn how to make adjustments between games when playing the same team, like you do in the playoffs; more experienced coaches should like the advantage they would have. Overall, there would be less variation in exposure of the teams, players, coaches, scouts, etc. to COVID-19 because you would travel less, be exposed to foreign environments fewer times, etc.
  13. Terminated with EXTREME prejudice, I guess.
  14. I just remembered: in hockey, "double-header" means "playing the same team in consecutive games in the same location." This was used by LA, Vancouver, and California when their nearest neighbours were St.Louis, Minnesota, and Chicago. To save on travel, they played their divisional rivals on consecutive nights in their home cities.
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