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  1. The asking price is believed to be either a draft pick or a bottom-six forward. He’s UFA July 1 and carries a $4.9-million cap hit. -LeBrun
  2. While I agree with the sentiment, is he slower than Jojo?
  3. Anybody who wanted to tank should have realized: what we have now was just as likely as getting what Chicago and Pittsburgh had
  4. You can think what you want, but you're incorrect. Unless you're friends with every GM in the league, I can't see how you'd be so sure...
  5. I feel I tend to be on the overly-optimistic end of the spectrum for Sabres issues... but something gives me hesitation about Mitts. Not necessary that he'll eventually develop, but definitely about some accelerated time-frame.
  6. Many trades are discussed between teams and never actually pan out. Would you rather not know?
  7. I thought the same thing about the goalie. But, then again, we don't know how he'll look in the NHL. Let's just hope UPL is everything they say he is.
  8. I know you're joking, but I had an experience that was not funny at all. This is anecdotal, but our gov't gives immigration carte blanche to f with foreigners entering the country on any whim they fancy, and this seems to have gotten worse over the last couple years... But it's still possible there's an innocuous explanation for the delay of which we speak. EDIT: not posting this to express any offense taken or asking for sympathy... just an opportunistic rant!
  9. Go figure, changing up the PP formation from time to time might work!
  10. Sorry if I missed it elsewhere, but do we have an update on the specifics of the Frolik “visa issues”?
  11. Is he better than Sobotka? Because we were at the top of the standings and Skinner was scoring on a line with Sobotka. Just sayin...
  12. I'm hearing a deal w Jersey involving one of our D is being discussed
  13. Cozens. I predict he had a better rookie season than Reinhart.
  14. I'll just leave this up here. EROD isn't an NHL player, IMO.
  15. Too lazy to google: Does a team that trades and retains salary also retain the cap hit? What can we fit under the cap in a trade with salary retained?
  16. I feel like Skinner rubs off on Sheary when they play together. Suddenly Sheary started leaning into everything more, started lifting opposition's sticks started trying to be more physical (when not having much to work with). If Sheary brought that every night, he could transform his game. It's like he's close to Skinner and starts channeling Skinner.
  17. I hate to break it to you... I think we're stuck with him
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