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  1. yeah, who does stupid things like that?
  2. Assuming that Ottawa is in full rebuild, Guhle and the 1st will help, but, the anchor contract that is Okposo might make them think twice, in a rebuild, you want to get younger and add assets, not get older with little production (adding Okposo)
  3. but that's why they wouldn't move Toews for Okposo and Sobotka. No one wants Okposo's and Sobotka's salary either.
  4. update, i am free and clear! had tests done and i have nothing to worry about!!!!
  5. I hihgly doubt the Hawks would be interested in Okposo and Sobotka at all. Guhle and Smith are prospects that the jury is still out on, and the SJS 1st will be low in the round. I just don't see how that gets Toews with salary retained.
  6. i agree with the above bolded, but my take is that they aren't much to worry about.
  7. He's going to make mistakes, he's only 18. Kid has 20 points in 41 games, I can take some mental errors as he continues to learn the speed of the game. Victor Hedman had 20 points in 74 games as a 19 year old rookie, just throwing that out for reference.
  8. I said painfully average because that's how it felt before and after the win streak. Christ, you want dissect every word in every post go right ahead since you have the time. I could have said "woefully average" "terribly average", pick any negative word to describe average and it would apply to the use of being annoyed with being an average team after the win streak. You're calling everyone here that was excited about the win streak an "uneducated fan" because they thought the record at the time was a sign of good things, well I am so sorry that they don't offer higher education classes on how to develop your own opinion about the sports teams we love. I must have missed out on the graduate level courses regarding the Sabres that you seem to have aced. I suppose I will wallow in my "painfully average" education with regards to hockey
  9. "brings down the average hockey IQ of our fanbase" and the award for overdramatic response goes to you!!! yes, the 10 game winning streak was fun, and being an educated fan as i am, you see the facts, weren't 7 of those wins in OT or shootout? you don't win that many games with only a dominant first line and almost zero secondary scoring without some puck luck. As December pretty much showed us, slow down Eichel-Skinner-Reinhart and this team is average. they were .500 before the win streak and under .500 after the streak. We are two points ahead of the 1st non playoff team, who just beat us and has 2 games in hand. We still haven't figured out how to get reliable secondary scoring, Eichel-Skinner-Reinhart have slowed down because teams can focus solely on them. Thinking we are better than average at this point is silly. "There's nothing painful about what this team has provided us this year" you're are right, they are much better this year than have been in a while, but, going from the worst team in the league to average is pretty good. and that's where we are now, an average team that had a 'lucky' 10 game winning streak
  10. losing close games to good teams is one thing, but getting absolutely shwhacked by 'bad' teams like the Blues, Flyers, Panthers lately, doesn't sit well with those fans (myself included) who believe the Sabres are better than that.
  11. is it time to admit that the Sabres are a painfully average team that had a miracle 10 game winning streak?
  12. Just a disclaimer about watching games in Washington as a fan of the other team. I lived there for three years 08-11, when the Caps were pretty much destroying everyone they played (except for the Pens) i went to four games while i lived there, Sabres twice and the Pens twice (i married a Pens fan) literally all four games were miserable being around Caps fans. i thought maybe the first game was an isolated experience (wore a Malkin jersey) but nope, was miserble with my Sabres swag on as well. I realize that it has been a long time now, but, i will never go to Washington for a game again.
  13. more entertaining if Berglund and St Louis orchestrated this together, he comes back at a much reduced rate so they can add more talent and save on his cap.
  14. so the excellent point he made is that Skinner is already making $5.7 towards our cap, believing he will get ~$9M will mean that only another $3.3M will be added to his current cap hit. He pointed out that with Moulson/P-ville contracts coming off the books, it wont be that big of a deal. Marner and Matthews going from both under a million, to maybe $20M between the two
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