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  1. I would be astounded if he was signed to a 2 year 2.5M deal.
  2. For the record, I agree. I think JBot has done a pretty good job. Some mistakes along the way, but nothing too bad. The good outweighs the few minor mistakes
  3. How many people called for him Murray's head? How many were surprised when he was fired? The answer is not enough. I'm hindsight it's easy to see how bad he boned us. I'd say Jame has been a buffalo fan long enough to be tired of all the B.S. because being a fan in the last decade has come with it's fair share. It's made him the ultimate skeptic, which I can appreciate. We need more fans like that to make sure the GMTMs heads roll in a timely fashion. I think the standard is a little bit unachievable though. Haha Edit: Pure speculation
  4. No I get what you're saying. It's just hard to see the merits of your points when I'm one hand you want JBot making moves to help the team win now, but on the other hand chastising him when his failed attempts only cost us a 3rd to a 6th.
  5. Beaulieu wanted out. Take the 6th and be done with it. Give his spot to someone whose ready to let his work ethic earn it. Clif Pu and Nick Baptiste were just traded for future considerations, and you're complaining about a 7th for fedun.
  6. That's the thing that puzzles me, it's like 50/50, each to the extreme. Those wanting him gone yesterday, and those who think he bring leadership and a good presence. Not much middle ground it seems I just it odd
  7. I feel as though he's a defensive liability. More so then any of our other defensemen. Even with his on ice play aside, I'd rather not have him in the dressing room. I don't have solid proof or an article or anything that's just my take. His heart isn't in the game anymore if you ask me.
  8. I would of preferred giving up a 3rd to rid ourselves of Bogo. Maybe even a 2nd
  9. The 3 top 6 centers are the ones I'd be worried about shedding tears. 1 of them anyway. I have to think any deal the lighting plan on making would not entail much of the current roster. So picks or prospects. They have enough deadline cap space to add Risto and wouldn't have to worry about cap implications until the off-season. If Risto is traded for anything not in the lineup making a difference next season, it would be a colossal failure. The players hete are tired of losing, they don't want to do it for another year. These guys are people not robots. (Only top part is directed at you Blue)
  10. I think it basically boils down to, would you trade our first for a Stanley Cup? If buffalo was a contender down the road, added a guy at the deadline and won a Cup, we could crap the bed on deadline deals for the next decade and if still say it was worth it. Injuries play a big part too can never be too prepared. I big part I don't understand is why teams don't do it sooner in the season? Ya alot of teams want to know where they stand at the deadline I get that. But take a look at clb, are they first in metro if they acquired duchene and dzingel in December?
  11. I say we bring back GMTM and trade Risto for Josh HoSang
  12. Guys mom is only 3 years old? That's more interesting then the other 10 facts
  13. I really like the trade. Certainly wasn't a steal but a fair price. Please can the "now that we have a respectable blue line let's trade Risto" stop. Please
  14. I don't see the relevance here. I wasn't implying they hated each other. I was hoping someone could find a clip of it as I was hoping to hear the exchange. If you thought that's what I was going for, and you think this picture disproves that narrative, I'd find that funny. O'Reilly Seems to be having a fun conversation, with someone who either doesn't care enough to put his phone down to really listen, or doesn't respect the person enough.
  15. Anyone have a clip between Eichel and O'Reilly of when they were talking about the banjo? Sounded like some chirping but it was loud where I was watching didn't catch all of it
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