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  1. The NHL and their refs are as big a joke as the NFL and their refs. Never thought I’d see that day. Freaking joke. San Jose must be meant to win it all this year.
  2. If only the Sabres franchise was as good as the WNY hockey fans are. It’ll never happen.
  3. Maybe the Sabres will go into next season with three assistant coaches instead of ever choosing a head coach. They had that preference with captains more than a few seasons.
  4. Yep the cut was from hitting the ice, a Vegas stick never got near his face. Terrible terrible call by the refs. They will be embarrassed when they see the replay. Zero chance that was a five minute major and game misconduct. NHL refs are trying to be as idiotic as NFL refs now.
  5. Both teams must have already felt they’ve alternately won and lost this game during that 3rd period. Overtime will be insane.
  6. Wow. One of the most compelling playoff games I can remember in years and years
  7. Game 7 of a six month season and the refs are guessing that a penalty occurred. Completely changing the fortunes of two teams.
  8. Refs wrongly assumed there was some egregious penalty since a guy was down and bleeding. Stupid stupid assumption. Maybe look at the video if they have no clue? Idiotic.
  9. Still waiting on hockey heaven to arrive. Maybe 2-3 more years.
  10. Well it is being reported he was NOT given an offer by Buffalo. He has one from LA. Just in case you’re trying to dispute that also. 👍 Been saying it for over a week now. You have to think if they go with experience, AV has a very real shot considering the closeness he and Jbot will share with team Canada. If they choose to go with someone new, I’d expect Taylor to be the guy.
  11. I would imagine Jbot said that he was going to talk to other candidates and would get back to McClellan. McClellan, with an offer on the table from LA already may not want to wait and instead will take the sure thing and sign with LA. Smart from both men’s point of view.
  12. I think McClellan will go to LA. Leafs won’t let us interview Keefe. Holding out hope for AV. But I think when all is said and done, we end up with Taylor. Which is absolutely my least preferred outcome here.
  13. It’s Ok to admit once in awhile that the Sabres get NO breaks.
  14. Is that why YOU and everyone watched the lottery? Because it’s all hyperbole? Give me a break
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