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  1. Back in 2015 nearly every scout and prognosticator were saying McDavid and Eichel were both generational players coming out for the draft. That McDavid was a “10” and Eichel was maybe a “9.5”. Well they were right about McDavid being a 10. That other part they were a little off. Lol
  2. That line is unstoppable. They have been since Kane got there, but tonight they really are putting it all together.
  3. Buffalo is probably at least 3 years away from even coming close to the Canes play. And that’s if everything goes right for Buffalo in the next 3 years.
  4. Thompson running on fumes on that breakaway. Didn’t have the strength to get that puck up
  5. This team has done a lot of growing up the past few weeks. All year in general, but the last few weeks it’s very noticeable. Gotta keep it up in the 3rd now.
  6. Also would have been nice for the refs to make the correct call on the penalty
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