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  1. Yes, and TP admitted in his press conference that there were communication issues with JB.
  2. Same - same from TBD. It was during the Jimmy Vesey sweepstakes - before the 2016-17 season. I followed the JV thread while posts were pouring in and hope was high that he would sign with Buffalo. And now -- what a difference almost four years makes.
  3. I'm so happy that you are doing better and that your wife recognized and understood some of your needs! My wife is in the mental health field and often discusses reaching out for help at the right time is so important! My credit to you, welcome back and enjoy the new ride!
  4. Very interesting and would seem to make the team better and tougher. Would it fit the cap?
  5. How did analytics turn out for the Panthers last night?
  6. Not ridiculous but a good question. I believe that RK is honest and a man of very high integrity. However, the team is mired in a long losing streak. As a good coach he is looking at all options. Even checking for anything positive from last year. Now that opinion does not address the Skinner-Eichel combination. I cannot understand that. They were productive last year. To me, why wouldn't RK try it - a couple of goals might be the result. I remember seeing them play 5 on 5 this year but it was only for a couple of shifts. Bottom line - I have complete faith in RK. There must be a reason.
  7. If we bring Bogo back does that mean that Jack will not have to throw down with our opponents?
  8. I mean, survive this month?
  9. Agree Hick. RK talked about going with 7 defensemen recently. Lets see. To Darksabre or anyone. What does save November even mean?
  10. Makes you think that RK was on to something when he got mad at the team during the last practice.
  11. Saw him jump out of the penalty box, butt first, in order to stop a break up ice by a forward with a full head of steam!
  12. What are the rules which apply to bringing him up for regular season games with the Sabres. If I read correctly, he is too young to play full time for the Amerks?
  13. I think that Jack's way. He doesn't appear willing to publicly discuss other players situations. If you remember, when Jimmy Vesey was his teammate in Boston and preparing his decision during free agency, Jack told him that Buffalo was a great place to play but also told him that it was his decision and that he should make the right choice for himself.
  14. Crickets . . . . . Opinion ---- anyone?? Bueller, Bueller, Bueller
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