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  1. whatever. okposo is such a bad contract
  2. Im not sure i believe this article about America hitting a wall with vaccines. basically saying that everyone who wants a vaccine already got one and they are essy to get now I know in nj, the rules have been pretty easy going, but in pa they were much more strict and, i dont know a lot of people, but the people i do know all are excited to get one. I know im just a small piece in a giant puzzle but i feel this article is probably 4 months too early https://www.yahoo.com/news/america-is-about-to-hit-a-vaccine-wall-as-demand-drops-with-or-without-johnson-johnson-16224180
  3. I liked lazar a lot, but i am glad he was able to get out of this nightmare. hopefully he is able to play there a good amount and become a winner. Personally i don't understand why the sabres agreed to this trade, but honestly, i dont care enough to think about it again
  4. i think the sabres need someone better than ullmark if they really want to be competitve
  5. just 2 days ago i read an article that the cdc said the vaccines offer enough protection for the variants. now today, i read that this article says its a risk. clickbait garbage/fearmongering? probably. i dont know why i bother https://www.yahoo.com/finance/m/8aa05982-c165-355a-88f5-a3e8ac43fc91/cdc-says-now-dominant-variant.html
  6. Alternatively you could say the sabres horrible team play/coaching has stunted some of these players careers that might have been better if they were with a higher quality organization
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