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  1. The only way this makes sense is if Skinner will eventually be playing regularly with Okposo, who still has some touch. Okposo is also defencively responsible. If Cozens adjusts quickly to the NHL, then Skinner-Cozens-Okposo makes sense as a 3rd line.
  2. That was far better than last night. But they have more rust on them than my car. Also, for much of the game, the lines reminded me of mistaking an ozone molecule for an oxygen molecule: bad chemistry.
  3. According to a couple of people who were "in the know", Housley was like that. They didn't like it after the TDL his last year. (I would argue that had GMJB done anything to help the team, instead of writing them off as a fluke, then they might not have been worn down by Housley.)
  4. I don't know if RK is a flim-flam artist. However, I feel obligated to note that the actual, credible people advised the Pegulas that GMTM and GMJB were the best of the up-and-comers.. IMHO, the PSE crony had a more constructive off-season than either of the recommended people.
  5. We would probably feel better if our other third liners were Connolly-Pominville (2005-6) or Roy-Vanek (2006-7). Hell, I'd feel better if it were even Paille-Stafford (2007-8). Maybe another question should be how do we mimic that with our current roster?
  6. I don't think that is possible. There is nothing like game intensity. It is natural to go just that little bit lighter in practise where you are playing against teammates. And the longer you are off, the duller you get and the more time you need to get up to speed. This is why they should have let the teams who missed the playoffs to have a brief extra preseason -- which they promised and went back on. This is one reason I never like it when the Sabres win a series when they will have at least week's layoff.
  7. I hope the team has its legs under them. They looked like they hadn't played a real game in 10 months and, to quote Foghorn Leghorn, were "sharp as a bowling ball." Some of the goals looked like a puck carrier looked up and thought, "Oh, $#!+! Too fast! Get rid of it!"
  8. I plan on using 2020 as my catch-all profanity. So instead of saying that, "the Sabres' fecenine performance since the last lock-out schtupped our attitudes, gosh darn it," I would say, "the Sabres' 2020-type performance since the last lock out 2020-ed our attitudes, 2020 it."
  9. First, welcome to SabreSpace. Second, no, none of use think Eklund is legitimate.
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