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  1. Oloffson, Vesey, Johansson, and Okposo will not score more than Reinhart. Skinner will have more than Eichel.
  2. Crazy how much crap Allen takes even in a win. Biggest knock on him coming out of college and last season was his accuracy being under 60%. He goes out, comes back from a rough first half to help win the game and finishes with ~64% competion. All the experts said that accuracy is the hardest QB trait to fix. He's still fairly raw and will have bad passes and make bad decisions, but, that can be fixed.
  3. True story. The average guy working out a 4 day split and eating properly can gain 1.5-2lbs a month of muscle. TT being a pro with access to trainers etc, could probably hit 2.5-3lbs of muscle a month and that's really pushing it. I can see him starting the season maybe 12lbs heavier than last season, 15lbs if he really trains hard.
  4. Just read this today. Dahlin showing some leadership quality and taking responsibility. I like to see that he's doing that at such a young age. How quickly does he get an 'A' on his sweater?
  5. Miller High Life! close to champagne...right?! haha I have mastered the "Not so bright look" it has spring boarded me into local lore and fame
  6. haha we're more manly than baseball players
  7. I got on to a hockey team a few months ago after almost 18 months off the ice. The Captain told me the team is awful but 'we still have fun'. 0-12 last season, 89 goals against...I didn't care, I just wanted to play some hockey. They got a new goalie from a pickup game, 4 players quit because the team was so bad so they got replacements, including me and a guy from near Rochester (cool having another Sabres fan on the team). We went 7-5 with only 22 goals against (best in the league), rolled through the quarter-finals and semi-finals with ease, and won the Championship last night, 3-2 in the shootout! Last night was AWESOME!!!
  8. Whenever I travel for work, I wear my BIlls or Sabres tshirts or hoodies. In Frankfurt Germany I met a family from Buffalo that yelled Go Bills when they saw my hoodie. They invited me to dinner and had a nice evening. Turns out they were from Lancaster not far from where I grew up in Cheektowaga. At the airports in both Amsterdam and Brussels I ran into Buffalo people. Last week I was in Athens for work, I went down to the Plaka district (super touristy, gold shops, markets, right near the Acropolis) I had my OneBuffalo 716 shirt on and I saw a woman poitning at me and the family waived at me with some thumbs up. Traveling home, two people at the airport said Go Bills, one was a stewardess. Buffalo people are every where and not afraid to call it out.
  9. yeah, who does stupid things like that?
  10. Assuming that Ottawa is in full rebuild, Guhle and the 1st will help, but, the anchor contract that is Okposo might make them think twice, in a rebuild, you want to get younger and add assets, not get older with little production (adding Okposo)
  11. but that's why they wouldn't move Toews for Okposo and Sobotka. No one wants Okposo's and Sobotka's salary either.
  12. update, i am free and clear! had tests done and i have nothing to worry about!!!!
  13. I hihgly doubt the Hawks would be interested in Okposo and Sobotka at all. Guhle and Smith are prospects that the jury is still out on, and the SJS 1st will be low in the round. I just don't see how that gets Toews with salary retained.
  14. i agree with the above bolded, but my take is that they aren't much to worry about.
  15. He's going to make mistakes, he's only 18. Kid has 20 points in 41 games, I can take some mental errors as he continues to learn the speed of the game. Victor Hedman had 20 points in 74 games as a 19 year old rookie, just throwing that out for reference.
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