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  1. The Buffalo Sabres aspirations are clearly not in the same universe as other NHL organizations, as these coaching changes prove. Most teams strive and will do whatever it takes to win and try to make the playoffs. The Sabres can’t even function properly on a day to day basis. Huge gap.
  2. I’d agree but no one in this league with any decent reputation wants anything to do with the Pegulas and this clownshow organization. That’s why they had to settle for RK in the first place.
  3. There are still a few just waiting for a win or two so they can pipe up their defense of RK again. But sadly those wins won’t come. Now we just wait for our brain dead owners to finally realize their head coach is a dead man walking. They will be the last to know. As usual.
  4. 4 L’s in a row and counting with 3 games on the Island upcoming.
  5. Yep lots of tough games coming. That’s why I’m curious just how many losses would it take.
  6. So just how many consecutive losses would it hypothetically take for Krueger to lose his job? 6, 10, 15? I’m genuinely curious if the Pegulas have an in season breaking point and what would it actually take?
  7. Clownshow as usual. Montour with the turnover and then our Dman plows into Hutton. Goal follows. Perfect. Just perfect.
  8. That exactly how it will be spinned if they remove RK from head coach and move him upstairs regardless if that was the plan all along or not.
  9. The KA hire reeks of the Pegulas saying who can we get to take this job and that we can control. It’s literally that simple. The Pegulas are getting everything they deserve with this clownshow organization.
  10. Why would this backwards organization do something like that? You are talking rationally. That is the exact opposite of what this franchise EVER does.
  11. Sadly there are still those who are convinced this team is just about to turn the corner when their “puck luck” and shooting % improve and also that RK is a decent coach. Been reading that crap for weeks now. Wonder when people will finally realize this is 30/31st place team.
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