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    Milliways; serves breakfast when Sabres win 6 cups.
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    Sabres, Chess, Doctor Who (esp. missing episodes), mathematics, all sorts of science, engineering, and technology stuff, classic British Comedy, music.

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  1. I did not recognise you immediately, so welcome back to the board!
  2. That kind of proposal gets locked within hours on hfboards. This guy is a purported hockey journalist?
  3. That does not always work, viz.: Bullwinkle: Hey, Rocky! Watch me pull a rabbit out of a hat.
  4. I don't understand why people are so upset about violins on television.
  5. How about the overpayment of 9 and 28 for 6 and, say, 70? They may insist on it.
  6. Dallas did this with malice aforethought in 1999 against Buffalo and in 2000 against New Jersey because of the age and speed disadvantage they had from a long series.
  7. It does not mean they won't try nor that they might not make a trade. Having said that, GMKA must do better than Anderson and UPL this off-season. This team must ascend the standings. Having solid goaltending behind an almost absurdly young top 4 D is a necessity.
  8. IMHO, we would be doing the Black Hawks a salary cap favour AND they won't lose him for nothing. I am not sending them any of Tuch, Cozens, Quinn, Dahlin, etc. for Kane. #28, Portillo, and Johnson? That I can see.
  9. "[H]ead case between the pipes" is a given, surely. I presume you mean relative to that.
  10. I can't remember the sound being on in a bar unless the game has started.
  11. @LGR4GM I hope your father is OK and that you and your family are well.
  12. I noticed that. They were able to keep the Bandits to the outside for long stretches. Buffalo was often unable to penetrate the shell they set up in front of Ward.
  13. Their shot selection bothered me all series.
  14. Philadelphia is running a close third then. Thank God Buffalo is not automatically in the conversation.
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