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  1. Makes you think that RK was on to something when he got mad at the team during the last practice.
  2. Saw him jump out of the penalty box, butt first, in order to stop a break up ice by a forward with a full head of steam!
  3. What are the rules which apply to bringing him up for regular season games with the Sabres. If I read correctly, he is too young to play full time for the Amerks?
  4. I think that Jack's way. He doesn't appear willing to publicly discuss other players situations. If you remember, when Jimmy Vesey was his teammate in Boston and preparing his decision during free agency, Jack told him that Buffalo was a great place to play but also told him that it was his decision and that he should make the right choice for himself.
  5. Crickets . . . . . Opinion ---- anyone?? Bueller, Bueller, Bueller
  6. I agree. CBS Sports came out with their bracketology predictions for 2020 March Madness. Wake me up when things happen. On that note, Wildcard, thanks for posting the new uni information.
  7. I have no problem with Sweet's thread title. Regarding the above commentary regarding Tampa's cap situation and difficult personnel decisions - BREAKING NEWS - Steve Yzerman to Detroit!!!
  8. All this talk about ROR and how JBott made a huge mistake. I wish we could move past this but I understand why it won't happen. Funny for all of the detractors out there --- he may have been just doing what the owners wanted. IF, in fact he vigorously tried to talk the owners out of making the trade and was unsuccessful, he is probably regarded highly by ownership. Much the opposite of public opinion.
  9. Maybe he would be down Maybe he would be down for a summertime SabreSpace meet up
  10. I think it amusing that Edmonton replaced RK with Dallas Eakins, a successful Marlies coach who supposedly "has a reputation of communicating extremely well with young players". How did that go? And apparently Edmonton GM McTavish needed to make a change for his own benefit because he was on the hot seat. An article linked below from June 2013 also mentions that RK is an intelligent and articulate individual with outside interests who will someday be a success. Duh, among them as head coach of the Sabres! 🍶 https://bleacherreport.com/articles/1666953-edmonton-oilers-firing-ralph-krueger-was-the-right-choice
  11. Can't we keep Rasmus and change his name to Deettu?
  12. Not everyone agrees: http://arizonasports.com/story/438255/busting-some-myths-about-coyotes-coach-dave
  13. Ugh no. Not when Philly is the nearest home town team. Their fans are......let's take the high road here..... the most annoying in the league.
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