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  1. or going to a 3 hour meeting in which you know that only about 7 minutes will be useful for you
  2. my two year old daughter (who was/is a huge momma's girl) reached for me during the bedtime routine (which only my wife could ever put her to bed calmly) last night and said "want daddy go night-night" put her head on my shoulder and wrapped an arm around my neck... i still feel that way about the military base being closed or delayed due to weather!
  3. pulling the perfectly smoked ribs out of the smoker...
  4. on my lunch today I was watching the replay of the 1980 US olympic game. Ken Dryden was commenting on one of the Soviet lines about how the three forwards played on different teams in Russia and that while they "don't work that well as a line, they're three extremely talented hockey players individually...much like the French Connection in Buffalo, Perrault, Martin, Robert didn't play great as line but they were amazing individual talents." I am too young for the French Connection, any older fans here that can either agree with or refute what Dryden said?
  5. The problem is that AJ wants a long contract, at 32, he knows this is his last chance for a long hefty contract. His recent injury concerns (only played 9 games last two seasons) and age scare me a bit. On the other hand, he could be the next James Lofton for us, you never know. I dont think AJ is the right player to target. Next draft is uspposedly heavy with stud WRs, draft the best WR available and go from there
  6. Should've clarified, sorry. I didn't vote because I don't think that you can say one is better than the other just yet. I think i saw last night that only .01 PPG separates these guys in their careers so far.
  7. I'd like to see a few more years of this before you can definitively say Eichel is better. The fact that Matthews is 'slumping' at 1 PPG still means one helluva hockey player. I think it's more likely that Matthews improves on his PPG than Eichel is to keep his torrid pace up.
  8. once the zombie Apocalypse happens, you'll be nice and safe in those mountains. I read they don't like cold and walk very clumsily, so mountains are the place to be!
  9. I joined the military in 2004 and have moved around the country quite a bit and dealt with all sorts of natural disasters. I lived in Ohio from 04-08 and nothing too bad other than nasty wind and midwest cold. I lived in VA for 3 years and other than some really nasty snowstorms in 08-11 it wasn't worse than Buffalo snow storms, except VA doesn't know how to deal with it like back home and stores would be closed for days if a foot of snow fell. I spent 4 years in California and went through a lot. Flooding from so much winter rain the first year to severe drought the next three years, wild fires were so close that ash was falling and it smelled like a campfire for weeks at a time, been through a few earthquakes as well. Spent time in TX, flash flooding, severe thunderstorms with nasty hail happened all the time. I have now lived back in Dayton OH since 2016 and nothing can compare (for me anyway) to the Memorial Day 2019 tornadoes late at night. We had something like 15 confirmed touch downs. I was in bed at 1030 and couldn't sleep because there was so much thunder and lightning, my wife came running into the room saying the tornado sirens were going off, grabbed the kids and my dog and went into the basement. we have a walkout basement so not fully underground but good enough. An F4 went by our neighborhood, within a quarter mile, it was so loud and my house was shaking, things kept hitting my basement door and i was legit terrified. fortunately it barely missed us but other neighborhoods weren't so lucky. Whole neighborhoods and businesses were destroyed throughout the area because there were so many tornadoes. Amazingly only one person died. an 80 year old man sleeping in bed had a car thrown into his house. there has been a tornado here every year since I moved here in 2016 and they have been getting worse. we had several close calls.
  10. i have only been around this message board maybe a year or so, I have never seen this thread before. It is hilarious, i just read through all 10 pages this morning, was a good laugh. My favorite was Duct Tape...the Matt Ellis of weatherproofing and RC Cola a close second haha
  11. I mean, if you were going to make a candy power ranking, Kit Kat is top 5!
  12. I had my house decked out with orange and purple lights since Oct 1st. Scores me points with my wife and kids as they love that stuff. The Halloween lights come down today and then I start planning the xmas lights.
  13. some like it and some don't, I am just saying that compared to the Blue Jackets goal song, it's pretty okay haha
  14. no kidding, what's the mental block we have with the Panthers? it really is annoying
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