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  1. ...which is like saying- "McKinley didn't die from the shooting, he died of sepsis"
  2. I don't think he was saying he will not have more ability than Jay McKee. I think he was saying he'd be the modern NHL's version of McKee. McKee, adjusted for inflation, if you will. Don't be too literalist 😉
  3. Isn't he putting up better numbers than Samson was at the same time/age?
  4. The hypothetical just happens to be sexist trope. Congrats on either not realizing it or disingenuously pretending it isn't. I wonder how much longer any male in her position would get before the labels of "incompetence" started. Cue the denials...
  5. Here's why you're wrong: If JBots knows his job is in jeopardy, he will go into job preservation mode. Try to tell the Pegs everything they want to hear. If he feels 100% comfortable, he will show his hand completely. He probably did, and that was the final straw. They played it perfectly
  6. I think the bolded would lead to nothing but speculation. I hadn't considered why they felt moved to make a statement in the first place.
  7. Satisfied with what I heard, I stopped listening to the WGR interview after he talked about analytics and the Pegulas' interest in them. I have hope. Shhaaaaade!
  8. I honestly don't understand people having an issue with Kim's statement about JBots a month ago. You think the owners are going to give us a candid play-by-play of their sentiments, and drop hints they might not be happy with the GM? Short of being ready to fire him, the statement Kim made is the only acceptable statement to make about an employee, in any organization. It boggles my mind that this isn't understood. Reality TV culture, maybe?
  9. That would be awesome. I personally can't conceive of a reality in which we maintain any type of consciousness after death that is connected to our human sensibilities. While it could be perceived as a sad reality, I just look at the other side: every moment of our life is so very, very precious. It's easy for me to say this, though; I feel I have been lucky and dealt a good hand in life. I'm very curious how those who've suffered a great deal would perceive a reality in which the end of this life is, indeed, "the end" - and if suffering/quality of life affects this belief.
  10. Do I understand this correctly: as far as coronaviruses that have been studied before this one, the presence of antibodies in a person has resulted in immunity? I seem to remember Dr. Fauci saying that "we have no reason to believe" those with antibodies won't be immune to future infection. Of course, this novel one could be different- but just wanted to check these facts.
  11. Indeed. The pastor at the church I speak of is happy to use scripture to back up his stance on homosexuality and back up his practice of same-sex marriages at the church. Just make sure you brush up on your Greek if you want to debate him; he'll be quoting the scriptures in the original language 😉
  12. As somebody who doesn't believe in religion, per se, I still do find I'm a more productive and *actualized* person when I am taking time to meditate and reflect. I also stop by a progressive Lutheran church every Sunday in a while, because I was involved with their music program for years. The sense of community they have is truly special and unique, albeit I haven't seen many Christian churches that have a true community feel on par with this church I speak of. Perhaps it's because it's one of few churches where LGBTQ+ are truly (and have historically been) embraced.
  13. To what I put in bold- ideally, I think these elements, when done correctly, are utilized to support one's own personal mental/emotional well-being. For many, it's difficult to "do good" if one is not in a healthy mental/emotional space. Not saying it always works this way, but I believe this does legitimize it in a logical way.
  14. I watched this game in the dorm lounge when I was in school in Baltimore. My friend from Buffalo went to school there, too. A few other people joined us who were interested in sports/hockey. My friend and I were losing our minds, in the most wonderful way, throughout the game. Man, we were so proud that that was our team...
  15. It isn't really an issue anymore, since I'm not a Christian anymore (but do feel very inspired by the words of Jesus/the Gospels, not so much other parts of the new testament). I just laugh when people just assume- I must not have "truly" believed, since I no longer believe. EDIT: also wanted to add, I find your dialogues with @New Scotland (NS) in this thread incredibly heartening. Kudos
  16. Whatever you said additionally does not change the impact of what I originally quoted. Um, yes. You have no idea how much $#! I took for being a Christian. No idea. EDIT: just adding, you assume way too much
  17. Yeah, he's preaching to all of us. I stated my beliefs, and he literally said he's here to tell me there is more for me to find, and that he was once lost (implying I'm lost)
  18. A theocracy is not the same as a religion
  19. I guess this is what the ignore function was created for, right? I hope this thread stays open. I'm really curious to learn more about everyone's perspective.
  20. If I understood my wife correctly, they're giving it to practically every suspected covid case in her hospital in the Bronx, and it doesn't seem to do anything.
  21. I'm on the same page. Personally, I don't believe it's some sort of "magic" or "supernatural occurrence;" rather, I believe it's just the way our universe works, which happens to be way more complex than our limited human minds can ever fully grasp.
  22. Feel better! When this is all over, looking forward to hitting the ice again with you.
  23. Like it or not, we are alive today most likely because our direct ancestors did the killing, rather than being killed. It is the human condition. EDIT: "Most likely" is probably better stated "most definitely"
  24. Please don't play the victim card. I can only speak for myself, but I don't view Christians in a negative light. There is a progressive Lutheran Church here that I consider my family, as I participate in artistic events with them and am very close with the Pastor and many members. Technically I'm actually a member. These people are very dear to me, and they accept me no matter what my specific beliefs are. As I said, I find the words of Jesus very inspiring.
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