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  1. Billznut

    GDT:Leafs at Sabres 7pm 3/20/19

    Who said anything about intentional? This team can’t beat anybody. I’m confident they won’t win more than one more the rest of the way.
  2. Billznut

    Skinner Contract Watch

    He’s waited this long. I think he goes to July 1st. He and his agent will want to see what’s out there. I’d say it’s 50-50 he comes back at this point. If it was easy to sign him, it would have already been done.
  3. Billznut

    GDT:Leafs at Sabres 7pm 3/20/19

    We need to lose out. Better lottery odds and better odds of a coaching change. Sorry but nothing will be gained by winning now. A lot can be gained by losing the last 9.
  4. Billznut

    GDT:Leafs at Sabres 7pm 3/20/19

    I think the ONLY way Pegula even considers firing PH is if the Sabres lose 9 of their last 10. I think it’s a definite possibility. And hopefully that will be enough to bring about change. I still wouldn’t hold my breath on it.
  5. Billznut

    GDT:Leafs at Sabres 7pm 3/20/19

    This team has more talent than Bylsma’s teams did. Yet they will finish way way worse both seasons under PH. Yet some still think Housley is a decent coach and isn’t the problem? The talent needs to improve for sure. But also does the coaching.
  6. Billznut

    GDT:Leafs at Sabres 7pm 3/20/19

    Same old same old. Going on what 8 seasons now? They don’t have the answers. Been grasping at straws for 8 years now.
  7. Billznut

    GDT: Sabres @ Hurricanes 3-16-19 7 PM

    He should be. He’s a ***** coach
  8. Billznut

    Who are the Sabres' leaders

    I’d say Sabretooth honestly.
  9. What an embarrassment this franchise is. Buffalo fans deserve SO much better than what has gone on for 8 years now. This team has zero heart and apparently not much talent either. Botterill has A LOT of work to do.
  10. Billznut

    GDT Dallas At Buffalo 3/12/19 7pm MSG

    Yep. But apparently it’s not the coaches fault that we are still a bottom feeder. Anyone still wanting PH back next year I have to question their hockey understanding.
  11. Both of these franchises(Sabres/Oilers) are feeling the same thing
  12. Can we just fast forward to July 1st and see if we can actually build a real team next year?
  13. They have been one of the worst shooting % teams for years now
  14. Well he would have to do a 180 real quick then
  15. Please get Pominville the F out of here forever